Day 14: Anime That Never Gets Old No Matter How Many Times You Watch It

When given the question about what anime never gets old it really just comes to what anime have I watched the most. Well that even poses its own problem because I try to watch new anime a lot, so I really have to go back through and decide what anime I have watched the most. I also tend to watch clips of an episode on YouTube (or maybe just the funny moments really) of an anime if I don’t feel like watching the whole thing. But I did come up with an answer. I mean there is one anime that is one of my favorite that has funny episodes if you want funny ones, really serious episodes if you’re looking for that, or maybe just an episode where not a lot happens and they just hang out.

Here is it!! My answer for Day 14 of the Anime Challenge!!! The Anime That Never Gets Old No Matter How Many Times I’ve Watched It is……

A Tie!!!

Clannad & Code Geass


Just to make things clear, it isn’t just Clannad: After Story it applies for both seasons. The same with Code Geass. That was kind of implied but I just wanted to make sure that was clear. Okay? Okay. Moving on!!

I knew this was going to happen sooner or later. I mean in all honestly I’m kind of a wishy-washy person in general and have a hard time choosing between things. It’s a 30 Day Anime Challenge people. I’ve seen others who have done this have a tie every day! At least I didn’t do that. There was not tie rule anyway!!! I really thought My Favorite Male Anime Character Ever would end up being the tie….but no….it was the anime that never gets old. Now why did I pick these two and not just choose one? Wasn’t Code Geass my favorite anime I’ve watched so far? Why did you do this?

The answer to these questions is simply, these are my go to anime. I mean I can watch Sunohara get beat up in Clannad and it never gets old for me. The same goes for Code Geass I mean have you seen the episode where they make the giant pizzas. Or episodes I guess I should say. I mean both of these shows have funny moments, and serious moments, and kind of laid back moments. No matter what I’m looking for I can always go to these two shows for it. I just could not decide between these two shows. If that bothers you…..sorry. This is my challenge. Make your own and then we’ll talk!!

That’s all I have for today!! In the end these two are two of my favorite shows ever, and they never get old no matter how many times that I watch them. Every time I watch them I find something new that I did not see or notice the last time.

Now that’s all I have for Day 14 of the Anime Challenge!!! What do you guys think? What anime can you watch without it ever getting old? Is there an anime that you think you may have watched…..too much? Do you think that’s possible? Let me know in the comments own below!!!

See you next time!!!


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