With All (Out) Certainty

all outI have been trying to think up a funny title for this post, but this is what I ended up with.

When I went back to see when it was All Out originally aired and saw it was 2016 it was hard to believe it was that long ago. I remember putting it on my list to watch but then ended up not watching much of anything that season. I kept meaning to watch it but for multiple reasons, it just kept getting pushed back farther and farther down my list. That was until I was browsing FunimationNow and finally decided that now was as good a time as any to finally watch it.

And boy was I not disappointed.

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Amagi Brilliant Park Review

c86883b9efc479469371d4fdea72720a1432769696_fullToday we are talking about a show that aired on the tail end of another show from the same studio that I, back in 2014, was really obsessed with (okay that was kind of a lie it is a show that I am still very obsessed with). I cannot remember why exactly I chose not to watch this show as it aired, but at the time I was not watching as much seasonal anime as I am now. However, this is a series that has been on my “To Watch List” for a long time, and I am really excited to finally do it. Plus, it is a show about a theme park, and who does not love theme parks?

So here is my 47th Anime Review for a little show that really makes we want to go to Six Flags: Amagi Brilliant Park.

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In Appreciation of Sugawara

Suga.pngToday (June 13th) is the birthday for the co-captain of Karasuno, Koshi Sugawara. In celebration of this, I decided to put together a little post talking about why I love Suga and think he deserves all the good things that this world has to offer. This may go a little into spoilers (I am going to try my best to make sure that I do not) but if you have not seen all of Haikyu I suggest that you tread carefully just in case something slips through the cracks. Now, I will admit that when I first started watching Haikyu Suga was not the character that I initially leaned towards and liked above the rest was actually Coach Ukai. He was a twenty-something who was helping his high schools’ volleyball team who looked done with their teenage antics. I related to this because, at the time, I was helping to coach my high school’s marching band and his struggle was something that I really related to. I liked Suga but originally, he was just kind of this team mom 3rd year I was reluctant to be obsessed with because who knew how long the 3rd years would be with us.

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Vampires in Devils Line

Devils Line PostIf there is one sub-genre of literature, movies, and anime that has drawn me in more times than I care to admit, it is the sub-genre of vampires. I hate to admit it but back when the Twilight crazy had was sweeping over pre-teen girls like the black plague over Europe I was right there with the Team Edward fangirls. Twilight was not a perfect franchise by any means, but it did cause me to have an infatuation with vampire series. That is what drew me to Vampire Knight, the first manga I ever bought, and its anime adaptation.

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Sunday Wrap-Up (Spring 2018 – Week 1)

The new anime season is upon us and this is the first installment of the Sunday Wrap-Up. This is a trial series that I am currently testing just to see how it goes. In the weekly wrap-up I will write about the episodes of anime that I watched this past week for the season, and what I thought of the episodes. There are probably going to be spoilers so do proceed at own risk, but I think that may not become an issue until later in the season. For some shows anyway. These posts probably will not be super long ones. That being said let’s jump into it.

Yes this is a Sunday Wrap-Up published on a Tuesday, but I got a little behind this weekend and could not make the Sunday deadline. I had already made the picture below and did not want to change it, so I decided just to roll with it because I would really like to keep the Sunday post date…and I already made the picture and did not want to say that.

SWU 1.1

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Spring 2018 Anime

Normally I would not write this post until after I have wrapped up the previous season, but seeing as how the Spring Season starts sooner than I expected and some of the shows I watched from the Winter season still have a few more episodes left in them (I am looking at you Idolish7), and I am horribly behind on others, I decided to just go ahead and write my first impressions for the Spring Season now to get it out of the way. This season had quite a few shows that I was really looking forward to and a few that caught my attention while I was browsing MAL. As I always say these are only the shows that I am planning to watch. I have not actually seen any of them yet, so I may end up either dropping some or picking up others along the way. I will, of course, let you know what I did during the Wrap-Up at the end of the season. Now…let us get started.

Spring 2018

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Female Appeal of Gundam Collaboration Part 2

Alright my dears! Here is the second half of the collab that I did with the wonderful Lita from Lita Kino Anime Corner! I seriously cannot tell you how excited I am for this collab to finally be out there and for you all to see it. It was wonderful working with Lita on this and talking about gundam was so much fun I wish we could have done it forever. But I will stop dragging on because you probably read part one already and am waiting for me to just get to the point. If you have not read part one yet you can read it here: Female Appeal of Gundam Collaboration. Okay, now I think that I’m ready to get started.

Lita Colab Pic

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Why More Otome Adaptations Should Be Like Code: Realize

code-realize-sousei-no-himegimi-opening-ost-lyrics-kalmia-mia-reginaI have been meaning to write this post since the fall season ended and have not been able to get around to it yet. I wanted to take some time to talk about what I think Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth did right when compared to other shows with similar premises. I am not saying Code: Realize was a perfect show. It was good, and I did kind of enjoy it, but it was not perfect. Some things did not make a whole lot of sense or probably could have used a little bit more explanation in the end. But today we are not talking about the things it did wrong, we are talking about the things that it did right. For an adaptation of an otome game, Code: Realize did some things that I think stood out from other game adaptations. I could be wrong though, there could be a show that did a much better job then this one, but to me this is the best example so far. 


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Winter 2018 Anime

I already feel so behind on this season because I have only really watched two shows and I saw that one show already has multiple episodes released so I am already so behind. The first week of school just so perfectly matched up with the first week many shows started airing, and since the first week is usually the craziest I had no time to watch anything because I was adjusting to my new schedule and I was exhausted after being done with many of them. I try to get out my first impressions post before I watch anything, so it worked out that I am still behind but that does not reduce my stress level. I also kind of had problems with choosing what shows I wanted to watch. Part of my struggle with this season was that there was not one show that had me jumping out of my season waiting for it. There were a few that initially peaked my interest, but nothing that really caught my attention originally. Nevertheless, I did indeed find some shows to watch and today I am going to tell you about what I chose to watch this season.

Winter 2018.jpeg

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