2015 Wrap-Up

We are now well into the new year, approximately 21 hours as I begin to write this so that may not be completely accurate when you read this. Anyway, moving on. So with 2015 now officially behind us I wanted to talk this time to just kind of wrap-up the anime that I watched in the past year. Sound good? Good. Let’s gets started.

2015 Wrap-Up

Okay, so let’s talk about the seasons of anime that we have had this past year. Winter 2015 for me was full of a lot of sequel series and only a few new ones. The season overall was a very good one and gave me some of my favorite series. Spring 2015 was….well…..probably the worst for me. I only watched a few shows during that season, and I ended up dropping half of them. Which is kind of disappointing. Maybe I just did not watch the right shows. Summer was better than spring. I did drop another show this season but the ones that I kept were mostly good. Fall 2015 was a good overall season, but seemed to lack a little bit in the ending department. Aside from that, this season was very good as well. If I ranked them I would probably say it is:

1. Winter
2. Fall
3. Summer
4. Spring

I had originally wanted to try and choose my favorite show from the whole year. This ended up being harder than I though because I liked a whole bunch of shows for a lot of different reasons. With so many shows that I liked for different reasons, it was hard for me to choose one that was the best. This past year has given us a lot of good anime, as well as some anime that fell a little flat. I may just not have watched the right shows during certain seasons. 

Overall, I think that this past year was pretty good for anime. There were not too many really long running shows, but the thirteen to twenty five or so episodes that these series gave us were entertaining and enjoyable. And from what I have been hearing, 2016 is going to be just as entertaining, if not more. I guess we will see.

That is all I am going to say for this time. In all honestly, I was not really sure what I wanted to do with this post but I just felt like a little wrap-up for the whole year would be nice.

See you later!!




2 thoughts on “2015 Wrap-Up

  1. LitaKino January 2, 2016 / 2:01 AM

    Happy new year Kay – chan !!!! Summer I felt was the best for me as that’s the most I watched from seasonal wise let’s see what 2016 anime brings us hey 🙂

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