Code Geass: Akito the Exiled Episode 3

It is that time of the week again!! I hope that you all have been enjoying Anniversary Review Week as well as all of the celebrations for the month as a whole. Today we are on the third part of the five part episode summaries for Code Geass: Akito the Exiled. We are going to jump right to it today, so let us get started!!

Here is the episode recap for Episode 3: The Brightness Falls!!

BNA 3-1


3-2After a brief recap, we are taken to Caesar’s Palace in St. Petersburg where Lelouch, ah I’m sorry, Julius Kingsley and Suzaku are meeting the heads of the four Knight Orders as well as the Britannian Archduke of Verance, Augusta Henry Velaines, who is the person overseeing the Britannian territories in Europe. When they arrive, Julius refuses to kneel to the Archduke, and declares that the Emperor gave him the authority to do basically whatever he wanted. We then go to the W-0 base where everyone is basically just messing around because the W-0 unit has been unable to return for over a month. The unit itself proves to be doing nothing too important because their request to be transported home keeps getting denied. They go to a bazaar to hang around, when they go to use Leila’s credit to buy things it gets denied and then their entry back into the base is denied because no information is on Leila’s ID badge. An old lady then grabs Akito saying he has a horrible curse on him. She tells him she can break it and Akito throws her to the ground. It ends up that she is part of a band of crazy old gypsy women who were trying to con them for money, but since they have none they take them in instead.

Just give it to him already!!


We then get a glimpse back to the W-0 base, a look at Shin with his adopted family, and Lelouch who is still not getting any water from Suzaku. Returning to the W-0 unit, Leila and Akito have a moment where Leila tells him about her father who was a politician in the E.U. after her family defected from Britannia. He was assassinated at a rally when she was six and when her mother and her attempted to flee their car was attacked and her mother died as well, leaving Leila the only survivor. It also reveals to us that General Gene Smilas tends to use Leila as a sort of Joan of Arc to help them win the war against Britannia.

3-5The oldest gypsy woman offers to tell Leila’s future, and we get to see a familiar face as Leila relives the day of her parent’s death when she encountered a very familiar looking nun that gave her the “power of the king” so that she could live. The power would remain dormant until Leila reached adulthood when she would either use it and change everything, or not use it and it would disappear forever. Quite the odd Geass if you ask me. The gypsy woman then tells Leila that her power could save “him”. When she asked who “him” was the woman just says someone dear to her.

A scene between Akito and Ayano then informs us that Akito, Ayano, Yukiya, and Ryo were actually all born in the E.U. and they all wished to eventually see Japan one day. Yukiya hacks into the E.U. system and learns someone deleted their ID information, the very guy who caused some problems in episode one, and he reloads their information so they can all return to base. The grannies through them a going away party during which Akito storms off saying it is stupid. Leila runs after him and he tells her that the night before his entire clan died, they had thrown a party and it made Akito feel like something bad was happening. We also got a flashback that briefly showed us what happened that night. The next day the W-0 heads home. We also get to see Shin and Julius discussing the “Ghost of Hannibal” and that Julius’ plans to conquer the E.U. involve Shin as well as defeating the suspicious “ghost”.

He then assembles them all, which is probably not immediately following, all of the Knight Orders as well as the archduke to show them some epic plan of his. Leila and her second in command discuss that maybe the Britannians are away of the W-0 as a blackout spreads throughout Paris. A “terrorist group” known as the Ark Fleet claims responsibility for the power outage and takes over the media to show a video of them bombing the E.U.’s main power source. All hell then appears to break loose. Yukiya informs the entire W-0 that this may just be propaganda and all of the social media freak out may just be from false rumors. It turns out that Yukiya is actually right, it all was made up by Julius in an attempt to control the people.

Julius explains that now is the time to attack the E.U. to which the Archduke refuses because innocent people might get hurt. Julius laughs this off and says the Emperor only wants victory, and then proceeds to arrest the Archduke for treason. The other Knight Order leaders attempt to rebel against Julius, but Suzaku interferes and Shin agrees that they only choice they have is to follow Julius’ orders. Leila’s brother calls her and urges her to come home. He fears Britannia’s attack during the chaos and is worried about her. She thanks him for his concern but just hangs up. Shin is then facing Julius in a chess match, and the two learn more about each other as they play. Julius tells Shin that he has learned that Shin has things in life that he is unwilling to sacrifice. He says that everyone has a weakness like that, except for him because the only one he is willing to sacrifice his life for is the Emperor. This causes a reaction to Julius because, of course, that something that Lelouch would not normally say.

