Kimi ni Todoke Review

Well my friends it is official. The blog has been around for an entire year TODAY!! I’m releasing another post today just as a little blurb about this first year. Right now is time for Day 5 of Anniversary Review Week!! Since today is the 1st Anniversary I wanted to do a show that, for me, is above and beyond other shows like it. It is probably my favorite romance anime of all time and a show that I have followed for a very long time. 

Here is my 15th Anime Review and Day 5 of Anniversary Review Week. A review of a show that is near and dear to my heart: Kimi ni Todoke.

Kimi ni Todoke premiered back in October of 2009 and lasted for a total of 25 episodes, until it ended in March of 2010. It was so popular among viewers that it was given a second season that aired in January of 2011 until March of 2011. The second season lasted for 13 episodes and was also very well received by its viewers.

The plot centers around 1st Year Sawako Kuronuma who was dubbed “Sadako” by her classmates because she resembles the character from The Ring. (You know the one. She crawls out of the TV. Yeah. Moving on.) There are rumors around her school saying that she curses people and can see ghosts. Because of this she does not have many friends. Then one day the very popular Shouta Kazehaya starts talking to her and her entire world changes. The rest of the show centers around Sawako openings up to more people and showing the relationship between her and Shouta grow.

Sawako Kuronuma has a place as one of my favorite characters of all time. She is absolutely adorable and you cannot help but love her. All she wants is for people to like her so she is willing to do anything for everybody. Even learning about ghosts when the rumors start. She goes through a lot over the course of the show and really blossoms into a wonderful lead. Sawako shows that not every is popular and nothing is wrong with that. She is sweet and kind and if she were real I would totally want to be her friend. Her relationship with Kazehaya is adorable and the chemistry that the two of them have when they are on-screen is nice to watch. I love her as a main character.

Shouta Kazehaya is also a character that I like very much. Although he is popular, he has his own problems that he has to deal with. There are other shows when a popular guy falls in love with a popular girl, but this one is different. Shouta treats everyone nicely and does not like being call popular. He started talking to Sawako because he is a nice person. He did not do it because someone told him to or he was dared, he did it because he wanted to. And I love that! He is such a wonderful person and like I said before I love him and Sawako together. Another thing is that he is not perfect and he is not trying to be. He has problems of his own that he deals with. I love his character.

The other three major characters, Akane, Chizuru, and Ryu, all add to the beautiful story. The group of five that the story centers around play off of each other very nicely and also have a uniqueness to each of them. The five of them remind me a lot of my friends and I because of the way that they act. They all care about each other very much and are there for one another. Even Ryu who only pays attention half of the time. They do not fight or get mad at one another unless it is something very important and they really value honesty between each other. It is nice to see such pure friendships in a show.

There are many other side characters that I could talk about, but I even had to narrow down Akane, Chizuru, and Ryu because I did not want this to be terribly long. The other characters may only appear a few times during the series but they are still fun to watch. Except Kurumi. I could have done without her. She just annoyed me. Despite that, I love the characters of this show and I really think they help to make the show what it is.

The soundtrack for this show is simple and beautiful and matches the show perfectly. The openings both earned a spot onto my iPod and they are nice to listen to. I also liked the version that the voice cast did of one of the openings. I like it when the voice actors sing the openings and it really was enjoyable for me. The animation is not too over the top and it does not have to be. There are no fight scenes so the show does just what it is meant to do. It is simple and pretty to watch. It is just what it needs to be. I loved it.

Overall, the beauty of this show and its characters make it one of my favorite romances of all time. The theme that it has for its viewers is wonderful. It shows us that not everyone is popular and you do not have to be. If you have friends who care about you that is really all you need. I also really liked the relationship between Sawako and Shouta. Their relationship took a while to develop but it was definitely worth the wait. I have followed this story as a manga and still love it very much. It is just adorable to me and will forever hold a spot as one of my favorite anime.

In the end I award Kimi ni Todoke with an A. I really do like everything about this show and can watch it over and over. I recommend it to anyone who is into romantic comedies and slice of life shows. Go watch it!! I highly recommend it!! I have yet to find a romantic comedy that tops this one in all aspects. I’m not saying that it is perfect, but to me it is pretty close to it.

Well that is all that I have for Day 5 of Anniversary Review Week!! What do you guys think? What is your opinion of the show? Is there another show that this one reminds you of? Leave it down in the comments below!! And as always, if there is a show that you would like me to review then leave that down in the comments below!!

See you next time!!


2 thoughts on “Kimi ni Todoke Review

  1. LitaKino July 21, 2015 / 7:43 PM

    This is a really good review I love from me to you sooo good XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Arria Cross July 19, 2015 / 11:21 AM

    Happy anniversary. “Kimi ni Todoke” is one of my favourite shoujo series. Although I prefer the manga than the anime, I really enjoyed the anime, especially since some of my favourite seiyuu voice the characters.

    Liked by 1 person

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