Anime Challenge!!!

Hey everyone it is me again

So after I told my friend about me blogging about anime related things, she showed me a picture she found on iFunny of a 30 Day Anime Challenge. Well, it’s more like she challenged me. And if you know anything about me I never back down from a challenge so nevertheless:

The contest basically works like any other 30 day challenge. There is basically a theme for every day. So like the first day may be something like “Favorite Male Anime Character” (I actually think that’s one of them) and then I’ll post my response and even a little blog explaining why I chose what I did. They probably won’t be that long, but just remember that there will be one everyday so that should make up for it.

Another plus side to this is that it also helps you guys get to know me a little bit better. I mean I’ve only done a few reviews and opinionated things so you really don’t know that much about my taste in anime and so on. ALSO I’m going to want to hear from you guys. So after I write my little article about that day’s theme you should write in the comments what you would choose for that.

Sound good?

So the challenge officially begins tomorrow.

It’s game on!!!

30 Day Challenge Participant


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