Day 25: Saddest Anime Death

Okay so my big “conflict” back on Day 12 was really trying to decide what the saddest anime moment was. And what I came up with was that although Lelouch’s death was my saddest anime moment, I still felt that this “death” deserved recognition. It make me cry like a baby as well. So just to recognize it I gave Lelouch’s death Day 12 and Day 25 to this one!! So….yeah that’s what I decided.

So here it is!! My answer for Day 25 of the Anime Challenge!!!! My Saddest Anime Death was…..

Nagisa Furukawa

Yes so I chose Nagisa Furukawa’s death from Clannad. If you have not watched the show (which you should because it’s a good show) then….actually she dies in After Story. But that doesn’t matter! So if you have watched both seasons of the show then you know that Nagisa does die towards the end of After Story. Also you would know that even later in the season everything kind of reverses and all is well.

But that does not mean that what happened still wasn’t sad. I mean Tomoya and SO many people were affected by what happened. I mean what happened to Tomoya was exactly what he wanted not to happen. He basically became his father, and just a very angry person. It was hard to watch. I cried like a little baby. These two people had been through so much together, and then it was just….gone.

I really am gonna stop now because I already feel tears coming on. This death, as with Lelouch’s, really upset me. That’s all there is to it. That’s where I’m gonna end this.

So!! That’s all I have for Day 25 of the Anime Challenge? What do you guys think? What anime death do you think was the saddest? Let me know down below!!

See you next time!! 

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