3-7As he freaks out, Suzaku tries to get him to leave because Julius is “out of sorts” but he refuses. Shin says that when Julius brought up the plan for the Ark Fleet he was reminded of a terrorist in Area 11. It actually seemed to Shin like it was the exact same plan. He says that Julius is Zero and Suzaku being the person guarding him just proves it even more. Suzaku pulls a gun on him, and Shin proceeds to get under Suzaku’s skin by saying that “the son of the last Japanese Prime Minister becoming the knight of its conqueror is brilliant”. Suzaku fires the gun but the Knights of St. Michael show up and stop the bullet (which seems impossible but okay). The Lancelot appears and Suzaku defeats almost all of them as Shin says that he and Suzaku are very similar. They both hate the world and want to destroy everything. Julius removes the eyepatch and as Suzaku immobilizes Jean, Shin figures out just who Julius really is, the rumored eleventh prince of Britannia.

A woman appears to Gene in his office and orders him with her Geass to kill Shin. They share some brief tidbits that apparently Gene owes her something (or them something) and that if he kills Shin his debt will be paid. Back to Shin, the Euro-Britannian House of Lords to session, which they are all upset about, and tells that that Julius is Zero. He also says that he has killed Julius and plans to wage war with the Britannian homeland. To make matters better, he also says two of the other Knight Orders attempted to flee to the homeland so he shows them their severed heads. He reveals that he plans to take over Euro-Britannia and rebel against the homeland. Leila brings the W-0 together and tells them of the fake information being sent out to the public. The “Ark” that apparently dropped the fake bomb is real though, and Leila plans to take it down.

And that is how the episode ends!! The previews again gets us hyped up for the next episode.

3-3.PNGThis episode jumps around A LOT. We go from Lelouch and Shin to the W-0 what seems like every few minutes. It almost gives you whiplash because of the constant changing of focus to the story. That was the way that they had to do it though because if we focused on the W-0 first and then went to the Euro-Britannian side of things we would be all over the place in the timeline. The constant changing of focus did have to change though to see how the W-0 was reacting to what Lelouch was doing, or simply what the unit was doing at the time.

Excluding Suzaku’s brief fight with the Order of St. Michael, there is not a whole lot of action in this episode. That does not mean nothing really happens though either. The W-0 scenes were focused on the characters interacting with one another and helping to build their relationship. If you have seen the original series, I kind of relate the W-0 side of this episode the pizza episode that they have in each season. No exciting battles happen in those episodes either, but we do see the characters interacting and getting to develop relationships with one another. It is episodes like that which made me love Code Geass in this first place so while the episode was a huge change from the last one, I did enjoy it.

3-6It also helped that we had the exciting story being told on Lelouch and Suzaku’s side of things. Lelouch genius as a tactician definitely showed up in this episode, and it only makes sense that the Emperor would send Lelouch to try and defeat the E.U.. Shin also showed that he is an even bigger jerk than we thought he was before and the preview foreshadows that it is only going to get worse.

It almost feels like these episode have each had one major goal in mind. Episode 1 was for world building and character introduction, episode 2 was to show some action and build up some intensity, and episode 3 was for building character relationships as well as setting up the major threat for the series as a whole. It almost makes you wonder what episodes 4 and 5 will focus on. Hmmm….I wonder.

Anyway that is where I am going to leave it for today!! A lot of stuff happened but it was nothing super over the top. The intensity is building up for Episode 4 though and you can tell that things are really going to heat up now. What did you guys think? Leave any comments or thoughts down below!! And stay tuned next week for Episode 4: Memories of Hatred.

See you tomorrow!!

After Note: I want to do a Q&A for the blog’s 2nd Anniversary on 7/19/16. You can ask any question, it does not necessarily have to be anime related, and I will answer them then. You can either leave it down in the comments on this post, tweet it to me, or email me. My email and twitter are in the sidebar to the right. Any question would be greatly appreciated.


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