Day 12: Saddest Anime Moment

Okay so I think that it’s safe to say that there will be major spoilers in today’s challenge. I mean come on. In most anime shows the saddest moments happen a good ways into the anime. A large portion of them are huge plot changing, series ending moments. So just be aware that the anime that, to me, holds the saddest anime moment does kind of ruin the ending of this show. If you don’t want that sow to be ruined, then stop now. Just turn around and go read something else. Maybe a different day, and just pretend like you didn’t know Day 12 happened. Wait until after you read it. So go now if you want to……now for everyone else let’s get started!

The thing that I basically did to choose which moment for me was the saddest was the moment in an anime that made my cry the most. The one that really hit home for me. I mean how else can you choose the saddest moment. You have to cry, that’s kind of implied. In all honestly although I did have to think about which moment was the saddest, I knew right away the moment that really affected me.

So here it is!!! My answer for Day 12 of the Anime Challenge!!! The Saddest Anime Moment for me was……

Lelouch’s Death

See that picture up there. Yeah that picture kind of ruined my childhood. The entire second season of Code Geass was really an emotional roller coaster for me. I mean maybe ten episodes before this one Rolo went and killed Shirley, the girl Lelouch loved. Suzaku destroyed nearly all of Tokyo and then went crazy. OH!! And not to mention until seconds before Lelouch died, we though Suzaku was dead!! Suzaku was my favorite character and I thought he was dead and then I saw he was really alive and it was a happy moment. But then he had to kill Lelouch and I cried like a baby. I mean I had just gotten over the moment where it showed Arthur in front of Suzaku’s grave and then it went to commercial, which was probably the hard three minutes of my life. Then BAM Lelouch is sliding down that pedestal thing and there I was crying again.

Forget one hour. It was more like one day. I seriously could NOT get over how this showed ended. If you’ve seen my Gundam 00 review then you know that after Code Geass ended I kind of did not know what to do with myself. Well Lelouch’s death is why. It was like when Bambi’s mom died. That messed me up. Lelouch’s death made it so much worse. I mean, sure, you can be one of those people who believe that Lelouch was the one driving the cart at the end….but I feel like if that was what the show was going for they would have made it a little more obvious.

But really how can you not be upset when the MAIN CHARACTER of a show dies. I mean Nunnally was crying, Suzaku was crying, basically everyone was crying!!! All he wanted to do was make a world where Nunnally could live in peace and he had to die for it!! God, that’s making me almost cry even now. See what this show did to me!! It’s my favorite anime of all time because of all the feelings it made me go through.

That’s all I’m going to say before I, possibly, start crying. Lelouch’s death is the saddest anime moment I have ever watched. So that’s it for Day 12 of the Anime Challenge. What do you guys think? What is the saddest anime moment you have ever watched? Did that death upset you more than you think it should have? Let me know down in the comments below!!!

See you next time!!!

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