Why Buddy Complex Angered Me!!

As made clear by the more than 100 times I’ve said this, my favorite genre of anime is mecha. I don’t know why this is, I love watching romance and comedy too, but my go to is mecha. But a problem arises when you have mecha as your favorite anime genre. Finding a good mecha is actually kind of difficult. Not because there are not a lot of them, just google it and you’ll find quite a few of them. But in the past few years it has become harder to find a mecha that isn’t exactly like all of the other mechas. Here is how I feel about one of the most recent attempts of a mecha anime, Buddy Complex.


Okay so this is kind of an informal review. In fact it’s probably just going to be me complaining about why this show bothered me. I would like to make a comment before I go any farther I do have a few thing to say about the mech shows that have come out recently. A: Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet was a good mech show. But there was like 1 mech used for fighting and they just fished with the rest. It was not much of a combat show. B: By the time that I got attached to the main character in Gundam Age they had already moved on to the next generation main character.

Moving on! So when I heard that Buddy Complex was coming out I was super excited. I mean it’s a mecha show in its truest form!! SUNRISE!!! When the first episode premiered I was still super excited. As the show went on though, I began to notice a few……similarities between Buddy Complex and Code Geass but it was between the characters, not as much the plot. Here I’ll show you! Buddy Complex Rant

I mean sure a few of these is just like “they have the same coloration” (brown hair and green eyes or purple eyes and black hair) but how can you deny this fact.

In Code Geass, Lelouch’s mother was killed in the same accident that caused Nunnally to lose the use of her legs and go blind. THEN in Buddy Complex Dio’s mother was killed in the SAME accident (or attach on their town I believe, anyway) that caused Fiona to lose the use of her legs. 

Plus Dio’s last name is Weingberg. Like, oh I don’t know……GINO WEINBERG!!! What is with the coincidences in this show!!! AH!! Not to mention Buddy Complex also has the signature Sunrise episode where the characters get stuck on the island after a battle. All the shows have had it.

But it was not just the similarities that bother me. I mean sure looking at characters who look similar to Code Geass characters is not horrible. But I mean….the same last name…..really? I don’t know.

The plot is something else that bothers me. They did try and mix it up though. Adding time travel was…..a little bit helpful, but at times it also made it even more confusing. I mean Hina going through the time loop or whatever it was just made me want to like “No…no…you stop that.” I guess to an extent it did help with the plot, having Hina still be in the show and have some kind of explanation for it. But….time travel? Okay we’ll go with that. I mean if Aoba and Hina ended up going back to the past, then the future would have turned out differently, right? Then wouldn’t the stuff in the epilogue have turned out differently? I’m so confused!!

Is that all? Oh no this show has more elements that make you want to write an angry letter. So I have this pet peeve that is if you show a character in the opening, or ending, or end card they should be in the show at some point. Don’t show me some people in multiple end cards and then never show them or talk about them in the show. Buddy Complex did this in almost every single end card at the end of the episodes. Here’s a few examples. 

Buddy Complex Rant 2

It’s an end card….for the show. BUT WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE!! Why is this girl dressed like that?!?! 2/3 of the people in this end card are not even in the show!!

Here’s another.

BC Rant 3

Okay here we have….Fiona…..and….two other random people. What is even going on in this scene. I just….I don’t know…. LAST ONE!

BC Rant 4

Here’s Dio…smiling? What? Dio hardly smiles in the show! And who is the green haired guy? I mean it could be Dio’s old Coupling Buddy….but he didn’t seem to care for him to much.

I mean these extra people were all over the end cards. I tried to research it a little bit, but all I could find is that a few of them did come from a side story manga and video game. But I had to research it to find that out. Why would you have shown them if you never talked about them? Uh!!

The final thing that bothered me was that throughout the run of the show they advertised that there was going to be a second season. Well the second season was……two OVA episodes that really just made you more confused. The first season ended in a very “Oh yes there will be a second season!” but then it revealed that there would just be the two episodes. They had a lot of questions to answer in just two episodes, so a lot happened.

So is Buddy Complex my least favorite mecha….no. I have seen a few worse mecha shows than this (I won’t say them though). The show was just confusing and left a lot of open questions that were not answered.

That’s the end of my rant. I’m sorry if you thought that was stupid, but I just had to get it out. What do you guys think? Would this stuff bother you? Let me know in the comments below!!!

See you next time!!


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