Summer 2014 Wrap-Up

I know that I started off this anime season telling you guys that I was watching about…….four anime. And as I also mentioned, I usually pick up a few along the way. Which I did indeed do! So I thought why not wrap it up the way that I started. I’m going to give you all a short review of the anime that I watched this season. There may or may not be spoilers (sorry) but I hope you enjoy!!

Summer 2014

Okay so I promise I’ll probably due longer reviews of each of these because they are still fresh in my mind. So I’ll start out with an anime that I was kind of dreading this season, Ao Haru Ride.

Ao Haru Ride

Okay so you’ll probably know if you’ve read the whole article that I wrote on how much I was dreading this anime. I was super fed up with the manga, and to an extent still am, so I was like “How will they do this?” If you want to check out exactly what I said to read my other blog “Ao Haru Ride Anime?”

Anyway, I am happy to report that this anime did not tick me off in a huge way. There were a few things where I was like…..NO! But those were few and far between. I liked how the story more or less centered around Kou really opening up to the people around him. And there was no Narumi!! There was some Kikuchi which was completely unnecessary in my opinion. But that’s another story. Plus, I liked how they also focused on Yuri and Futaba’s relationship and their feelings for Kou. I though there was a lot of meaning to that because a lot of people do go through that. The only thing that did bother me was the ending. I just felt like it was kind of…..anticlimactic…….yeah.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

I’m not going to go really deep into this one because I got a suggestion to review this (Thank you for that by the way) so I just want to say a few things. I was not going to watch this at first because the only manga about a manga writer I thought was worth watching was Bakuman but one day I was bored, and kind of sad for a reason I’ve forgotten. Plus I was caught up with all the anime I was watching, so I watched it. And it made my day. This is a funny show that kept me laughing until literally right before it ended. A full review of this is on the way!!

Free! Eternal Summer

Okay so I have to say this show gave the the feels. I liked the first season but had no idea what was in store for me in this season. There were a few things about it that made me think… you forgot this, but by the end everything was cleared up. And I cried like a baby when it ended. I mean for real, you can hate on this show as much as you want, but Eternal Summer has a very good plot to it that basically involves some of our characters trying to figure out what they are going to do with themselves after they graduate. I got frustrated at some parts because I did have to wait a week for them to come out, but that was probably one of my only problems. This show was beautiful. All I have to say.


This show… just….I’m not really sure what to say. Well first of all I am mad about the fact that they broke it up into two parts. I was sitting there going “They have 25 episodes and it will be beautiful” but now. They decided to give us these 12 episodes of plot twist after plot twist, and then I stopped. Wait was it 13? Oh well I don’t remember. Anyway, Aldnoah.Zero did remind me a lot of my beloved Code Geass but with a lot less episodes.  I mean they crammed a lot into the first part. Like A LOT of thing happened. The one thing I have to say though is that I’m not sure how I feel about Slaine anymore. I mean I liked him at first but now I’m like…….um….what did you just do?

Did you see that ending!!

The ending was probably the only other thing that really bugged me. Some people say Inaho was annoying, but I’d rather him be dull and smart than annoying like a lot of main characters. But the ending!! I know there are still more episodes coming, but I have to wait until 2015 to see what happened! I don’t think I can wait that long!! This show, I just like it and kind of hate it at the same time.

Re: Hamatora

Saying that Re: Hamatora had a lot going on is an understatement. I mean I’m pretty sure that I would have to watch it multiple times to piece together what was going on. There was a lot of times that I was trying to process some information that had been given to us and then BAM! something happened and I forgot it because I was thrown off guard. I also have to say that I was worried going into it because of what happened at the end of the last season. Art was my favorite character and then all of a sudden he was the bad guy. There was just so much going on. And then the last two episodes just tripled the amount of stuff going on. OH! And the ending was like……WAIT!! WHAT!! WHY!! HOW!! I mean really I just have no idea what actually happened. So many unanswered questions! I hate to say it but I almost need a season 3!!

 So those were the anime I watched that were a part of the 2014 Summer Season. I watched some other ones as well, but they are still ongoing. There was also another show that I was watching (which is apparently still ongoing) but I have a hard time finding it. I can’t even remember the name of it, which is probably the reason I can’t find it, but it is hard to find. And I don’t know why.

Okay so that’s my little wrap up of the anime I really kept my eye on this season. As with the last one I will soon publish anime that I am going to keep my eye on for Fall 2014! You’ll be seeing that very soon. 

That’s all I have for now!! As always if there is an anime that you would like to me review (except Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun because I’m working on that one right now, as well as another who I am currently watching to review later) leave it in the comments!!!

See you next time!!!


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