Day 18: Favorite Female Supporting Anime Character

Ops! I almost forgot to do today’s challenge. That would have messed with OCD really bad. But I still have forty something minutes to spare (well less than that by the time this is posted) but who cares!!

Today’s challenge was another one that I decided WAY back at the beginning of the challenge. I’m afraid I might get a lot of trouble for the person that I picked for today’s answer. Not because this girl is a bad character or anything. It is just that some people see her character as not even really being all that meaningful towards the story. I have been given crap before because I liked her character, but I picked her anyway! This is my opinion after all.

So here is my answer for Day 18 of the Anime Challenge!! My Favorite Female Supporting Anime Character is……

Shirley Fenette

Okay yes….I picked Shirley as my Favorite Female Supporting Anime Character. If you have watched Code Geass and believe that she was unnecessary to the storyline….then fine you feel that way! But I think that Shirley was essential to the plot. This may be spoilers to anyone who has not watched the show. So as I usually say, if you don’t want to be spoiled than leave now.

Anyway, to me Shirley showed a very human side to all that was happening in the show. Lelouch was going around using the Black Knights to do whatever he wanted, and did not truly see how he was affecting the people who were not doing the fighting. Then when Shirley’s father was killed in an accident caused by something Lelouch did, he was finally able to see how he was hurting people. Which was of course very important for the building of Lelouch’s character. Later on she also play a main role in a series of event. She also suffers through her own personally mental trauma in the second season. This not only affected her but all of the people around her. Which I see as very important.

Plus Shirley is just your average, high school girl trying to figure out her feelings for a boy. Then she’s torn between her feelings for him and the hatred she feels once she finds out he’s the reason her father is dead. I mean there is a sense that her character was developed as a love interest for Lelouch, but the developers gave an actual background and character development time to Shirley that some supporting character never get. This makes her my favorite female supporting anime character.

And she’s a redhead just like me!! Happy National Redhead days by the way!! But that in no way affected my decision on today’s challenge.

Okay! That’s all I have for Day 18 of the Anime Challenge. What do you guys think? Who is your favorite female supporting anime character? Let me know down below!

See you next time!!!


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