What I Have Learned in 100 Posts

Hello everyone!! I come to you today with a little bit of knowledge that I have learned in the past 100 posts (technically 101, or 102 if you actually count this one). I see this as quite the milestone because 100 posts is…quite a lot of posts. To me at least. Because your blog can be around for….well…for either a short amount of time or a long amount of time when you reach 100 posts. I have reached this milestone at just over 1 year and 3 months since the blogs creation.

100 Posts

So why not share with all of you some knowledge that I have learned in 100 posts. Maybe it will help all of you in some way. Maybe it will not. I do know really know. I hope it helps my fellow writers out there, or maybe encourage some of you to start writing more. Either way I am going to attempt to get all inspirational. Let’s do this!!

1. Giving up can only be an option after you have at least tried.

I feel like a part of blogging is making it over the hill of wanting to stop because things are not going the way we want them to. I know this feeling. I went through it after the blog had been around for three months or so. I reached the point where I only had about ten followers and to me that was a little discouraging.  I was in the dumps about it and was honestly ready to delete the blog entirely. However, I took a moment or two after that to kind of reflect on the blog and what I was doing. And in all honesty it was me not really putting myself out there and trying to follow other blogs or comment on comments you guys leave. I then tried to branch out more and followed more blogs and started commenting on things on my own. Eventually I started to get more people to follow me. I am happy to have every subscriber that I have. I feel like we are all a part of this happy internet family. Is that weird? Nah….I feel like if I had stopped without trying to put myself out there then what good would my time spent on the blog have been. If things are going wrong and you try to fix it but it still will no work out than that is understandable. You did your best. I commend you for that. But always try. You might be surprised if things start to change for you.

2. Writer’s Block is going to happen, deal with it.

This is something that is nearly impossible to avoid. No matter how hard anyone tries you will get this at some point and it is going to stick. I seriously get it so bad sometimes that at time I have so many drafts just sitting in my draft folder waiting to be finished but I just cannot form anything in my mind to write. The good thing is that it will eventually come to an end. I have tried a few methods myself to try to get through writer’s block.
1. Put the computer down and go do something else. Go get a soda and watch some TV. Eat a snack. Or you know what….go outside and get some fresh air. I have also found that cleaning helps but that is usually my last resort.
2. Watch some anime. As an anime blogger when I run out of stuff to write I turn back to the subject I love to write about. Going back to your inspiration (if you can) can really help.
3. Take a nap. Because naps are wonderful. They help with everything.
4. If you have an idea for something else maybe move on to that for a while. Writing about something that I feel I can actually write about always makes me feel like I can write something. That reassurance helps when I go back to what I was originally writing about.
5. Go to YouTube and just watch some videos. When I’m stumped watching SourceFed, Glass Reflection, or danisnotonfire (to name a few) can really help me laugh and keep my mind off of things.
6. I you have run out of blog ideas maybe look around at other blogs and see what they all have going on. I do not mean flat-out steal their ideas but may be one of them can help you come up with your own idea.
Going through writer’s block is just one of the things that we as writers have to deal with. No, you are not being cursed because you did something wrong. There is no problem in your writing ability, it is just sometimes our brains just run out of what to say. It will come to an end eventually. I promise.

3. We Are Not perfect and your blog may not be either.

All I am trying to say here is that if you want things to be absolutely perfect you may wear yourself out after a while worrying about it. I have the habit of going back to old posts and just reading them for fun. Most of the time I find a typo, or weird word thrown into the mix and at first I tried to fix it. Then I realized that if that post has been sitting there for a month and no one cared that I put “know” instead of “now” it is not a big deal. I am not perfect, and I do not try to be. I proof read and try to make it perfect but I still miss things. So do not fret if some things did not line-up properly or a picture did not fit exactly the way that you wanted it to. It is okay. I will still read it even if some extra letters are thrown into words. Do not judge people for stuff like that. Look more at what they are trying to say, or make sure what you want to put out there is being put out there properly. That is what is important.

4. Not everyone is going to agree with you.

Not every comment you get is going to be a good one, and not every post you read will share the same opinions you do. Part of life is getting criticized. It sucks but it is what helps us grow. So if someone does comments that they did not like something you really liked or add something you may have forgotten do not delete it. I have a rule that every comment gets approved except for spam comments. There was one case where there was a comment on my post and I honestly had no idea what the person was actually trying to say. It was just a bunch of words that did not form any kind of sentence left in a comment. That was the ONLY non-spam comment I ever unapproved. Added to that, if you read a post and completely disagree with it that does not mean it is a bad post by any means. I come across posts where they have a different opinion of an anime that I reviewed and I love to read those!! Seeing how each person interprets the same show is very interesting to me. I do not come to dislike that person who posted it because they disagreed with me. That difference is what makes all of us unique. So do not put something down just because you may not agree with it. Use it to grow.

5. Love what you do. It is what makes it worth doing.

This is my one cheesy one because I am just a cheesy person. If you do not love what you do then maybe reevaluate it. I love anime and I love to write so that is what makes me love to write about anime. I love every aspect of doing this stuff. The ability to write about what I feel and how I interpret things makes this what I love to do. I also love being a part of this blogging community. I feel like we really are just a big family on here. The interactions that we have, although I will admit I would love to interact more, are always fun. When a lot of people share a love for doing the same thing it helps to encourage each one of them to continue doing what they do. To know that you have people behind you is something wonderful. Loving what you do just makes doing it so much easier.

And that is just a few things that I learned while I wrote the last 100 posts. I think I wrote this because I was just super excited about reaching that milestone. I was proud of myself because there really were times when I did not make it this far. I feel like I have been writing a lot of these weird encouraging posts lately so this will be my last one for a while, I promise. I hope that maybe this has helped you a little or maybe you were just like “I know Ka-chan I’ve been through this already”. Either way I just want to thank all of you for being a part of this journey with me and I hope you stick with me for whatever happens next. I hope you enjoyed all of this. Let me know some things you have learned as well!! Or maybe what you guys do when you are stumped and have writer’s block. Leave that and anything else down in the comments below!!

See you next time!!


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