Day 16: Anime With the Best Animation

Okay so if you have watched quite a few anime, you may have noticed that some anime are animated a little bit better than others are. In some cases a few anime’s animation have actually gotten worse as the season goes on because the animation budget was running low. For real that has actually happened. Go watch the second half of Neon Genesis Evangelion and tell me that you do not notice that something is going on. It just does not match with the animation that they started with at the beginning of the show.

However there is an anime who has animation so life-like you feel like it could be real. Actually, it really is just the animation studio being a real boss when it comes to animation. But I picked the anime that I think is animated the best from that animation studio.

So here it is. My answer for Day 16 of the Anime Challenge!! My Anime With the Best Animation is…..


Yeah….well haters gonna hate about this show. It gets a lot of crap for being a “fanservice” “gay porn” anime, but in all actuality if you are an adult and can get past that, this show does have a good plot. And in the matter of animation, I do no think that it really matters. I mean the studio that animated this Kyoto Animaiton (or “Kyoto Ani” as it is nicknamed) just does a good job animating in general. They are pros when it comes to this kind of thing. All of their shows are beautiful to look at. I mean if you have not watched a show like Haruhi Suzumiya, Hyouka, Beyond the Boundaryor Clannad and did not think for one moment about how pretty the images were, then you have not lived. Actually, you may just have never actually wanted any of their shows. Because Kyoto Ani does such a good job doing animation.

Why did I choose Free! as the anime with the Best Animation? Because it was an anime created as a way for Kyoto Ani to show how well they could animate water. I’m serious. If you Google the first commercial for this anime, it just looks like Kyoto Ani premiered it and went “That’s right! We can do water now!” Because that is really what but this show in front of a lot of others. The water looks so real at times that it makes me feel like I could reach out and swim in it. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Plus the character’s eyes in this show are so beautifully done. The characters in general are just great to look at. This show really is a work of art.

That is all I have for Day 16 of the Anime Challenge!! Free! is a beautiful anime that is just a work of art. There is really no more that I can say. It’s a well done show. No weird moments where something doesn’t look right. It’s well done. Kyoto Ani really did a wonderful job. Okay! That’s all I have now. What do you guys think? What anime do you think has the best animation? Do you like Kyoto Animation’s work? Let me know in the comments!!!

See you next time!!


One thought on “Day 16: Anime With the Best Animation

  1. nyankoto September 5, 2014 / 1:49 AM

    It’s been years, but I do remember being struck by Clannad’s beauty onscreen. My memories are hazy, but I remember it having to do more with light than water that time around.

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