Code Geass: Akito the Exiled Episode 4

Hello again everyone!! We are now on the fourth part of the five part episode summaries that I am doing for Code Geass: Akito the Exiled. Getting ready to watch this episode, I kind of forgot what happened. I thought what happened back in episode three was not supposed to happen until episode four. Hahaha. Whoops! Anyway, let us get started.

Here is the recap for Episode 4: Memories of Hatred!!BNA 4-1

The episode starts with Shin and subordinate Jean taking off in a giant float system (like an air transport thing) to an unnamed location. We then jump back to the W-0 base where the W-0 unit is preparing to intercept and destroy the Ark. As they launch in Apollo’s Chariot, it shows Shin’s transport within viewing distance of the W-0 launch. Waiting as the W-0 approaches is Ashley Ashura, who is eagerly waiting to fight Akito. They successfully board the Ark and find that the ship is actually hollow, and they are quickly attacked by the enemy. Back at the headquarters Leila is contacted mid-battle by General Smilas. He informs her that Paris is just one huge riot, but he will not flee. Leila tells him that they must be a way to calm and unite the people, to which he replies that if the words come from her it may just work. Since she is her father’s daughter.

BNA 4-2Back on the Ark, the W-0 unit finds that most of the Knightmares they are encountering are actually just drones. The Ark is full of them though and the W-0 struggles with taking them down. Ashley uses this moment to jump into the battle himself. He ends up destroying a good number of his own side’s drones, however, in an attempt to kill the W-0. Leila begins to address the rioting Paris residents. She tells them that they should not riot because of the Euro-Britannian’s media manipulation. She tells them of the W-0 unit, and their Japanese members fight against Euro-Britannia. As Leila continues her speech, Akito fights Ashley as the Geass takes over Akito’s mind. He is about to kill Ashley when Ayano’s voice briefly breaks him out of it and he barely misses Ashley by cutting off the top of the Knightmare’s cockpit.

BNA 4-4Ashley goes flying out of the Knightmares and Akito’s Knightmare goes and picks him up. Ashley pulls his gun on him in an attempt to avenge his subordinate, Joannes, then tells Akito to go ahead and kill him. He proceeds to almost crush Ashley when his three teammates beg Akito not to kill anymore, and that they want him to continue living with them. This finally breaks him out of it and he releases him. At the same time, Leila finishes her speech and the citizens of Paris stop their rioting and begin to cheer Leila’s name. Akito climbs out of his Knightmare and tells Ashley to shoot him, since he is the one who killed his teammate. Ashley goes to fire the gun, but he is out of bullets.

Things appear to have calmed down, when the Ark suddenly explodes revealing is was full of bombs the whole time. The units and the Ark’s signals disappear and are now untraceable. At the same time, the Castle is attacked by enemies that have gotten past their security perimeter. Leila becomes discouraged at the thought the entire W-0 unit (especially Akito) may be gone, but her second in command brings her back to her senses. Shin pushes forward to attack the Castle and Leila orders for all their defenses to be operational, however Shin is able to get past all of them. He nearly reaches the Castle when giant walls appear out of the ground, stopping him in his tracks. Having appeared to stop the assault, Lt. Colonel Warwick orders Leila and the others to rest while they can as Shin tells Jean to also stop the attack until they get actual orders to do so.

BNA 4-5We then go to an image of the Lancelot sitting still, and Suzaku and Lelouch sitting in a jail cell. As they sit there, Lelouch is hallucinating of a hot summer day and he asks Suzaku is he thinks that the sunflower is pretty. None of which Suzaku himself can actually see. Britannian reinforcements arrive as Jean and Shin watch, and we are taken to Paris again where the crowd is chanting Leila’s name. General Smilas, acting as the provisional E.U. government, appears in an emergency broadcast. He reports to the citizens that Leila is dead, and that she died when the Britannians attacked the W-0’s base. Leila and various others watch the broadcast in confusion. Smilas declares that he will continue what Leila started, having taken over the entire government. Lt. Colonel Warwick tells Leila that Smilas has actually cut a deal with Britannia. Leila questions him but he tells her that he sold intel on the Castle to Britannia as proof. He says if General Smilas really cared for Leila, he would not have placed him as her second in command. Warwick urges her to hand over the Castle and Apollo’s Chariot, because it is the only way they will be able to survive. He urges her to draw up a letter of surrender as her begins negotiations with the Britannians.

