Princesses In Mecha

Hi again everyone!! So I was sitting there the other day while finishing up my Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Review and I was reminded of how much the character of Euphemia bothered me. For a lot of people I know who have watched the show, Euphemia was one of their favorite characters. But for me she was not. I discussed this a little bit in my Confession Time blog as well. I actually spent a lot of time thinking about why it was that I did not like Euphemia as a character, and I realized tat maybe it was not just specifically her that I did not like. So this time I am going to discuss a type of character that usually ends up getting on my nerves when I am watching a show. This time I’m going to rant about….

Princesses in Mechas

Princess Blo

I choose these three Princess characters because they are the three that I felt that I could discuss the best. They are the three characters who’s shows I have watched all the way through and are some of my favorite shows of all time. In a few cases theses are one of the few things that I actually did not like about the show. I will talk about them a little bit, but I promise I will not rant for too long. Anyway, let’s get started!

Euphemia li Britannia

My best-friend used to tell me that the reason I did not like Euphemia was because she was a love interest for Suzaku, and my favorite character in the show was Suzaku. I am not denying this in any way, that may have been a part of it. However I can say that she also bothered me for a major reason. When she decided to create the Special Administrated Zone of Japan she thought the Japanese would be all for it. Sure this gave them the right to be called Japanese again, but it think that she also had to understand that they were being offered this by the Princess of the country who took them over. I know that I would not have been standing in line for this. Sure Euphemia did not have a hidden agenda but the people around her did. It was the fact that she was so optimistic about the Japanese listening to her that really struck a nerve with me. Like really? You think this is going to go well? I do not think she should have met the end that she did, but I do believe that she was too optimistic about something very serious. 

Marina Ismail

Along with Code GeassGundam 00 is one of my favorite mech shows in the whole world. But again, one of the characters that I hated the most was none other than Marina Ismail, the princess of one of the countries in the universe. She spent a lot of the first season trying to get other countries to send aid to her home of Azadistan, but then she did something that really bothered me. So I don’t know how many of you have ever watched Gundam 00 but the main character, Setsuna F. Seiei, is really devoted to Gundam. Like REALLY devoted. He goes around saying “I am Gundam” and stuff like that. But that’s all he really knows. Then Marina comes along and when she finds out that Setsuna is a Gundam Mesiter she’s like “No. What you’re doing is wrong. You need to stop.” But for Setsuna that is all he really knows. She did not try to understand his way of thinking, and that is why she bothered me. I also did not see her character as necessary because the series already had enough characters. If they needed someone who could motivate him to change a little bit, they could have chosen one of the other thirty characters to do it. She did not really help anything with the series and I, personally, did not like her very much. I usually skipped when she was on-screen. Or didn’t really pay attention.

Asseylum vers Allusia

Okay so out of the three of them, Asseylum is the one that I can stand the most. Aldnoah.Zero is one of my top anime that has been released in the past year, and I really enjoyed it. But it did have that one thing that I don’t like in mecha anime, the princess character. The one thing that I do have to say for Asseylum is that she did go to earth and experience the other side of the war. I know what you’re thinking “Euphie snuck-out and did that too!” but Euphie’s was only for a short period of time. There were people from Asseylum’s home planet try to kill her and there were people on earth who were trying to kill her too. However, she did get to experience both side of the war and during the first part of the season, but after some stuff went down at the end….I was not as fond of her anymore. In the second season she was pretty much useless for the first half and then had no idea what was going on in the second half. Like what? It was going so well! She wanted there to be peace like the other two princess did, but at least she really had the chance to really see what she would be going up against.

So there is my rant for the day. I usually try to give every character a chance, but every time I am watching a mecha show and a princess shows up I sigh a little bit. I mean in a sense, sure they could be necessary but I was just never really fond of them. I could do without. Sure! There are some really driven ones out there with good intentions, but sometimes what they wish for just is not possible. Or is something that I, as a viewer, just don’t agree with! This is the one kind of character that I just cannot stand.

That’s all I have for this little rand session. What do you guys think? Is there a specific character type that you hate to see on-screen? What kind is that? Let me know down in the comments below!!

See you next time!!


5 thoughts on “Princesses In Mecha

  1. LitaKino August 1, 2015 / 7:06 PM

    This was a very interesting post and read !! 😀 I love reading things like this inspires me come up with different posts like this 🙂 I agree Euphemia did not deserve the ending that she had I remember that part just shocked me a lot >.<. I haven't seen gundam 00 yet but I intend to same for aldnoah .zero 🙂

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