Day 19: Most Epic Scene Ever

Okay so again I’m sorry for any of you who are really upset with that fact that I did not post something yesterday. If you did not even notice that it happened…..then forget what you just read. There will be a second challenge released as soon as I finish this one though! So stayed tuned!!

Hmm…..most epic scene ever……well this really took me a while to think of one. In all honestly I almost made it the last episode of Kuroko’s Basketball when Kise finally learns how to copy Aomine. It is a really epic scene in all honesty, but I decided to go with something else. And I promise that the scene I picked actually is pretty epic. OH and it does contain spoilers for the show it is in……so if you don’t want a show to be ruined for you (one that happens to have my favorite male supporting anime character in it) then go away now!! Otherwise…here we go!!

Here it is!! My answer for Day 19 of the Anime Challenge!!! My Most Epic Anime Scene Ever is….

The Dollars 1st Gathering

Okay so I picked the first time that the Dollars actually gathering in Durarara!! because it is a really epic anime scene. For those of you who have not seen this show, the Dollars are a “gang” that unlike the other gangs in Ikebukuro (the show’s setting) they do not have color. There are the Yellow Scarves and the Blue Squares, two other gangs, who’s members shows their affiliations by wearing a scarf of something of that color. The Dollars on the other hand have no such identification. No one knows who the members are, or even who their leader is. Which is why the scene is so epic.

Mikado, our main character, is actually revealed to be the leader of the Dollars but refuses to have them do illegal things. One day a woman named Namie calls him out to meet her, thinking he will come alone. He agrees but only if they can meet in a public place. She agrees because she just wanted to talk to him…..well more like threaten him. So long story short, she comments about how Mikado is talking big even though he’s alone. Mikado then smiles and goes “I’m never alone” and send out a message on his phone. Namie is really confused until EVERYONE around them gets the message Mikado sent. He then tells her that everyone who is getting the message is a member of the Dollars.

I mean how could this scene not be epic. We went from having absolutely no idea who were in the Dollars to seeing all of these people show themselves as members. It is really epic and one of my favorite moments in the show. I mean Mikado revealing his role is epic, but this is just crazy. It is also one of my favorite anime moments of all time.

That’s all I have for Day 19 of the anime challenge!! I hope that maybe seeing how I had to rack my brain a lot in a little bit of time may have made me release it late. So what do you guys think? What anime scene do you think is the most epic? Let me know in the comments below.

See you next time!!


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