Red Data Girl Review

My third review!! I realized that this is already the second anime that I have reviewed that pertains to the supernatural, such as yokai. I know what you’re thinking. “If you realize that why don’t you review a different kind of anime?” Well honestly for a few selfish reasons. With my first few anime I wanted to review anime that either I know very well, such as Gundam 00, or anime that I have recently watched, like the one I’m review now. So here it is! My review of Red Data Girl!

Red Data girl is a twelve episode anime that was originally a series of fantasy novels. The story is about a young girl, Izumiko Suzuhara, who was raised in Tamakura Shrine. She is cursed with being unable to use any kind of electric device, having destroyed many cell phones before the story begins. Despite being quiet and shy, Izumiko wants to go and live in the city. With her father working overseas and her mother not living with her family due to her job, Izumiko is placed in the care of Yukimasa Sagara, an old friend of her parents. Her suggests that she attend Hojo Academy with his son Miyuki. Miyuki is a yamabushi, mountain monk, who had completed his training at an early age. Nevertheless, Miyuki begins to attend her school and thus a school trip to the city. It is there that a deity called “Himegami” appears and come to find out Izumiko is to serve as a vessel to the spirit with Miyuki serving a her protector. Izumiko decides to go to Hojo Academy with Miyuki, but has to keep her identity as Himegami’s vessel a secret.

The story, of course, is centered around Izumiko but a lot of interesting characters come to meet up with her and Miyuki along the way. Most of the characters are introduced after they enter Hojo Academy. Many of that characters that appear in the earlier episodes not appear later on because they were in middle school early on, and then moved to Hojo.

Anyway, so we will start with Izumiko. She starts off as a very shy quiet person who is really bad with large crowds and big cities. Despite this Izumiko wants to move away from the small town atmosphere and to the city. She also does not tell people her opinions on things, and tends to keep to herself. As the series progresses she goes through some great character development and tells people how she feels and is more confident in herself. She is also revealed to have strong abilities as the vessel to the Himegami, having on one occasion making herself a familiar without even knowing it.

Miyuki Sagara is the one tasked with protecting Izumiko, and the two start out on rocky ground. Although nice around adults, except his father, he is very mean to Izumiko and finds it hard to believe that he Himegami chose her as its vessel. He also bullied her when the two met as children. He is very smart, having completed his mountain monk training very young. Despite being her protector, Miyuki finds himself too weak to protect her.

Next is Izumiko’s friend and roommate Mayura. She is a smart popular girl who look is very kind and bubbly. However, she is secretly involved with a rivarly with another student to try and take over the school. Mayura is a triplet and has two brothers: Manatsu, who also attends Hojo, and Masumi, who passed away and is now a very powerful spirit that Mayura uses to her advantage. She is also very calculating, and wants to get strong people on her side so she can win in her rivalry. Another thing about Mayura is that she has a strong…brother complex with both Manatsu and Masumi, but mainly Manatsu. I was not very fond of her, finding her very selfish and while saying she is only fighting for Manatsu’s future, does it in a very selfish way. Only seeing how it will benefit her.

Manatsu, on the other hand, is a kind, outgoing person who will do anything for the sake of his friends and family. He also has the ability to summon Masumi. He has a strong love for horses, especially his childhood horse Tabi. Manatsu turned out to be one of my favorite characters, along with Izumiko and Miyuki.

The characters are rounded out with members of Hojo Academy’s student council, the current and a former Student Council President, Miyuki’s father, Izumiko’s family, and Wamiya, the familiar Izumiko accidentally made.

The story behind Red Data Girl is good, and is made up of many minor arcs that build upon each other. I have to admit though, there is a point where you are sitting there as these plots build up where you go “What is the climax going to be?” You really reach the point where you are not sure what it is going to be. You’re sitting there at episode 7 where something big happens, but that is over by episode 8. The next two episodes you’re waiting and waiting for the big plot twist to happen, but it does not until halfway through episode 11. You know that something will happen soon by episode 10, but it does not occur until a whole episode later. But trust me the climax is worth the wait.

The characters are mostly good, with each undergoing good character development and most of them you are able to relate to. There are a few though that I, personally, could have really lived without.

The animation is beautifully done. It has bright colors and the animation is very fluid without any weird quirks. This is no surprise though when you realize that it is also the studio who did Angel Beats! and the currently airing Glasslip. The soundtrack is not that bad. The opening was beautifully done, and it did indeed receive a place on my iPod, but the ending was forgettable.

I honestly did not hear about Red Data Girl when it premiered in 2013, and only found out about it once it gained an English Dub a few months ago. It is a good show, but does not land a spot in my top 20 anime, although it is guaranteed at least an honorable mention. So in all actuality it’s pretty high on my list.

Overall I award Red Data Girl a solid B. It has a good story but the many smaller arcs leave you waiting for something to happen and it loses its focus. It is a good anime though and I recommend you watch it!

So that’s it for this review! Let me know if there’s an anime you want me to review next, or if you just having something to say in the comment section below.


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