My Story

Hello again everyone! I wanted to do a little backstory on how I got into anime to help celebrate the 1st Anniversary. I think this will also let you know more about me and how this blog came to be. If you don’t care then skip it. It’s just something that I wanted to put out there. Just to warn you, it’s going to be long. Here we go! As a kid who was born in the late 1990’s, I was automatically exposed to something that affected every kid in my generation: Pokemon. I know what you’re thinking “Pokemon so what?” well I’ll tell you what. I was obsessed with this show as a child. I once convinced a kid at an after school Kids Club to be my Pikachu so I could battle another kid with his “Bulbasaur”. I remember getting a red GameBoy Advanced SP (which was in color by the way) and getting Pokemon LeafGreen as soon as I could. I know for a lot of people this is not seen as a legitimate “first anime” but I still believe it is what sparked my interest with these cartoons from Japan.

I went through Elementary School being that kid who was seen as nerdy and shy because they read all of the time in class, and outside of class. I lived your average life. I also tried to be a little sporty, but eventually stopped after tearing a tendon in my ankle. And I was back to watching a lot of TV and reading Harry Potter. Along with Pokemon I was a huge fan of the Digimon series as a kid. I remember once during the summer before 4th grade, I attended a cooking class at school. My best-friend and I (my partner in crime in all of the Pokemon-Digimon loving madness) had watched our regular 7:30 am episode of Digimon before we left for our class. This happened to be an episode of Digimon Adventure 02 where there is a line about somebody not being a “Happy Little Buffalo”. Well of course we used this line all day while at cooking school and ended up having nearly everyone using this phrase for quite a while. It was probably one of the proudest achievements of my 4th Grade life. My best-friend and I spent nearly every day watching Digimon: The Movie, and to this day it still blows my mind that it is actually three movies combined into one.

The true “awakening” happened a while after that. I actually looked it up and it turns out to be August of 2007. Cartoon Network, who still aired Toonami during the weekends not at midnight, had been holding a Naruto marathon in celebration of the series 100th episode (and release of the 101st episode). Now we were talking all day Naruto from 6am-10pm. School started the week after this so my best friend and I were fitting in as many sleepovers as we could until school started. Unknown to me, my best-friend had been watching Naruto for a very long time and never brought it up to me. She had planned on watching this marathon for a while and I had kind of ruined her plans. So we had our sleepover and eventually I fell asleep, as usual. I woke-up the next morning to an episode of Naruto being on, and started watching it to pass some time until my best-friend woke up. Eventually, I looked over to see that she had woken up as well and had no idea that I was awake too. She immediately offered to change the channel but I was satisfied with what I was watching.

That was how I became addicted. Seeing as how I did not have access to my own computer, I did not get fully obsessed with watching anime for a few years yet. This meant that I was basically watching Naruto as my only source for anime.  Then we discovered Adult Swim. It’s safe to say that Bleach was probably the second anime that I became a huge fan of . Adult Swim at the time basically only showed Code Geass, Bleach, Cowboy Bebop, The Big O, and Inuyasha. There was not a huge selection. We mainly watched Bleach and then went to bed (Because you know we were 11 and didn’t want to stay up too late).

Back in the day I actually did not understand the plot of Code Geass. Well not exactly that I didn’t understand it, but I really didn’t want to. My best friend and my next door neighbor (who was also into anime before I was) were telling me about a boy named Lelouch and a girl named Kallen and I was like “A girl named Collin? No thanks.” But eventually I too got into it and it became my favorite show ever.

Around this time, I also began to get into manga. I would save up all of my money and then go to Borders to buy a whole bunch of manga. They had this neat “Buy 4 get the 5th one free” things going on and I was not going to pass that up. My parents joked that I kept Borders in business for a few years until it closed. I was a lame kid, I know.

Unfortunately, right before high school my best-friend and I had a falling out. Now maybe that’s not the right word, it was really a huge argument over something stupid. We used to be really close but now any time I see her it is just really awkward. I had finally bought my own laptop about then and I really got into the anime scene, and my addiction really started. The downside was that I really did not have anyone to talk about anime and manga to. I think that was really what sparked my interest in starting my own blog to talk about anime, even if no one was listening. I had started a blog a few years ago, but it really did not take off really well. I think I had maybe one post on it and I lost interest. That idea was always with me though.

My senior year of high school, after being pretty quiet about my anime interest, my high school started an Anime Club. I immediately thought about it and two of my friends joined it with me. I also happened to be voted Anime Club Chairman (The equivalent of the President) and in all honesty I do not really know how I got it. I joking asked to be nominated and I ended up winning. My Co-Chairman (My Vice-President) and I still talk about anime with each other whenever we get together and the other club officers and I still stay in touch as well. I was happy to have the club to talk about anime, and it really filled the void that my best-friend had left. But after graduation, I did not have the club any more. What was I going to do then?

The idea of a blog came back to me about two months after my graduation. It was actually the announcement about the Ao Haru Ride anime that started it. (It’s the topic of my first blog for a reason.) I needed to vent about how I felt about it somehow, and the blog idea resurfaced. I love to write and decided that even if no one would read it, I would continue to use the blog as a way to express my opinion. Because I love doing that. I still fight with writer’s block a lot, but I always come back to the blog. It is very special to me in a way that I cannot really describe.

So that’s what got me to this point. It’s how I got to become a blogger about something that I love, and how I got into anime in the first place. I actually finished this a whole lot sooner than I thought I would (I have been working on it for quite a while though) but in all honesty I’m pretty happy with it.

I hope you all enjoyed this walk down memory lane and stay with me throughout this exciting month!!

So what about you guys? How did you get into anime? Do you have any memorable moments about when you first watched an anime? Did you keep Borders in business too? Let me know down in the comments below!!

See you next time!!


One thought on “My Story

  1. Jamie July 8, 2015 / 10:30 AM

    Its so neat hearing how other people got into anime! I’m looking forward to your other celebratory posts!

    Liked by 1 person

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