Diabolik Lovers Review

So apparently a good friend of mine has been following my blog and waiting for just the right moment to give me constructive criticism. We were out eating the other day and she all of a sudden was like “You know what? I have yet to see you review an anime that you don’t really like. You should do one.”

I was so surprised by her sudden interest that I was like…..um…..okay. I mean an anime that I didn’t really like is a little difficult. But oh wait I found one. I watched this show and just went “What the actual hell is going on?”

So here is my seventh anime review. And a review of an anime that I didn’t really like, Diabolik Lovers.

Okay so this show…….well we will start on a good note.

Diabolik Lovers is 12 episode anime that originally aired during the Fall 2013 anime season. The show is based on a PSP game of the same name. Now as a fan of the Vampire Knight series (well parts of it) and the fact that I am a fan of shoujo supernatural romance shows, I was like “LET’S TRY IT!!!” However, a problem occurred while I was watching this show. What was the problem?………well……the show was the problem. But I have my reasons, and here is the review of a show that I did not like…..at all.

The story is about a teenage girl named Yui Komori, who’s father is a priest and had to move away for work. Her father arranges for her to live in a large mansion in a new town, and she has to start school at a new school. When she arrives at her new home, no one answered the door so she just went inside. Upon entering she finds out she will be sharing her new home with five brothers…..who just happen to be vampires. Despite this, Yui continues living with the vampires and intense events ensue.

Okay…..so our characters. I’m going to tell you now if you are looking for character that you can relate to on a personal level go somewhere else. The characters in this show are kind of creepy. So let’s go over our heroine and the six brothers.

So Yui was brought up by a priest after she was abandoned by her parents. Because of her father’s job moving elsewhere she has to live with these vampire brothers. Which really gives him the father of the year award. “Oh my daughter is going to live with six boys who happen to be brothers? Yeah okay. Good luck honey!” Yui is not much better though. Despite having many opportunities to get away from the mansion she continues to stay with them even when ALL of them have threatened to drink her blood. Sure sometime they stop her from leaving, but she just keeps living there. She is legitimately one of the most annoying heroines I have watched in a while.

Next is the oldest Sasamaki brother, Shu. Since he is the oldest, Shu is one of the brothers who already new about Yui’s arrival. He is very lazy and often skips his classes at school. When he was younger his mother put a lot of pressure on him to work hard at being the next heir of the family. He sleeps all the time and usually listens to music. Even in the bathtub. Sir you may be a vampire but I’m sure electrocution will still come if your MP3 player falls into the water. Despite being the oldest, he often pushes the duties onto his younger brother, Reiji.

Which brings us to Reiji. As said before, he often takes care of the house and keeps his younger brothers in line in place of his older brother. Reiji despises his older brother because since their mother spent all her time taking care of Shu, she never had any time for Reiji. He is very responsible and gentlemanly but speaks in a very harsh manner. He also has a very odd fondness for kitchenware…….because these weird characters need little quirks to make them more relate-able.

The next brother is Laito…..and boy does the story get dark with him. So Laito is the oldest of the triples born to the boy’s father’s second wife, Cordelia. Not to too much into her story but let’s just say she was not the parent of the year. Okay so Laito is a very perverted character which stems from the fact that his mother, Cordelia, sexually abused him. So yeah…that kind of escalated quickly. Anyway so this weird relationship caused Laito to not really see Cordelia as a mother, but more like a lover instead. When his father found out he was locked in the basement as punishment. When his mother visited him one day saying that she had found a new lover, he saw this as her cheating on him. This shock caused his perverted behavior and not really knowing what love is. He enjoys teasing Yui and his personality usually changes drastically.

Next is Kanato. He is the second oldest of Cordelia’s triplets. The funny thing is he is called the “problem child”. His mother often just ignored that he was around, even going as far as having sex in front of him. Since his mother neglected him, he played with his toys a lot especially his stuffed bear Teddy. When his mother died, he stuffed her ashes inside of Teddy so she could be with him forever. His attitude changes rapidly, but he usually has a quiet demeanor. He likes sweets and loves to eat cake and other candy. He often has violent outbursts against Yui, mostly, when he does not get his way.

Ayato is the youngest triplet and the fifth son. He often refers to himself as “your truly”. When he was young he was raised a lot like Shu was, expected to be the best, but his mother never loved him. She often physically harmed him and on one occasion tried to drown him. He acts very cold towards Yui, but claims that she is his because he wants to drink her blood. Which he is the first to do. Ayato is very self centered and overconfident. There is romance hinted between him and Yui because of the way he acts towards her, but you have to squint to see it.

The final brother is Subaru. Subaru’s mother was one of the most beautiful vampires in the vampire world, and the boys father fell in love with her. She did not want to marry him, but he forced her to marry him by raping her…..another quick escalation…..which resulted in her having to marry him. Subaru was born from one of these moments. He does no like being with people and prefers to be on his own. He is easily angry and is prone to violence.

So that’s our main cast of characters in all of their….messed up glory. I hate to say that because I know that real people go through similar problems every day, but I think with these characters it was taken a little too far.

The soundtrack of this show is forgettable. In fact I do not really remember any of the music really. None of them earned a spot on my iPod. The animation of this show is….kind of hard to describe. It is not horrible…..it is just weird. I mean the eyes of the characters have weird shaped pupils and some things just do not look quite right. I mean it is not something painful to watch, it is just something weird to watch.

Overall, Diabolik Lovers is a show that in all honesty made me very uncomfortable. I mean they tried to make characters that were different…..but I think they took it a little bit too far. Hate on me if you will, but I did not like this show at all. Unfortunately there is no spot for this show on my Top Anime list.

So I have to award Diabolik Lovers with a rating of a D. It did not get my worst rating because there are probably some people who would go out there and watch this show….just not me.


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