Day 30: Anime You Wish Never Ended

Here were are at Day 30 of the Anime Challenge. It’s a somber moment because today is the last day. I’ll do the mushy “thank yous” after I tell you guy’s today’s answer.

Anyway. So actually today’s answer was both kind of easy and kind of hard. When I first read it I was probably going to pick Kimi ni Todoke because the anime gets really adorable and funny after where they ended. It also get’s really intense with Shouta and Sawako’s relationship (*cough* they kiss after 70 something chapters), But then I though “You know what…..I actually like where it stopped. Because it was kind of frustrating to read, let alone watch. There were also a few that I was going to pick but it ends up some of them are having a Second Season planned for them. Which is super exciting!! Because these shows are continuing on. 

But then I realized that there is ONE anime who should have kept going after where the anime stopped. Because even though they “tried” to continue it….it just didn’t work. 

So here it is!! My Answer for Day 30 of the Anime Challenge!!! The Anime that I Wish Never Ended is……

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle


I know shocking right? If you’ve read either my review of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle or way back in Day 3 of the Anime Challenge when I talked about Syaoran, then you know the ending to this show really made me mad. I mean after 52 episodes they just…stop the show!! Sure there’s two sets of OVA AND a movie, but that gives us even more questions. 

Well….maybe not the movie. The movie’s okay.

BUT the rest of the show……NOPE there are just so many unanswered questions. So then you have to go read the manga….but wait it’s 200+ chapters long. I mean I loved the show, but I’m not THAT devoted. I mean I read the ending and some of the last few chapters. And googled it because I was confused, but it makes me mad because the creators just STOPPED the show. It does get better after where they stopped, but after Tokyo Revelations (when it gets real) the next OVA skips like…..WEEKS…..OR MORE!! If they would have just continued the show and given us at least some information without just stopping it then I would be happy. They should have continued it on.

Sorry the topic of this show’s ending makes me VERY angry.

Okay so that’s all I have for today….and the entire 30 Day Anime Challenge. I can’t believe it’s been about a month since I started this. I want to thank everyone who read these little blogs, liked them, or even commented on them!! You have no idea who much that means to me. I promise I won’t fall off the face of the earth now. I will review more anime as frequently as I can (college is a busy time) but this also works as my stress reliever.

Again, thank you all so much for being a part of this!!! I’ll see you next time!!!

Oh! But that doesn’t mean you can’t comment on this! Let me know in the comments below!! And if there’s anything you want me to watch…comment that too!!

See you next time!!

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