Sket Dance Review

Hello again everyone!! I realize that I keep telling you that everything is starting to calm down for me but I every time that I say that it seems like things get all crazy again. But overall things really have calmed down. I think I keep telling you all this as a way to tell myself that it has calmed down. To assure myself…….let’s move on from that.

So I am back with my 21st Anime Review. I am sorry. All I can think about is the vine with the kid who is asked “What’s nine plus ten?” and he goes “Twenty-one”. I am sorry. I need a moment. I will be right back.

Okay. I am back. I think I am okay now. I found that way too funny for some reason. Anyway, so yes I am back with my 21st Anime Review and my 14th review of the year. Yeah..I checked. But anyway, the review that I am doing today is for a show that I absolutely loved. It was so witty but also could be serious when it needed to be serious. I loved watching it while it was airing. After it was over I missed it a lot and I went on to read the manga, which has also ended.

So here is my 21st Anime Review for a show that made me laugh until I cried, and cry when it was serious. One of my favorite comedy anime: Sket Dance

So Sket Dance started to air back in April of 2011 as part of the Spring 2011 Anime Season. The show went on to air for just about a year and a half before it ended in September of 2012. The show’s original run lasted for 77 episodes (weird number, right?), and 1 OVA episode was released in February of 2013. That brings Sket Dance to a total of 78 episodes.

The plot of Sket Dance surrounds the adventures of the Kaimei High School campus support club, known as the Sket Dan. They live by the acronym SKET (Support, Kindness, Encouragement, and Troubleshoot. This three member club is dedicated to helping anyone and Kaimei and helping to solve any problems they may have. However, the club does not get a lot of work and they usually work as handymen doing some very…..interesting tasks. Their cases can involve anything from silly jobs like chasing monkeys or helping a wanna-be samurai, or more serious tasks like dealing with the past of one of the members. It also follow a “character of the day” plot where there is a different character that comes to the Sket Dan looking for help with some problem they may have. These little stories can be either one or more episodes long, but usually never exceeding five. The plot also covers the rivalry between the Sket Dan and the Kaimei Student Council. It is a very interesting rivalry and helped the plot of the show.

Moving on to the characters. The team leader is Yusuke Fujisaki or as he is better known as “Bossun”. He is a very eccentric and artistic person who lives for the adventure that their tasks give them. He has the ability of “super concentration” when he puts his goggles on. When he uses his ability he can do anything. It would be a nice ability to have. I like Bossun’s character because he always goes above and beyond to help the people around him. He was essential to helping both Himeko and Switch deal with their own personal problems. I think that makes him a good leader for the Sket Dan. Something else that I like about Bossun is that he has dealt with his own problems. He has his own problems that he has to overcome. Some take place in flashback while others take place during the course of the show. Somehow he still maintains his sense of humor and uses his experience to help other people get through whatever their problem is, big or small. All of this makes him one of my favorite male leads.

The next character is the only female member of the Sket Dan Hime Onizuka, who also goes by the nichname “Himeko”. Despite being the one girl in the Sket Dan, she is the muscle of the group. She moved to Tokyo from Osaka and used to live her life as a delinquent. She was so well-known for her delinquent activities that she was known as Onihime. After befriending Bossun, Himeko overcame her delinquency and decided to help him join the Sket Dan. Her past does resurface a few times over the course of the show but she works hard to overcome her problems. She fits in with the two boys very well and gives them a run for their money. Himeko is a lover of cute things, but will not hold back when fighting someone. She works hard to help people like how Bossun helped her. Her relationship with Bossun is also entertaining because they are both hilarious characters who help to make the show the comedy that it is.

The final character I will talk about is the third member of the Sket Dan, Kazuyoshi Usui. Like the other two members he has a nickname as well which is “Switch”. Also like the other two, Switch has gone through a lot in his life. Mostly within a year or two of when the show started. I will not dwell on that too much because it is an important part in the show, but I will say that Switch does not talk. He communicates using his laptop computer that has a cool program that says whatever he types into it. Despite not really physically talking, Switch adds to the comedy with his silliness. He is very devoted to the Sket Dan and it is one of the few things that he focuses on in life, not really caring about anyone else. He is always there when Bossun or Himeko need him and he relies on them as well. I thought that Switch, Bossun, and Himeko were a good team, and loved the chemistry that was present between the two of them.

Other characters include the Sket Dan’s rivals, the Kaimei High School Student Council, who I would love to discuss further but we would be her for……a while. I love the five of them as well. They are so serious on the outside, but in all actually they were all as equally as ridiculous as the members of the Sket Dan. Some others are members of the characters families, some Kaimei teachers, and of course the MANY characters the Sket Dan comes to help over the course of the show. There were quite a bit of them and the nice thing was that these characters often appeared even after their problems were solved. Some were event return costumers for the Sket Dan. I loved the weird antics these side characters throw the Sket Dan into. It was hilarious.

Okay the soundtrack for Sket Dance is one of my favorite soundtracks out of any anime I have ever watched. I say this because all of the openings and endings fit the show very well. They were all fast and upbeat which is just like the feeling that the show gave off. They were catchy and a lot of this shows soundtrack made its way onto my iPod. A lot of the openings and endings were sung by the same groups, The Sketchbook, and I really like when a group does multiple openings for a long show. It kind of keeps connecting it in a way. It does to me anyway. Even if you do not like the show, I suggest listening to some of these openings and endings. I really liked them. The animation was done by Tatsunoko Productions which is a studio that, upon further inspection, did a lot of shows that I have never heard of before. They did a very good job with Sket Dance though. The animation was flawless and the colors were bright and really helped to keep the energy of the show up. It was very well done.

Something else that I really liked about this show was how it often discussed other anime and manga in the story. Sometimes the titles were changed a little but it is usually pretty obvious when they are making a Naruto or Dragon Ball reference. It adds a little bit of real life into this fictional show. They also did a cross over episode (technically it was two) with the anime Gintama, which I also really like because of its comedy. It was funny to see the Gintama characters in a different show. It make me want to see crossover shows more often. I thought it was so cool that two of my favorite comedy anime had a crossover together.

In the end, I award Sket Dance with an A. I love the characters in this show, they have some of the best group chemistry I have ever seen. The premise of the show also had a nice meaning to it, to help other people, and it was nice to see such a positive topic be promoted. The rivalry with the Student Council also added a nice background plot to the show, and I also loved the interactions between the two groups. If I had to choose an anime high school to attend, Kaimei would be one of my top choices. Interacting with these characters would be so much fun. The comedy and the drama in the show went so well together that it made a perfect balance. It was perfect. To me anyway.

And that my friends is all that I have for this time!! What do all of you think? Do you like shows with nice themes and story lines? What anime high school would you want to attend? Do you wish there were more crossover anime episode? Let me know down in the comments bellow!! And as always, if there is a show, movie, OVA, or anything else that you would like me to review leave it down in the comments below!!

See you next time!!

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