Ao Haru Ride Anime?


Ao Haru Ride (or Blue Spring Ride as some call it using the English translation) was given an anime adaption for the 2014 Summer Anime season. I don’t know how many of you have actually read the original manga but for people like me who have been with it for a while, the manga is getting kind of aggravating. Futaba and Kou’s relationship is really…… not spoil things we will call it “complicated”……I think that’s the right word. No, maybe the right word to use is frustrating. Yeah that’s the right work…’s frustrating for anyone attempting to read it. It makes you want to reach into the pages and strangle some people. I seriously have not been so angry at a manga since the arc in Kimi ni Todoke when Kazehaya and Sawako didn’t talk to each other. Every time I see an update for Ao Haru Ride I read it hoping it will take a turn for the better.

Before I go on I need to get some things straight. I actually like the original story that the manga has. Futaba being bullied because all the boys were fonder of her than other girls is a problem that many girls all over the world have to deal with. She didn’t have an enjoyable middle school life, and that’s something I find interesting in a main character. Kou’s situation is also something that gives his character a certain depth that I, personally, have not found in many male characters for a while. So, as a reader of the manga I somewhat know what to expect out of this anime. Well to an extent.

Anyway, my issue lies with exactly how they will “handle” this anime. I’m really very curious as to where they are going to end it, as it is expected to have a 12-13 episode season (I can’t remember the actual number of episodes it was announced to have). Will it end long before the frustrating events that are occurring now happen? Can I watch it in hopes of not having to deal with that stupidity? Or will they take a completely different route and have a climax that does not even occur in the anime. Like how they ended Noragami with an arc that never occurred in the actual manga.

In my opinion I am hoping for an ending before they reach the point the manga is at, or have a different climax altogether. I believe the anime would be better to not deal with the events occurring now. That is, however, only my opinion. It would be at a very good conflict for the characters to deal with if it weren’t being drawn out so long.

Overall, I expect good things for this anime. The two episodes that have been released at the time of this articles writing have more than met my expectations.


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