Code Geass: Akito the Exiled Episode 2

Welcome back everyone!! This is the second part of the five part episode summaries I am doing for Code Geass: Akito the Exiled. We actual have a lot to go over today, a lot happened in this episode so I want to go ahead and jump in and get started. Sound good? Good!

Here is the episode recap for Episode 2: The Wyvern Divided!!

BNA 2-5


This episode starts off with our recently introduced antagonist, Shin Hyuuga Shaing, taking part in a ceremony that officially makes him the new leader of the knights of St. Michael. The leaders of three other Euro-Britannian knight groups are also present and make it clear that they are suspicious of the events surrounding Shin’s former superiors death.Shin then makes it clear that he is the one who will defeat Hannibal’s Ghost (Akito) and restore the honor of the four knight groups. We then get a short flashback of Shin killing his and Akito’s entire family and his attempt to command akito to “Die” which has obviously failed. We then go back to Akito in the W-0’s base.

Leila then appears and informs us that it has been about a month since the last episode ended. The unit has not been ordered to do anything, and she knows the peaceful time will soon end. It is then revealed that the three Japanese refugees (Ryo, Ayano, and Yukiya) may not be as willing to have joined the unit as appeared. The only person in entire castle that appears to be wary of them is Oscar Hammel, the person in charge of the castle’s security.

BNA 2-1The W-0 then receives orders to drop behind enemy lines, basically to act as sacrificial pawns for the military. A brief discussion between Akito and Leila reveals that Akito is also suspicious of them because of their history as criminals, as well as other things.

His suspicions are confirmed when the three hack into the castle’s servers, attempt to blow up Akito, and take some of the Knightmares to escape the castle. Akito manages to stop Yukiya from blowing him by telling him that if he starts to do something the trio does not like they can easily just turn on him and take them down. Leila stops both Ryo and Ayano by telling them that she is going along on their next mission so if they die she will probably die too.

BNA 2-2
Give give him some water dang it!!

A train then appears and Suzaku appears in his first official appearance in the series. A soldier appears and tells them they will arrive in St. Petersburg in 12 hours and asks how the “Military Advisor” is doing. Suzaku tells him he is fine and heads into a compartment where none other than Lelouch appears asking for some water, despite having appeared to spill a whole bunch of water around him. To which Suzaku just glares at him.

We jump back to the W-0 base where the unit’s mission appears to be starting. A flashback shows an explanations as to how the mission is supposed to go and so the rocket, called “Apollo’s Chariot”, takes off with the W-0 in tow into space. We are briefly introduced to Ashley Ashura and the “Ashura Squad” who work under Shin, and are then taken back to the W-0 who are returning to Earth. Leila and Akito apparently did not do too much of a good job convincing Ryo, Yukiya, and Ayano as they thought they did because as soon as they land on Earth they begin to attack Leila. The situation gets worse when they begin to get attacked by a Britannian airship, long-distance canons, and a Britannian Knightmare squad all of which are under the command of Shin. In attempt to escape, the W-0 unit comes across an abandoned city which is, of course, not a good sign. They are soon ambushed and apparently the earlier squabble is forgotten because the unit is once again all working together. They soon encounter the Ashura Squad who quickly takes out almost all of their drones. Akito begins fighting with Ashley and begins to continuously say “Die” over and over. The Geass command given to Akito from his brother soon spreads to Ryo, Yukiya, and Ayano who begin to act in the same manner.

Apparently all four of their brainwaves have somehow linked up and are beginning to network with one another. As the W-0 begins to fight back the Ashura Squad, Shin and his…second in command….I guess…Jean appear and Shin can somehow tell that Akito is indeed alive and is on the battlefield. Akito has Ashley cornered and is about to kill him when one of Ashley’s subordinates jumps between them, and is soon killed by Akito. The action somehow breaks Akito out of his mindset, as well as freeing the other three after showing them a brief flashback that we have already seen.

Shin finally joins the battle and, while Akito is still in shock, quickly cuts the arms and legs off of his Knightmare. Shin orders Ashley to withdraw, despite the latter’s protest, and both the Hyuuga children emerge from their Knightmares. Shin urges Akito to join the Knights of St. Michael so that Akito can die for Shin’s sake. Ryo breaks Akito out of Shin’s control, and Jean alerts Shin that a different unit has disobeyed orders and is sending reinforcements to the area. Shin then vows to come back for Akito. The overall mission, however, ends up going very well and the E.U. forces are victorious in the battle.

The episode ends with us at a train station in St. Petersburg with Suzaku arriving. A man sent from the higher up greets him and wonders just what kind of person it is Suzaku is bringing with him. A person who is sent on the Imperial Family’s train with a Knight of the Round as an escort. Lelouch, having recovered from the previous incident, gets off the trains and mocks the welcoming he has received. He states that the Emperor has left all planning on the Eastern Front to him, but he calls himself Julius Kingsley. We also get a glimpse of the W-0 waiting at an E.U. base for a transport to come and pick them up in a few days. It is there that Akito vows to Leila that he will kill Shin in return for Shin having killed Akito once.

The preview for the third episode shows us the W-0 unit dress up in gypsy clothes, as well as a few seconds of the Lancelot jumping into action.

BNA 2-4I remember when they released the character designs for “Julius Kingsley” before this episode aired and people all over forums and other media were like “That’s totally not Lelouch”, “Lelouch is supposed to be at school again between the seasons with his memories erased”. Which, sure, that is what the second season TOLD us happened, but it has been proven that the power of Geass can do amazing things. However, everyone’s memories easily could have been offered and Lelouch could have been under the Emperor’s control, fighting against the European forces. I think that idea was kind of thrown out though when the episode aired because it is clear that it is Lelouch. I mean who else would Suzaku look that angrily at and refuse water too.

BNA 2-3A lot of things do happen in this episode because instead of actually having to set up the stage for us, they can actually use the hour they have for some action. I noticed early on that this post was a whole lot longer than the previous one and to me it was just because so much stuff happened that built up to one another. One thing that did kind of anger me was that no one besides Akito and Oscar were really concerned about Ryo, Ayano, and Yukiya. Leila mentions that she does not want to make the fact that they are Japanese an issue, but Akito tells her that it is really what the situation calls for. And he’s right!! I mean sure just because they’re Japanese you shouldn’t immediately think bad of them, but they did prove themselves to be criminal and…um…BOMB EXPERTS!! They had every reason to be wary of them. Also I just want to say the brain stuff makes no sense to me. I have watched this episode multiple times and still do not understand what any of it means. Like their brainwaves synch but how? How did the Geass command get to the other three and not Leila.

Overall, this episode was not bad though. It was exciting and had a lot of stuff going on. We got introduced to some new characters as well as getting a glimpse as to what roles Suzaku and Lelouch are going to play in this story. It definitely left me anxious for the next episode. Which we will get to next week when we recap Episode 3: The Brightness Falls.

That is all for now!! So what did you guys think? Feel free to leave any thoughts or comments down below. And be sure to come back next week for Episode 3!!

See you next time!!

After Note: I want to do a Q&A for the blog’s 2nd Anniversary on 7/19/16. You can ask any question, it does not necessarily have to be anime related, and I will answer them then. You can either leave it down in the comments on this post, tweet it to me, or email me. My email and twitter are in the sidebar to the right. Any question would be greatly appreciated. 


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