Lovely Complex Review

Welcome back to Day 2 of Anniversary Review Week!! It is the 2nd of eight reviews to help celebrate the blog’s 2nd Anniversary. The show that I am going to review today is very near and dear to my heart. It is one of the first romantic-comedy anime that I ever watched and is one of my favorites to this day. It also has one of my favorite anime couples in it, which is a plus.

So here is my 30th Anime Review and the 2nd Review for Anniversary Review Week!! One of my favorite romantic-comedy anime: Lovely Complex.


Lovely Complex, or Love Com as it is called most of the time, began airing in April 2007 as a part of the Spring 2007 Anime Season and was done by Toei Animation. It ran for 24 episodes until it ended in September 2007. It is based off of the manga “Lovely Complex” written by Aya Nakahara which was published from September 2001 to December 2006, releasing a total of 17 volumes. Before the anime aired, there was a game released in July 2006 as well as a live action film that premiered in the same month. There is also a spin-off manga titled “Love Com D or Love” which ran from May 2009 until July 2012 and it was only one volume in total.

The story of Love Com centers around high school student Risa Koizumi who dreams of falling in love and living a romantic life while dating a boy who is taller than her. Why such an odd dream? Because Risa herself stands at 172 cm (about 5 feet 6 inches) and cannot imagine dating someone shorter than her. She falls in love with a boy in her class who is taller than her, but they were not meant to be because he is already in love with another girl. A girl who happens to be the object of Atsushi Ootani’s affection. Atsushi stands at 156 cm tall (just over 5 feet) and he and Risa form a quick friendship after being rejected by both of their crushes. As they story goes on we gradually get to see the two of them bond over shared interesting, and eventually fall in love.

1bef496c09c81e73995efd8d6b2407021a72286f_hqThe character cast is also one that is not too big, with Risa and Atsushi being the main focus, their four friends a secondary focus, and the some other characters randomly appearing throughout the story. Some do occur more frequently than others so we do get to know them kind of well. They are not all in depth like Risa and the main cast, but they do each have their own personalities and stories to tell. I mentioned back in my Top 5 Anime Couples post back in February that the reason I love Risa and Atsushi’s relationship is because they are like your two friends that you know will end up together, and should date, but refuse to accept that fact. I love the characters in this cast (Risa and Atsushi especially) and think that they really are fun to see interact with one another. They are often stupidly funny, in a kind of silly way, but it is still entertaining to see. It makes the sappy romance easier to deal with because the characters do make fun of themselves. That makes for a nice blend of the romantic-comedy because it does not feel like one is overshadowing the other one.

One other thing that I want to point out is that this “romance” anime decides to get the character together earlier than the last two or three episodes. Rise and Atsushi actually got together starting at Episode 18, which is still kind of late, but it did build up their relationship a great deal before then. Having them get together that early means that we get to see their relationship grow even more as a couple, and it is something that I like to see since so many shows decide to do it much later.

Love Com was animated by Toei Animation and considering it was done almost 10 years ago I think it could still hold its own again shows being produced today. It was pretty to watch and the colors were very realistic and not too bright or dark. Shows like Love Com and Fruits Basket always surprise me at how old they are because the animation style is not too far from some shows being produced today. Sure they are not of equal equality but I could still watch them without being like “this animation looks so old I almost cannot handle it”.

The soundtrack was very nice as well. The first opening theme (“Kimi+Boku=Love?” by Tegomass) had a catchy song and got me ready for the show. It was the second opening theme (“Hey! Say!” by Hey! Say!) that I really fell in love with, and it quickly earned a spot on my iPod. The song was super catchy and fun and it just had that nice balance of comedy and serious parts that I felt set the tone for the show better than the first opening did. It is a song that I listen to fairly often and made me love this show even more. On the endings side of things, I really enjoyed both of them a great deal. The first ending (“Kiss ~ Kaerimichi no Love Song” by Tegomass) and the second ending (“BON BON” by Hey! Say!) both had really nice songs to them as well as animation to go along with it. Granted most of the animation was just random pictures but the songs were so pleasant that I did not mind watching them every episode. They were a nice way to unwind when the episode ended. Both of them also earned a place on my iPod very quickly.

It was actually pretty easy for me to pick a ranking for Lovely Complex and in the end I award it with an A. This anime is so near and dear to my heart and I love to watch it even to this day. Risa and Atsushi are so cute together and I loved getting to see them grow and develop both as people and in their relationship as the show went on. Each character had their own issue with how they felt about themselves and finding out a way to overcome them as they show went on, which I also thought was very relatable. I could re-watch the show a hundred times and still love its goofiness as much as I do today. I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves romantic-comedies because it is a really good show.

So that is all that I have for my 30th Anime Review and the 2nd Day of Anniversary Review Week!! What do you all think? Have you seen Love Com? What did you think about it? Let me know down in the comments below? Also, have an idea for an anime I should watch? Let me know down below as well! And make sure you stay tuned tomorrow for more Anniversary Review Week shenanigans!!

See you tomorrow!!

After Note: I want to do a Q&A for the blog’s 2nd Anniversary on 7/19/16. You can ask any question, it does not necessarily have to be anime related, and I will answer them then. You can either leave it down in the comments on this post, tweet it to me, or email me. My email and twitter are in the sidebar to the right. Any question would be greatly appreciated. 

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