Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Review

Here it is!! Just like I promised….well kind of. I have actually been planning on writing this review for a while. Then when the whole Anime Challenge started I was still watching a different anime (One I have, unfortunately, not finished watching yet but will soon). I had been planning on doing this review though because it is a show that I highly recommended to my best friend. She of course is no longer my friend so I can’t like….ask her if she was happy I recommended it. I mean really I have no wish to talk to her EVER again. I don’t know why in the world I mentioned that. You can ignore the last sentence.

Anyway, here it is my fifth anime review! A review of the anime Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, or just Tsubasa Chronicle as I tend to call it, is a 52 episode anime split between two seasons. It also has two OVA series, one that has 3 episodes and another with 2 episodes. I’ll talk about the OVAs towards the end. There is also a movie, but I will not walk about that movie in the review. The reason I did not split up the seasons into two different reviews is because unlike with Gundam 00, Tsubasa Chronicles does not have any huge event that occurred between the two seasons. They just split it up. End of story. Just thought you guys would like to know that.

So…..the story. it takes place in the Kingdom of Clow. The story begins with our protagonist, my Favorite Male Anime Character Ever, Syaoran. He works as an archaeologist trying to decipher some ruins located just outside of the city he lives in. Syaoran also happens to be childhood friends with Clow’s Princess, Sakura, despite her older brother’s protest. One day Sakura is oddly drawn to the ruins in one of her visits to Syaoran. While inside the ruins, ghostly wings appear on her back and she is nearly absorbed by the ruins. Suddenly, the wings shatter and Sakura falls to the ground in a comatose state. Not knowing what to do, Syaoran is sent by Sakura’s older brother, Toya, to the dimentional witch Yuko, who he believes can help his sister. Syaoran and Sakura are then sent through dimensions to see Yuko in a country called Japan. Two other men also appear there, both for reasons I will talk about when I discuss the character. But their names are Fai D. Flowright and Kurogane, both from separate dimensions different from Syaorans and the world Yuko lives in. It is then that Yuko tells Syaoran to help Sakura he needs to travel across dimensions to collect the feathers that had shattered. This will then give Sakura her memories back, and get her out of the comatose state. Syaoran agrees, but he has to pay a price to cross dimensions which is that even when Sakura gets her memories back she will have no memories of him. He cannot tell her that they were once friends because it could have negative side effects on her. The group of four, Sakura, Syaoran, Kurogane, and Fai, are then given a creature called Mokona, a litle rabbit-type creature, to help them travel through dimensions, store items in it’s stomach, and also allow them to keep in touch with Yuko. The story then follows through a very simple circle of events. They go to a new world, fight a minor villain (sometimes) in that world, get Sakura’s feather back, and then go off to a new world. That is basically the basis of the whole show, and it’s a good show that does not have a very difficult plot.

The characters. Something about Tsubasa Chronicle’s characters always make me smile. The way that they interact is so well done, and you cannot help but smile whenever they’re together. They are probably one of my favorite cast of characters in any anime. They just work together beautifully.

The first together is Syaoran. A resident of the Kingdom of Clow who has no memories of how or why he was there. He was adopted by an archaeologist named Fujitaka. After his adopted father’s death, he took over as one of the archaeologist looking into the country’s ancient ruins. He is close friends with Clow’s princess Sakura, and harbors feelings for her. After Sakura loses her memories, Syaoran makes it his duty to search for her feathers to try and regain her memories. Syaoran can be both funny and series, and it is interesting to watch him mature as the series goes on. If you want to read a little bit more about Syaoran, you can go check out Day 3 of the anime challenge.

On to Sakura, the loving, caring Princess of Clow country. She fell in love with Syaoran at a very young age, but cannot remember him after the loss of her memories. She is the driving factor of the whole show because she is the reason our main characters are traveling through different worlds. Although she does not remember Syaoran, she does feel like she knows him from somewhere. This is often hard to watch at time because you feel bad for the both of them. When she gains her first memory back and regains consciousness, she is very tired and confused about what is going on. As the series progresses we got to see her grow as more and more memories return. She once again falls for Syaoran, and is almost back to her regular self towards the end of the series.

Next is the rough manner ninja, Kurogane. He is from a world known as Japan. Not modern day Japan. More like a samurai period Japan. Due to his horrible manner and roughness, he is sent away from Japan by his Japan’s princess, Tomoyo, in order to find true strength. Kurogane is not very excited about this and only agrees to cross world at first in hope to get back to Japan to seek his revenge. As the series progresses he keeps that mindset, but also sees the importance of find Sakura’s memories. He and Syaoran grow very close because he begins to teach him how to fight. He also cares deeply for Tomoyo and is upset with her sending him away. I have to say that I always found Kurogane’s character funny because he gets teased so much by Fai and Mokona. I mean you cannot laugh when a big, tough man is called “Kuro-pu”. The first time he was called this I almsot died of laughter. I always liked his character.

