Day 17: Favorite Male Anime Supporting Character

Day 17’s challenge is one that actually came to me WAY back on like Day 3. I was originally going to make it so that I had no idea what the days were until THAT day, but I’m a major spoil-sport and looked at all of the days. Now I also have a horrible memory so for most of the day I cannot remember what they were anyway…..yeah. When Day 3’s challenge was brought up… two weeks ago I was like “Well what about supporting characters?” But then I saw that later in the challenge there would be day for supporting male characters I was like “Well I know what to do now!!” and then I picked Syaoran. For today I picked an anime character that is probably one of my FAVORITE anime characters ever, but is not a lead character.

Here it is!! My answer for Day 17 of the Anime Challenge!!! My Favorite Male Anime Supporting Character is…..

Shizuo Heiwajima

If you have every watched Durarara!! (or Drrr!! as it is called for….some reason) you are more than aware of the blonde guy dressed as a bar tender who wants to kill Izaya Orihara. Why does this man who claims to hate violence say he wants to kill a man? Because Izaya is a “flea” and no matter how much Shizuo denies it he has an anger problem. What did I find likable about this character then? Well because deep down, Shizuo is a pretty cool guy. He has super-human strength and is always there if another character needs them. He is childhood friends with Shinra and their relationship is absolutely hilarious. You can tell it is kind of a one sided relationship, but if Shizuo ever needs something he goes to Shinra and Celty. He also cares very much for his younger brother, Kasuka, and will do anything to protect him.

Shizuo is actually a pretty cool guy under all that anger. When Anri was in danger and needed help, Shizuo was there as fast as he could, with Celty, to try and held her. He helped a girl he hardly knew because she was in danger. Is that something some angry lunatic would do? He also has one of the funniest lines ever. He has a very simple line of “I really hate violence.” but he says it as he is throwing a light post at some guy. The context is hilarious. Shizuo is also voiced, in the dub, by one of my favorite voice actors Crispin Freeman who does a wonderful job voicing him. There’s not much more I can say. Shizuo IS one of my favorite anime characters ever, even if he isn’t the main character.

That’s all have for Day 17 of the Anime Challenge!! What do you guys think? Who is your favorite supporting anime character? Or maybe even just favorite anime character? Let me know in the comments below!!

See you next time!!

Oh!!! SIDE NOTE: Durarara!! is getting a second season!! That officially made my day when I figured that out. If you liked the show just thought you may like to know if you didn’t already.


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