Day 29: Anime You Wish Was Real

Now I have to say the fact that I need to “wish” an anime was real kind of narrows the pool of options. Mostly because I like a lot of mecha anime (As you have probably realized), and although I LOVE mechas…..I would not want to live in a world like that. I mean random, insignificant places get blown up in those shows and I live in a kind of insignificant place. No thank you any Gundam franchise. I suppose Code Geass would not be AS bad because I would live in Britannia……as long as it’s nowhere near Pendragon I guess.

If you’ve watched the show you would understand why.

I mean no one wishes to be put in danger voluntarily. That just isn’t the way it works. But nevertheless, as always I came up with an anime I wish was real. Because I would love to live in this world with the main characters.

So here it is!! My Answer for Day 29 of the Anime Challenge!! The Anime I Wish Was Real is…..


If I woke up smack dab one day in the middle of Ikebukuro I would be a happy person. I would love the chance to interact with these characters, even if there is a little bit of danger thrown in. I don’t care if a road sign is thrown within inches of my face….Shizuo would be real. And that would be wonderful. I don’t know why. I would just choose this anime to be real in a heartbeat. As long as I could live in Ikebukuro, I would be happy.

Now a few years ago I probably would have picked the Digimon anime to be real. Because if I had a Digimon, no matter what I would have someone to talk to. And I love that cast of characters as well. But now I would definitely choose Durarara!! no matter what.

So that’s all I have for Day 29 of the Anime Challenge!! What do you guys think? What anime do you wish was real? Let me know down below!!

Also…..tomorrow is officially the LAST day of the 30 Day Anime Challenge!! I went by so fast. If you have any other cool ideas for me to do, just leave them in the comments as well. I also promise to do some more reviews once this is over.

See you next time!!!


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