A Real Fan?

My Shirobako review is in the works, I promise. I’ve just been really busy with work lately and have not had the chance to put my finishing touches on it. It should be out before the end of this week. Hold me to that! Like for real, I’m trying really hard but writer block just kind of hits you really hard sometimes. I also noticed that I have been posting a lot in Random Shenanigans but they are a lot easier for me to write sometimes.

Anyway the review is in the works!

The reason I’m writing to you today is because of a recent conversation I got to have while spending time with some friends of mine. A friend of mine addressed herself as an “anime fan” and let’s just say that is a little questionable.

Otaku wasn’t the word used but I thought this was funny.

Okay so let me explain a little bit. I got really into anime in Jr. High with my best-friend but unfortunately before we got into high school we drifted apart and I don’t really talk to her anymore. My closest friends now, that I met in high school, are in all honesty not really into anime. Don’t get me wrong they have their own obsessions (Video Games, Doctor Who, ect.) but I’m the anime one. We hung out the other night and a girl that we hang out with occasionally came over. She’s into anime and I got to bond with her a little over anime my Senior year. We were in my school’s Anime Club together and I was the Chairman and she was the  Vice-Chairman (I can’t really remember what her title was exactly but it was something like that). Anyway so she came over and we fangirled over shows for a while. One of my close guy friends got into he conversation by mentioning that he had never really watched any anime but he felt like he could get into it. We talked about how there were many different genres of anime and it was not like anime was all the same. I don’t know if he plans on trying to watch any anime but I feel like he got a lot more educated about it. Then another friend of mine butts in and she goes:

“I love anime. My Neighbor Totoro is my favorite.”


Now don’t get me wrong I love Studio Ghibli. Those movies are masterpieces and I love them. They probably helped me come to love animation the way that I do. But does loving Ghibli really make you an anime fan? I mean there are people out there who have watched a Ghibli movie but end up not watching anime. I would not have doubted her but I happen to know her VERY well and the only anime she’s every watched was The Wallflower that we watched in an Anime Club meeting. I don’t know sometimes. I think there are people out there who claim to be huge fans but don’t even know some of the flagship anime. Not to mention as we fangirled over Free! together all she did was make fun of us. Like don’t hate on the Swim Club. Let people fangirl when they want to. It’s our right. 

So what do you guys think? What makes you a true anime fan? Does watching a Ghibli film make you a fan of anime? Have you had any intense conversations about anime lately? Let me know down in the comments below!!

See you next time!!

One thought on “A Real Fan?

  1. Arria Cross July 1, 2015 / 11:39 AM

    Very interesting. I think for people like us who have watched a LOT of anime shows, we don’t consider people who have watched just Studio Ghibli movies and one mainstream anime series to be anime fans. But for them, they already feel that they’re anime fans. I guess it depends on the person. At least your friend is just saying that she’s an anime “fan” and not an anime “expert”. But I think that we shouldn’t focus on this kind of technicalities. The important thing is that we enjoy anime, regardless of our experience level. Good post. Cheers!

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