Top 5 Male Leads of 2015

Hello guys!! Today’s Top 5 list brings us to the leading guys who make some of our hearts swoon or kick some serious butt! They are the ones that we get to spend a lot of time with and grow to love, or hate I guess. This list was a little hard for me to make, and I ended up having to not allow a lot of shows on this list because otherwise it would have just been a list filled with characters from two different shows. The characters that I picked today are my favorite males leads from the whole year, and I will tell you why I liked them so much. Today I bring you my Top 5 Male Leads of 2015!!

2015 Male Leads Cover

5. Rinne Rokudo – Kyoukai no Rinne

  • I thought that Kyoukai no Rinne was actually a really fun show to watch, although it did lose me  a little towards the end because not a whole lot of things were happening. One thing that I loved was our main male character, Rinne. He has had it rough for the past few years of his life. I could not help but feel for the guy as he really struggled with everything going on in his life. He also got a few extra points for being a fellow redhead!

4. Mikado Ryugamine – Durarara!! x2 Shou & Durarara!! x2 Ten

  • Part of me really debated with putting Mikado on here because he is a lead who was part of a second season currently airing. However, I could not help but put him on this list. I loved him in the first season and in this second season he has not failed to impress. He has changed so much as a person in such a short amount of time and I could not help but wonder what he was going to do next. There were times when I was like “Mikado, why?” but he has his reasons and he is going to keep doing them. I love the Mikado I get to see in this show, even if he is a little different than he was before.

3. Yato – Noragami Aragoto

  • I cannot help but love Yato as a male lead. He can be annoying at time but in all honestly that hardly bothers me at all. Noragami is one of my favorite anime out there and Yato is part of the reason why. He has changed so much as a person in the course of the series, and I cannot help but support him in whatever he does. It would not be Noragami without him. He kicks some butt too, which is amazing to watch. He is more than just an annoying wanna-be god. Sure he can be immature at times, but if you knew how he got to where he is in the show you would see why he acts that way. 

2. Son Hak – Akatsuki no Yona

  • I loved Hak as a male lead. He served a very supportive role in the show, and by that I do not mean like a background supporting character. He was always there to support the shows female lead, Yona, when she needed it. Hak was also a character who really kicked some butt while he was on screen. If I was ever in a fight I would want him to be on my team. His personality is also very good and he is a very genuine and devoted person. I loved Hak and he was one of the things that made me love Akatsuki no Yona so much.

1. Zen Wistaria – Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

  • And number one Prince Zen!! Let me just say that I absolutely LOVE Zen as a character! Like LOVE him! He really is a prince charming, knight in shining armor but there is more to them than that. He is also kind to the people around him, even the servants, and the whole country adores him. Zen also let’s Shirayuki, his main love interest, do what she wants to do and live her own life. He does not try to control her and I think that is amazing. The fact that he is a prince has had both a positive and a negative affect on his life, and he has struggled with serious problems of his own. Not to mention he can also kick some butt if he needs to. I seriously love him and cannot wait to see him in season 2 of Akagami no Shirayuki-hime. He was also a part of what made me enjoy the show so much.

2015 Male Leads Insert

Those are my five favorite male leads of the year. Trust me it was a hard decision for me to make. Make sure you stayed tuned later today when I release another Top 5 that involves something very similar to this one. For now, what do you guys think? What male lead was your favorite? Why did you like them so much? Let me know down in the comments below!!

Note: Several series are excluded from these lists. Exceptions include any shows that aired in 2015 that I went back later and watched after they finished airing (ex. Sound Euphonium), a show that I watched and have not yet finished (ex. Kekkai Sensen), or a series that has been airing for a long time (ex. Fairy Tail & Diamond no Ace). So if there is a show that does not appear on this list that is because I only included series that I watched from beginning to end as they aired in 2015. It made narrowing it down a little bit easier.

Additional Note: I have excluded characters from Kuroko’s Basketball and Haikyuu! from this list because in all honestly if I did that this list would just be full of characters from those shows. Just add the whole cast of those shows in as well.


7 thoughts on “Top 5 Male Leads of 2015

    • Ka-chan December 31, 2015 / 11:15 AM

      Lol. Yeah I thought it wouldn’t be fair because the list would just be full of those characters. I had to set myself some ground rules. Lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Alex December 31, 2015 / 5:19 AM

    Haha liked that last paragraph. All the characters in KnB and Haikyuu! are amazing sweethearts. Loved this post, you covered most of my favourite characters! If I had to choose, I would choose Yato, Waver (from the Fate series) and Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul). Kaneki is my absolute favourite. He’s such an amazing character, so complex and so hard to figure out. He has so many faces throughout the series, its so hard to like one!
    Just curious, what happened to Mikado in the second season? I watched only the first season of DRRR! I saw a post somewhere that mentioned that Mikado turns villainous in the second season? 😱
    Again, great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ka-chan December 31, 2015 / 11:13 AM

      I agree. Kaneki probably sits at number 6 because I did really love him.
      Mikado in the second season is basically trying to clean up the Dollars and make a place where he, Masaomi, and Anri can live together in peace. Which is all well and good except that he isn’t doing it the right way. He’s hurting a lot of people and doesn’t really feel too guilty about it. It’s almost like he’s a completely different person.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Alex December 31, 2015 / 1:15 PM

        Now I need to watch Durarara! Arrgghh I need more time in my life!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. APN December 31, 2015 / 1:06 AM

    Yay for all the of above – expect for Rinne cause I’ve get to watch that series. Watched the first episode and couldn’t get into it. One to try for the new year, since I loved InuYasha. I loved Mikado’s character development – gave me chills how he changed throughout the series…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ka-chan December 31, 2015 / 11:09 AM

      Me too. At first I was nervous about how he was developing but as the show went on I loved it more and more.


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