Fate/Staying Confused

Okay so some of us may be familiar with the popular anime from 2006, Fate/Stay night. If not maybe this photo will help.

Does that help? No? Maybe? Anyway so that anime is from way back in 2006. It is eight years old already. Eight! That makes me feel kind of old. It was made from a series of visual novels and has resulted with several spin-off manga, anime, light novels, and more visual novels. Maybe Fate/Zero or Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya sound familiar?

My point though is not about how Fate/Stay Night has lead to a huge anime enterprise. That’s a story for a different day. What I am trying to say, or more ask actually, is something I have been reading on the internet the other day.

I was sitting there browsing Crunchyroll, my most turned to site for anime news and updates, when I scrolled through the headlines and saw a very curious story with a title along the lines of “Type-Moon to released new Fate/Zero anime”.

WHAT?! I screamed as my mother looked at me as if I had gone crazy. Now after doing some more research I heard that it was going to be based on a certain route you could choose in one of the games, or something like that I have never played the games so I have no idea.

The reason I’m curious is why Type-Moon would do another Fate/Stay anime not even ten years after the original release. Or three years after Fate/Zero’s release, and even Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya (Or as I prefer to call it “The Anime with way too long a name”) which ended less than a year ago AND was given a second season. I mean this new series has to have all of the same characters from the original show because they are in the game too. Are they trying to milk everything they can out of the Fate Series before someone on the internet finally goes “Um, haven’t you beaten this to death”.

It might be a good anime, I’m not saying it won’t. I am just curious as to why they are making another series of the same anime they released not even ten years ago. I actually think I’m more worried about the animation they are going to use for the new series. Because I tried watching Fate/kalied and let me say I took one look at Shiro and went “I can’t take this seriously”.

I tell you what though, I’m definitely going to keep close tabs on this anime when it is released in October.

Let me know what you think about this new anime!!!


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