2015 Summer Anime

Hello my wonderful friends! It is yet again that time for me to share with all of you the shows that I am watching from week to week. The Summer Anime seasons always tends to be my favorite season of the year. Maybe because I have more time to watch these shows….maybe. Anyway, I have actually picked up quite a few shows this time. I’ve actually been balancing them pretty well so far so I’m really excited about watching them. Most of them are new shows that are in their first season of airing and one of them is a sequel. As I always mention, there are also a few shows that I am watching that continue on through all of the seasons and I will not be mentioning those.

Here is my Summer 2015 Anime Lineup:

This picture makes me sad because it is the ocean and it is like 1000 degrees where I live. I wish I was there.
This picture makes me sad because it is the ocean and it is like 1000 degrees where I live. I wish I was there.

Okay, I just want to say that if for some reason this blog looks a little off my computer is acting a little strange. I just wanted to put that out there. Moving on!!

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

  • This anime is one that I am actually really excited about. It is based on a manga that I have been following for quite some time. I always thought that it would be nice if it got an anime adaption but it never got one. Until now. I love the characters from this story and cannot wait to see how the anime handles the plot in the manga. I really cannot wait to see how it goes. I am super excited.

Aoharu x Kikanjuu

  • When I first heard the plot of this show I was like: “A girl who looks like a boy? A host? Reminds me of Ouran High School Host Club. I’ll watch it!” That is really what attracted me to the show in the first place. But after the first episode I saw that it was COMPLETELY different from Ouran. The show is funny and cute and I cannot wait to see where it goes. There is a manga but I am staying away from that because I want to be surprised to see what happens. It seems promising.


  • I got interested in this show because I always find it interesting when a story involves a group of kids with special powers. I like the shows take on this though because there is an entire school devoted to protecting these kids from becoming experiments for the government. And I mean, let’s be real for a minute. If there were people with hidden powers like in this story, the government would definitely be running tests on them. The show is funny and I really laughed out loud a few times. I also like it because although the character have powers, none of them are perfect. I am really looking forward to this show.

Classroom Crisis

  • I like mech shows and that is probably what really attracted me to the show. I thought it was about mechs but I was wrong. The show does not really focus on mechs and is more of a classroom comedy. It is about a smart group of kids who basically spend a whole bunch of money trying to build this racer, plane, thing. I do not know how exactly to describe it but I like it. We will have to see where the show goes from here. It is another show that I know nothing about going into it and that also played a part in it appealing to me. 

Durarara!!! x2 Ten

  • This show!! I am so excited for it! It is the one sequel that I am watching this season and is probably the one that I am looking the most forward to. It is the second part of the second season of the show and the first part left us on a terrible cliffhanger. There is a third part coming that I hope continues this shows wonderful story. I love the plot and the characters and cannot wait to see what happens next.

Well there are all of the shows that I am watching for the Summer 2015 Anime Season. I sometimes to pick up a few extra shows as the season goes on so if that does happen I will let you know in the Wrap-Up at the end!! Make sure you are on the look out for the mini-reviews for every show I watched this season when the Wrap-Up comes out. 

So what are you guys watching this season? What shows are you looking the most forward to? Are there any shows that you think I should check out? Let me know down in the comments below!!

See you next time!!

One thought on “2015 Summer Anime

  1. Jamie July 19, 2015 / 12:01 AM

    Wonderful post! I’m so happy you’ve finally gotten an anime adaption of Akagami no Shirayuki-hime; I would be so excited if a manga I loved was adapted! I’ve not read the manga, but I’ve liked what I’ve seen from the anime, and am excited to see more! The animation is beautiful and the characters are very likable!

    Aoharu x Kikanjuu IS SO FUN. I love it! The first episode reminded me of Ouran, but I like that it’s really just the same plot bones, with a completely different story!

    And Charlotte is very high on my list of must-watch; it’s beautiful, I love the superpowers, I love the kids (the little sister is so adorable!)–I can’t wait for more.

    And I so wish I was caught up on Durarara, that show looks awesome! 🙂

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