Day 26: Best Anime Fight

So I really thought long and hard about which fight I thought was the best. I ended up choosing one that really affected me. It also happens to contain one of my FAVORITE anime characters of all time. I really thought about my decision though, and it was a had choice.

So here it is!! My answer for Day 26 of the Anime Challenge!!! In my opinion the Best Anime Fight was……..

Suzaku v. Kallen

Yes so my favorite anime fight was between Suzaku Kururugi and Kallen Kouzuki in Code Geass. I mean they fought in their Knightmares (The giant mechs if you don’t watch the show) but they still fought each other.

I guess that the reason that I think this was the best fight was because there was a lot building up to this. You see the fight that was my favorite happened in episode……24 I think of the second season. They fought multiple other times though. I mean Suzaku never actually fought Lelouch (his main target) and always fought Kallen instead. They had some very different opinions on the conflict going on with Japan, and it was very interesting to watch. I really can’t describe why I liked it. I just thought that the fight that the two had in the end of the second season was the best anime fight I’ve ever watched.

So that’s all I have for Day 26 of the Anime Challenge!!! What do you guys think? What anime fight do you think was the best?? Let me know in the comments below!!

See you next time!!!!


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