Day 3: Favorite Male Anime Character Ever

First of all I would like to make note that for some reason all my posts were coming out a day later than I had intended to. I got on here to begin writing my article for Day 3 and noticed that Day 2 still wasn’t published. This got me in a fuss because I thought I was missing a day and my OCD would not be able to handle ANY of that business. Luckily my calendar was actually messed up, so one still came out every day!!!! I just feel like I’m a day ahead. So…yeah…that happened. Now on to the important stuff: Anime Challenge Day 3!!!

Now remember how in the last blog I talked about how hard it was for me to try and figure out which anime was my favorite? Okay, so when I saw this as the Day 3 challenge I was like “Well crap” and I spent all of my classes either paying attention or going “Which guy will I choose?” Productive right? 

Okay so here’s the thing about this part of the challenge…it’s actually challenging. So what I did was that I picked a character who would fall into the category of “Main Character” since supporting character is a challenge for a different day *SPOILER*. But nevertheless I searched through my archives for a character that I would have to say is my FAVORITE male lead. I also excluded someone who was a shared lead because, well, it was a tough tie between the Male I choose and a few other guys who had shared parts.

But here it is! My answer for Day 3 of the Anime Challenge!! My Favorite Male Character Ever is…..


Yes!! My favorite male character of all time is Syaoran from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, or Tsubasa Chronicles, or just Tsubasa. Or how my best friend use to call it “Mokena“. Yeah she’s not the brightest….yeah.

I really had to fight the urge to not put a picture of Haru from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club flipping his hair on here, and then just go “Yeah I’m done”. But I didn’t. Because although I love Haru, Syaoran beat him out…character wise. I still love Haru and did find a place for him in the Challenge, but that’s for a different day.

If I’m being super honest, it was quite the tough competition between Syaoran and Suzaku from Code Geass. But then I realized that there were a few times when I hated Suzaku, and I never hated Syaoran. This round goes to you good buddy.

So why did I pick Syaoran? Good question! He’s a likeable character who doesn’t fall into the generic male high school boy characterization. He’s a teenage boy living in the country of Clow, and he works in some ancient ruins as an archaeologist. He also happens to be childhood friends with Clow’s princess, Sakura. I also like Syaoran because he’s been through a lot in his life. One day he just kind of….appeared in Clow and was adopted by an Archeologist. His adopted father later died, leaving Syaoran to take care of himself. Despite all that Syaoran is a very light-hearted character who is nice to everyone he meets. How can you not like a guy like that?

He has to endure even more during the course of Tsubasa Chronicle, but I won’t spoil that for you because that’s not the point of this. I might do a review of Tsubasa Chronicle because I think you might like that one. But the point is that Syaoran is my favorite male anime character every.

That’s all I have for today!! What do you guys think? Who is your favorite male anime character ever?? Let me know down below.


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