Confession Time

With finals done, I’m procrastinating everything important that I have to do. Like finish the anime that I am trying to review. Ugh. I liked the first half but this second half is killing me. I’ll go ahead and spoil it for you because one of the things I’m going to confess to kind of involves something to do with that show. So what I wanted to do was put out a few confessions that I have on anime related things and so forth. I was inspired by Animanga Confessions on tumblr. I relate with some of them on a personal level and I just felt like putting this out there. Anyway….Here are 5 Anime Confessions!!

(In no particular order.)

I don’t know where this came from but I like it.


1. I Never Liked Princess Euphemia

Okay so this is one that I have always felt I would get a lot of hate for. I say this because some of the people who I used to watch Code Geass with loved Princess Euphemia’s character. However, I was never really fond of her to begin with. She always bothered me on a personal level. My friends always said that I did not like her because her and Suzaku were in love and Suzaku is my favorite character in the whole show. I’m not saying that is not a part of it, but her character itself really bothers me. In my opinion, she was way too optimistic for the situation going on. I mean let’s be real for a second. Sure the Specialized Zone was a good idea in theory, but could it really have ended all that well. The Japanese hate the Britannians so they probably are not going to be happy with any idea that they come up with. Especially from a member of the Royal Family. Now I’m not saying that she should have been killed like she was, because that caused even more problems in the series. Some serious stuff went down after that. I’m just saying that I was never fond of her character being in the series because she was too optimistic about what was going on.

2.I Ship some couples way to much

So everyone has their OTP. There’s always that one couple that you want to be together so much it physically hurts you to watch them. If I’m being totally honest I’d have to say that one of the couples that I ship the most is probably Natsu and Lucy from Fairy Tail. They just need to end up together already or else I’m going to go crazy. Like for real. There’s all the signs that they should be together but no….no….that’s not gonna happen. Thanks Hiro Mashima!! Um…anyway…Your wish gets so strong that if something gets in the way of that ship, you get angry…very angry. Still using my OTP for example, the reappearance of Lisanna definitely tried to sink my ship but I still believe. There are times when I just get frustrated with ships not coming together. I have a problem.

3. I get overly attached to Side characters

I have and probably always will. My favorite character from Harry Potter is not Harry, Ron, or Hermoine. My favorite character from Harry Potter is Seamus Finnigan. You know the kid who is always blowing stuff up. This the same for side characters in anime. I’m in the middle of watching Shirobako for my next anime review and fell in love with Tatsuya Ochiai, one of the other Production Assistants at Musashino Animation. I do know what it was but I liked it whenever he was on-screen. But then Episode, like, 7 comes along and we find out he’s leaving to go to a different company. I was upset I stopped watching it for the day. I was done. After he left he’s appeared….once or twice so at least he is not gone, but I was still upset. The same thing happened back when I was watching Tsubasa Chronicle. My favorite character, well one of them, was Sakura’s older brother Toya. He was hardly ever on the show but every time that he appeared on-screen made me happy. There are just times when you begin to like the background characters more than the main characters I guess.

4. I watched Shin Sekai Yori in no order

In all honestly I do not know how in the world this happened. I remember watching the first two episodes and not really getting into it so I stopped watching. Then later I mistook it for a different show and watched an episode but kind of liked it. So I watched a few more….and somehow I ended up jumping around watching maybe a pair of episodes at a time, but hardly watched in any kind of chronological order. I’ve seen nearly all of the episodes but did not actually watch them in the proper order. I mean I got the concept of the show, just to me it was all shown in flashbacks or flash forwards. Should I have watched it in order? Yes. Will I? No. Well maybe if the right time comes for it. But not right now.

5. Harem Anime bother me but Reverse Harem Does not.

I just think this picture is funny.

I’m a totally hypocrite about stuff like this and I just want to put that out there. I have watched very few harem anime, and the few that I have I was watching without knowing it was even considered a harem anime. Yes that is possible. There’s just something about them that does not appeal to me. On other hand, if you tell me that there’s a reverse harem anime coming the chances are very high that I am going to watch it. You know at least try it. I’m not to say that I hate all harem anime. Clannad is considered one and it is one of my favorite anime ever. On the other hand, I do not like all reverse harem anime either. I just tend to really like to watch reverse harem, while harem anime bothers me. It is probably due to the fact that I’m a girl so reverse harem is more meant for me (which I’m happy it is) but I feel like there are some harem anime that do have a good plot and story, but I am automatically turned away from them because it is a harem anime.

That’s all I have for my confessions this time. I had more but they seem to have escaped me. I may do another one of these if I feel like it went over well. My next review is in the works, I have finished watching Shirobako and am now working on the review. So that is on the way. My procrastination is slightly going away.

What do you guys think? What are some anime confessions that you may have? Leave it down in the comments below!

See you next time!!

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