Day 24: Moment that Shocked You the Most in Anime

In all of the anime that I have watched over the last few years, there have been a lot of moments that have really shocked me. I mean there’s been A LOT of moments where I was like “What!” But through all these years there I still one moment when I had to pause the episode and go “Wait, what just happened?” Even when the episode was over it took a while for me to really comprehend what actually happened. It also sucked because the show never even cleared up what happened. You had to go read the manga to figure out what happened next.

And before I go on I want you to know that out of all spoiler warnings I have given you, this one will probably be the worst. I mean really, this will RUIN the show for you. So if you don’t want it to be ruined stop now. I mean if you read a little further it will still be ruined, but you won’t know why and how.

So here it is!!! Day 24 of the Anime Challenge!!! The Moment that Shocked Me the Most in Anime is……

Syaoran Isn’t Really Syaoran!!

Okay so this moments from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle totally made my mind freak out. I was like….wait? What? If you have not watched the show, then you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. Actually……if you have not even watched the OVAs after the original series then you will have no idea what is going on. So if you watched the original series dwelled no deeper….then you just think they keep on journeying forever, which is okay.

But what actually happened was NOT okay!!! I mean the entire original series we kept getting a glimpse of this “other Syaoran” who was floating in a tank with our main antagoist. If you were like me your may have been thinking “Oh no! What if this is a clone of our Syaoran that he’s gonna use to replace him to get all of Sakura’s feathers. Oh no!” But in the original series they never brought it up. It just kind of remained a back thought. In the first OVA Tokyo Revelations, things were definitely revealed.

We basically find out that the Syaoran we have bonded with for over 50 episodes is actually a clone of the guy in the tank. And that the clone possessed the heart of the original so that the clone can have emotions. HOWEVER! If the original is awakened then the seal on the clone will be broken and he will basically become and empty shell with only the desire to find Sakura’s feathers. And all of that happens in 2 episodes. The clone steals Fai’s eyes, which results in him becoming a vampire, and then the clone leaves and so much happens. And then… just stops.

I was so shocked when this happened that I did indeed stop the episode and think about what just happened. Then I had to read up on it because I was shocked and confused…and emotional……and it was definitely the episode that shocked me the most.

The only moment that could compare to it was the episode of Gundam 00 when it’s revealed that Setsuna is a natural innovator!! Or when Suzaku “died” in Code Geass. But this definitely takes the cake. It was one of the most shocking moments I have ever watched. 

That’s all I have for Day 24 of the Anime Challenge!! What do you guys think? What moment in anime shocked you the most? Let me know in the comments below!!

See you next time!!


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