BNA 4-6Shin enters the woods near the Britannian camp where the ghost of his and Akito’s mother appears and speaks to him. She tells that she cares for him, and she wants him to protect Akito. It is then revealed that Akito and Shin have different fathers, and that Akito’s real father was killed by Shin’s father once he found out of his wife’s affair. He yells at the ghost to go away and slices through her. The ghosts of Manfredi, his adoptive mother, and his adoptive sister appear and urge him to join them quickly. Shin then tries to slice his own throat when Jean appears and stops him.

Leila and Warwick head to the negotiations where Jean and Shin are waiting for them. They agree to surrender the Castle as long as all personnel are allowed out alive. After they sit to negotiate, Shin praises Leila for the Ghost of Hannibal operations. She thinks that he is going to seek revenge on her, but he merely thanks her because now he can take the E.U. so much easier. They proceed to talk Akito, to which Shin declares he is dead and Leila argues that he is alive and will soon come back. Shin does not like this and declares it revolting. Shin tells her that her constant belief in others is what causes her to be constantly betrayed. He declares that even if Akito does return, Leila will be dead before that happens and Shin attempts to use his Geass on her to die. Leila’s own Geass counteracts it and he recoils in pain. She asks what he intends to attack with Apollo’s Chariot and he responds that his target is Pendragon. He plans to attack Pendragon to kill the Emperor, which would result in the entire world spinning into chaos. This would leave countless numbers of people dead.

Shin then denies their negotiations and says he will attack the Castle and kill everyone in it. He orders Jean and the soldiers to kill Leila and Warwick just as the W-0 arrive to save the day. Akito arrives at the negotiations as the Ayano and Ryo bail out of the Ark with Yukiya promising to be right behind them. Ashley yells at Shin for trying to kill him and then goes to the boat with Leila and Warwick to get back to the Castle. Shin tells Akito that if he is really his brother he will understand why he is doing the things he is doing, and then uses his Geass to control Akito. Leila steps in and says that Akito is not like Shin, to which Shin orders Akito to kill Leila. It appears he just may do so when Akito instead grabs Leila carefully and says he is going to get them out of there. Akito lands his Knightmare on top of the boat as the boat heads back to the Castle.

After the credits role, Yukiya uses the Ark to drop bombs on some of the approaching Britannian troops. All looks well but then Shin sends in the Ark’s coordinates for the troops to fire at. They fire and hit the Ark, taking Yukiya down with it. Shin then appears and vows to kill everyone that Akito loves right in front of him. We do not get a preview but we do get an image of Leila walking through the snow with her Geass activated and a lock of what appears to be Akito’s hair in her hands.

This episode was…..well it was not bad. There was some intense action but I think the real purpose of the episode was to up the ante for the final episode. It was there to set the stage for the epic battle that is going to come in. If anything the episode just showed us just how insane Shin actually is. We first see him kill Manfredi, who apparently was like a brother to him. Then we learn that he killed his and Akito’s entire family, but was unsuccessful in killing Akito. THEN he beheads a bunch of people to show how serious he is. Can it get crazier than that? Yes. Yes it can. Because then we see that he ordered the members of his adoptive family to kill themselves as well. Like…what? It appeared that he cared for them a great deal. A lot more than he cared for his actual mother and sibling. Oh! And he wants to throw the world into chaos. Great! The episode showed us the true evil behind the story’s main villain, which it did a good job at. Well, I guess it built up to that for the three episodes before this one as well, but it especially did in this episode. I think that Lt. Colonel Warwick said it best:

BNA 4-7

If I had one complaint I would say that the times in this episode where it felt like everything was happy and everything would end fine just did not fit. After Shin stopped his attack, everyone was like okay well let’s go rest. What? No! They could attack at any moment and everyone just kind of left. Plus, at the very end when they were heading back to the Castle they all had happy expressions. NO! They are going to attack you! This is not the time to be happy. It just really bothered me.

Well that is all that we have for this time. The episode was not too action packed but it did help to build up the intensity of the show. You can tell just how intense the final episode will be because everything is at stake. I cannot believe we are already on Episode 5 next week. Anyway, what did you guys think? Thoughts on the episode? Leave your comments down below!! Oh! And stay tuned for next week’s finale: Episode 5: To Beloved Ones.

See you next time!!


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