NaBloPoMo Day 24: Best Long Manga Series

Hi guys!! Luckily today’s answer is another one of those that actually came to me pretty easily. The answer for today is not only the best long manga in my opinion, but is also one of my favorite manga and one of my favorite anime ever. Sure it kind of suffers from “Long Running Manga Syndrome” were the story feels kind of forced at this point, but I still love this story and part of me never wants it to end. 

So let’s get to NaBloPoMo Day 24, the best long manga in my opinion is…..

Fairy Tail


In my opinion “Fairy Tail” is the best long manga. It has released at least 463 chapters (that is not counting all of the extra chapters or other manga that are spin offs). Sure there are times when I have thought that maybe it would have been better if it had ended a while ago, but at the same time I feel like we have not yet had a good ending moment. Even when a major arc ended, there were still issues that needed to be solved (ex. they still have not beaten Zeref). Along with that, this is the on manga that I have been reading for a long time that I have never stopped reading for a certain amount of time. I have taken breaks from both “Bleach” and “Naruto” because it just did not feel like the story was really going anywhere. I have not (yet) found myself not waiting for the next chapter to come out because I was tired of it. I am so excited every time a new chapter is released and I love it. I love the characters in “Fairy Tail” and the world that Hiro Mashima has created for us. When it ends I will truly be a little upset. I just think that, in my opinion, this manga has done very well as a long running manga.

That is all that I am going to say for NaBloPoMo Day 24!! What do you guys think? What long running manga do you think is the best? What do you think makes a manga considered a “long running manga”? I’m just curious. Why do you think that the manga has lasted for so long? Let me know down in the comments below!!

Have you missed any of the answers so far? Here is the link to the post that has links to all of the days so you can catch up:  NaBloPoMo: 30 Day Manga Challenge

See you tomorrow!!


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