Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Review

Okay so a week or so ago, I posted a notice that I REALLY wanted you guys to suggest some anime for me to review. And thankfully a  few of you answered. Thank you so much for that. I mean I had some anime reviews I could release, but they would probably all be either mecha or have some supernatural factor, because that tends to be the anime that i gear towards. Sorry.

But one recommendation was luckily an anime that I was watching all this season, and I was like “Well I can do that one right now!” So I re-watched some episodes and got ready to do this review!! The review for the other recommendation is coming, I still have to watch the show.

Anyway! Here is my sixth anime review for the Summer 2014 anime Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.

Okay so Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is a 12 episode anime that just finished as a part of the Summer 2014 anime season. In all honesty I was not going to watch it because it reminded me of Bakuman, and that show is probably one of my favorite shows about a mangaka (someone who writes manga). But one day I was bored and decided I would watch it, and boy I was not disappointed.

The story revolves around a young girl names Chiyo Sakura who has a crush on a boy in her grade named Umetaro Nozaki (hence where Nozaki-kun comes from). When she goes to confess to him it…..well it does not go as planned. Nozaki ends up thinking she is saying that she likes his work and signs his autograph. It is then revealed that Nozaki is actually the mangaka of a really popular manga series “Let’s Fall in Love”, and goes by the name of Sakiko Yumeno. In order to get close to him, Chiyo agrees to work as his assitant. The rest of the show is about Chiyo meeting other people at her school who end up also working as Nozaki’s assistant. As well as her continuous attempts to gain Nozaki’s affections.

The characters of this show definitely make it what it is…..a comedy. Just the way they all interact with each other is funny, they bounce right off of each other. So let’s go over our six characters who played a role in the show.

First off is our heroine, Chiyo. This poor girl just wanted to let the guy she likes know who she feels, and what does she get? She gets to work for him as his assistant. She is also in the Art Club at her school, and the two bows that she wears becomes her most well known trait. She, like many other characters, has a good sense of humor. You cannot help but feel sorry for the poor girl though. Nozaki is just so unaware of her true feelings.

Then there’s Nozaki himself. They often say in the show about how they have no idea how he has done so well as a mangaka. Which I can totally understand. Nozaki puts such random stuff in his manga that sometimes you’re just like “Wait what?” I mean there’s an entire episode about how he keeps putting boxes in panels whenever there is a weird height difference. He does not try to be funny, which makes him an even funnier character. He does extensive research for his manga, even going far enough to spend Valentine’s Day watching girls give chocolates and confessing to use in the manga.

My favorite character though is probably Mikoto Mikoshiba, or Mikorin as he is called. Mikorin works for Nozaki as an assitant, and also goes to the same school. Three years before the show started, he could not talk to girls so he started playing dating sims. This has made him very flirtatious around girls, but he often regrets it afterwards. And by regretting it I mean he usually sobs about it. Which is kind of funny. He works for Nozaki drawing flowers around certain characters. No seriously that is all that he does. Unknown to him he is also the inspiration for Nozaki’s heroine in his manga, Mamiko. He is just very funny, and is just my favorite character. I mean when they go to a festival and he spends the whole time complaining about how it is not like in a dating sim, it is absolutely hilarious.

Next is Chiyo’s classmate and friend Yuzuki Seo who is very popular. She is very tomboyish and actually has a very bad personality. She is unable to read the context of situation, which makes it bad for the people around her. She is often asked by other clubs to help with activities. Once example is that the basketball club who asks her to help so they can learn to deal with rash and selfish players. Despite this she actually has a very good singing voice and is called the Glee Club’s Lorelei. She was funny too but sometimes I found her attitude towards some of the characters really annoying.

Next is Yu Kashima. She is Mikorin’s best friend and classmate, and despite being a girl is often mistaken as a man because of her height and appearance. She is the school’s “prince” character and often works with the schools drama club as their prince. She often misunderstands people, such as her senpais in the schools drama club. It often surprised me at the amount of people who thought Kashima was actually a guy. I mean she wears a skirt and everything…..I just don’t know.

Masayuki Hori is the next character that I want to talk about. He is a third year and the president of the drama club. He also works for Nozaki as the person who does Nozaki’s backgrounds for his manga. He likes to do backgrounds and such for the drama club, and has no interest in actually being on the stage. His most defining characteristic is that he is short and often beats up Kashima for doing ditching club activities and ruining rehearsal.

The final character is the only first year member of the cast Hirotaka Wakamatsu. He was in the same basketball club as Nozaki in middle school. He looks up to him a lot and ends up working for him doing screen tones. Yukari’s work with the basketball has had a negative affect on him. He suffers from insomnia, which is only cured by, oddly enough, hearing Lorelei’s voice puts him right to sleep. He falls in love with her having no idea who she actually is. I find that pretty funny.

There are also a few other characters such as Nozaki’s editor and another mangaka, but they only appear a few times in the show. All of the character had a very slapstick sense of humor. Which I liked. They never talked about a joke for too long, or fretted over something. They were very likable characters to watch.

The soundtrack of this show is in no way bad. I mean the opening was actually very catchy and earned a spot on my iPod, but the rest I do not recall that well. I know it was very simple but still sounded good. The animation was not too over the top, there was a simplicity to that as well. But it was not lagging in parts or anything. I was pretty when it needed to be, and simple when that’s what was needed. Good job studio Dogakabo. I cannot really give it any extra points on being a stand out for the year because……well… just finished….at it was 2014….so I hope it would reach the standards that it did. Otherwise they’re slacking.

The one thing that I found funny in the show, like more than I probably should, was the scenes when they went like…into the manga. They had two additional voice actors on the show just to voice the small parts of the actual manga characters. I don’t know I thought it was funny.

I would also like to point out that this show is labeled as a “romantic comedy” but there is definitely more comedy than romance. I mean the romance kind of just comes from Chiyo, but the comedy comes from everywhere.

Overall, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is a very funny show that will make you feel better if you are having a bad day. The characters are funny, and while the plot is kind of……random…it is still entertaining. I do recommend that you watch this show. Does it deserve a place in my top 20…well it just might…I’ll have to think about it.

So I award Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun with anit is a good show that is strong on comedy, and while the plot is kind of random it is still a good show to watch. Seriously…go watch it!! It will be worth it.

That is all I have for now. See I did do a review that you guys recommended! And I am working on the other one! So if you would like to see an anime that you would like me to watch, then leave it in the comments below.

See you next time!!

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