Fai D. Flourite is a very powerful magician from a country called Celes. He travels to Yuko because he is trying to escape from his country’s king. That is why he is so willing to travel through different world because he never wants to stay in the same place for a long period of time. He grows very close to Sakura throughout the series. Fai also becomes very close to the rest of the characters. He is also a huge part of comic relief for the show. Being the creator of Kurogane’s many stupid nicknames. Fai is a very driven character who, at times, is often felt to be hiding something. I do like his character.

The final character in the traveling group is Mokona Modoki, the very cheerful and energetic rabbit-like creature that travels with the gang. Mokona was given to them by Yuko as a means to communicate with her and travel from world to world. Mokona is the “white Mokona” while the “black Mokona” stay with Yuko for communication. Mokona also is able to transport and hold objects for them. Mokona is close to all of the main character and her energy is fun to watch.

A cool thing about Tsubasa Chronicle is that as they travel from world to world, our character often find other versions of people from their own world. For example, in one of the first worlds they visit a world that has a version of Sakura’s older brother Toya. The difference being that instead of being the countries King, he cooks at his own restaurant. This is confusing for the character at first, but they eventually get used to it. It also happens with characters they meet in new world, and then once they travel to another there is a different version of he same person. We never see different versions of our main characters….well….kinda….ignore that! But it is implied they are out there.

Additionally, Tsubasa Chronicles was created by CLAMP a very well known group of anime creators. They did the character designs for Code Geass which is why you may see some similarities. Another thing about this series is that it runs in the same timeline as other CLAMP sereis. xxxHolic is an anime about a young boy named Watanuki who works for the dimensional witch Yuko. That’s right the same Yuko that plays a huge role in Tsubasa Chronicle. There is also an anime called Kobato that is about a young girl. In one of the episode, our heroes appear and Syaoran gets to visit with the young girl. Chobits also falls into this category as some versions of these character are seen in other CLAMP series. That is one of my favorite things about this show.

All of the characters in Tsubasa Chronicle are interesting and fun to watch. My all time favorite character in this show though is probably Toya, the King of Clow and Sakura’s brother. I just really enjoyed every time he was on screen. He, unfortunately, did not have a lot of screen time though. He was one of my favorite things though.The show is one that features a HUGE cast of characters and it is often hard to remember every person who has been on screen. Especially when so many characters appear in many different ways. They are an interesting cast though.

The music in this show is not bad, but it is not exactly the best. Some of the themes are on my iPod, but only a few of them. They are not BAD songs necessarily, they just were not catchy enough for me. The animation is in no way terrible. It was done by CLAMP after all. There are no weird things going on or anything. It is pretty good for the year it was released. Having first been released by Bee Train in 2005. It is a pretty well animated show.

The only downside to Tsubasa Chronicle is the ending. There is no real epic battle that brings the story to a close. The show just kind of…..stops. Episode 52 rolls around and then BAM it’s over. A lot of things happen towards the end of the show, but nothing that screams “this is the end!” The really intense part happens in the two OVAs. That’s when the story really throws you for a loop. I don’t want to tell you what happens, but I’ll just tell you that something is revealed about a few of our main characters in the OVAs. I mean it really messes with your head. Then, of course, the story in the OVAs just kind of end to. You’re left with a true “Go read the manga to see what happens” which is aggravating for a lot of people.

Overall, Tsubasa Chronicle is a very good anime. It has good characters and a good plot, just not a good ending. Really the only thing bad about this show is the ending. It was going SO well and then it just kind of ended. It is an anime that I hold very close to my heart. It does hold a spot in my Top 20 Anime, despite the ending. I highly recommend this show to anyone who wants to watch a very good adventure anime.

I award Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle with a B. It is a good show that just suffers from a not very satisfying ending. I really do recommend you to go and watch this. Go and watch it if you have some time.

Well that is all I have for this time!! What do you guys think? Do you have a show that you think I should watch? Either way let me know in the comments down below. If you like this post and want to read more from me, then subscribe!!

See you next time!!


2 thoughts on “Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Review

  1. renxkyoko October 21, 2015 / 10:32 AM

    I used to like TC. I fact, I have a complete set of XXHolic, Chobits, Card captor sakura, and TC in my manga collection. The problem I have with CLAMP are the many paradoxes that CLamp cannot fully explain, and worse, because of this , ends the manga abruptly. Hence, the unsatisfactory and rushed ending. By he way, don’t forget Tokyo Babylon. This manga is involved too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ka-chan October 21, 2015 / 12:40 PM

      I agree. Not explaining everything can cause major plot wholes in all of these stories and it all gets really confusing after a while.


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