Akatsuki no Yona Review

Welcome back to Day 3 of Anniversary Review Week! I really do hope that you guys are enjoying this week of reviews. I’m getting to reminisce a lot about the first time that I watched these shows, and how much I loved them while watching them for the first time.

The show that I am reviewing today is actually the newest show out of the eight. A lot of the shows are shows that I have found over the years, but this one ended only a few months ago. I thought that this show earned a spot because I enjoyed watching it from week to week.

So without further adieu….here is my 13th Anime Review and Day 3 of Anniversary Review Week!! The newest show out of the eight: Akatsuki no Yona.

So, like I just mentioned, Akatsuki no Yona is a very recent anime that wrapped up in March of 2015. The show started in October of 2014 as part of the Fall Anime Season and continued on into the Winter Anime Season. The show has 25 episodes and has only one season, so far. I would be surprised if this show is not granted a second season in the next year. The show’s title translates to Yona of the Dawn so it is sometimes called that as well.

Akatsuki no Yona is about young Princess Yona who lives a carefree life in the Kingdom of Kouka. Kouka is divided up into five tribes: Wind, Fire, Earth, Water, and Sky. The Sky tribe is the ruling family that Yona is a part of. The other four have designated land that surrounds the Capital. Yona’s father, King IL is known as a pacifist who hates weapons and war. On the day of Yona’s 16th birthday, a large party is thrown at the palace with many close friends of Yona attending. Including Soo-won, Yona’s cousin and her childhood crush. The evening of the party, Yona visits her father in hope to tell him of her strong love for Soo-won. Upon entering his room Yona finds Soo-won stabbing and fatally killing her father thus making himself the new King of Kouka. With the help of her other childhood friend, Hak, Yona is taken away from the castle with soldiers close on their trail for most of the journey. After finally getting away (a plot point I don’t want to really spoil), Hak and Yona come across a priest who tells them that Yona is the reincarnation of Kouka’s first king, Hiryu. He also tells them of the four dragons who helped to protect the king and for Yona to keep on surviving she must find the reincarnated dragons. The story then follows as Yona and Hak go on to search for the dragons and save the Kingdom of Kouka.

Yona as a main character was pretty amazing. She did not start off that way though. When she first appeared, she was a very spoiled princess who did not have a real depth to her character. However, after the death of her father she had already developed a little more character. Even more so after she began her journey with Hak to save the Kingdom of Kouka. By the end of the series she was almost an entirely different person than when the story began. She goes through so much character development in just twenty-five episodes and that was amazing to watch. I hate to go all feminist on you guys (so skip this if you want) but there are not a lot of strong female characters out there right now. There are some but you really have to look for them. It was nice to see Yona develop into such a strong lead. I loved her.

On to Hak….oh how much I loved Hak’s character. Sure he’s your typical childhood friend character, but he also kicks some butt. He’s a very strong fighter who was very devoted to Yona’s father, and wanted nothing more than for Yona to be happy. After King IL died, he devoted himself to saving Yona and protecting her for the rest of his life. It is what fuels most of his character but it is what makes Hak great. His skills as a fighter has also given him the title as Head of the Wind tribe. I know it may sound like Hak was a simple character, but he was very interesting. He was funny, serious, and his fight scenes were pretty cool. He is a very driven character and was fun to watch. Him and Yona played off one another very well and I like their chemistry.

I had planned on talking about Yun, a boy they meet on their journey and the Legendary Dragons but then I realized that finding each one of these other characters really took up a lot of the plot of the show. It was mostly focusing on Yona and Hak going out and searching for the Dragons. So I just felt that if I talked about them I would ruin the plot of the show. I’m not trying to dodge talking about them, I really want to, but on the other hand I do want you to go and watch the show so I’m not going to ruin it for you. I can tell you that Yun and the four dragons are very good characters who are each very unique and struggle with their own issues. They are strong characters that help make the show what it is, amazing. I would talk about Suu-won but in all honestly I do not know how to describe him at all. You have to watch it to even try and understand him.

The soundtrack for Akatsuki no Yona is beautiful. The openings are catchy (even though he first one is entirely instrumental) and the endings are equally amazing. They are just beautiful to listen to. Not to fancy but not too simple either. They all made it onto my iPod and I never got tired of them even while watching the show. The animation was also simply…..beautiful. It was done by studio Pierrot who really did an amazing job. The scenes were pretty and even the fight scenes were well done. It was all sparkly and bright and just impressive to see.

Overall, Akatsuki no Yona was an amazing show that was just plan beautiful to watch. The only downside that I see in the show is with its ending. I will not be too specific as to what happens, but let me just say that it kind of just….stops. That’s why I hope there will be another season. I just did not feel that it really came to a satisfying end. But that’s the only problem that I find with the show. The rest of it was so well done, in my opinion, that it made up for the ending.

So, in the end, I award Akatsuki no Yona with an A. The animation was beautiful, the characters were all very well done. Although the history is not a part of the world’s actual history, I do like anime with historical settings. The setting that the story set up was very interesting and fun to watch at the same time. Every aspect of that show (well except the ending) was very well done and I enjoyed it. It is one of my favorite anime’s that has come out in the past year. I highly expect it!! Go, watch it. Now!!

Well that is all I have for Day 3 of Anniversary Review Week!! What do you guys think? What are your opinions of Akatsuki no Yona? Did you enjoy it? How do you feel about it? Let me know down in the comments below!! And as always, if you have an anime that you would like me to review leave that down in the comments below!!

See you next time!!


One thought on “Akatsuki no Yona Review

  1. Jamie July 17, 2015 / 10:29 AM

    Wow, another glowing review for Yona, I just have to watch this soon! It sounds like Yona is a great female character; I love it when characters get to really grow throughout their story! I *have* heard the soundtrack, though, and its beautiful! I especially love the first opening! 🙂


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