3rd Times the Charm: College Round Three

Hey everybody!! It is that time of the year where I have gotten super busy that posts are hard to come by. That’s right! I am back at college for my Junior year!! So last year about this time I did a post about my first week back at college, and since I had a lot of fun with that post I thought I would do it again. In case you want to hear about what happened last year (and either have not read it or forgot) you can check it out here: My First Week Back at College. This post will cover a little more than just the first week but is filled with fun anime memes and gifs, as well as some other pictures. As with last years post, the first week or so was even crazier than I thought it was going to be and left me with exciting tales to tell you all about. Let’s get started! It’s story-time!


So a little background of how my summer vacation went. Outside of the wonderful Anniversary Month my entire summer break was absolutely crazy. Actually, I take that back. Anniversary Month was also crazy (with multiple power outages during just Anniversary Review Week) but I digress. Towards the end of July, right after my birthday actually, my parents and I decided we were going to start looking for a dog (our dog having passed away a few months ago). I moved back into school on August 17th so my mom preferred getting one before then while my dad wanted to wait until I was off on Winter Break. Then one Saturday, a week and a half before I moved back to school, we went to an adoption event and fell in love with a little black and white Beagle/Boston Terrier puppy. We adopted her that day, with my dad’s IMG_0658.JPGpermission, but had to wait a week before we could take her home. That meant we only had her at the house for four days before I moved back to school. Those four days were absolutely crazy and I really do not know how I got through them without going crazy. Lacie, my puppy, loves to sit on my lap and watch Handa-kun with me. Like I’m not kidding. I was watching Days with her on my lap and she just paid no attention to it, but the second I turned on Handa-kun she perked up and watched the whole thing!

So that’s enough backstory, here’s what happened when I moved back!

For the sake of this not getting super confusing I have nicknamed all of my roommates to keep things straight. They are Ray-chan, Bri-chan, and Nao-chan. Those aren’t their real names and I don’t ever call them that but it just makes these stories a whole lot easier to tell. Okay? Okay!

CD 9So this year I had the bright idea to agree to live on the second floor of an apartment building rather than the first floor as I did last year. It seemed like a good idea at the moment but moving all of my belongings up a flight of stairs really wore me out. Not only that, but I volunteered to help the Freshman move in (a program that allows us to move in early as upperclassmen) which resulted in me carrying all kinds of things up multiple flights of stairs. Needless to say that was a lot of exercise and work and left me almost unable to move my body after those two days. I am rooming with two of my roommates from last year, Ray-chan (who I share a room with) and Bri-chan (both of whom also lived in my hallway in my Freshman Dorm) and a new girl, Nao-chan, who also lived in my hallway my Freshman year. Nao-chan has watched several anime before, and I have briefly discussed Free! with one of her friends from home, so I’m hoping that maybe I can convince all of them to watch an anime or two with me. (Haikyuu anyone?)

Although I moved in the 17th, I didn’t sttumblr_na789mtxmm1tg5vmao2_400art classes until the 22nd. The weekend between those days I went home and returned the day before classes started to attend a meeting where I was supposed to meet my RA. She seemed nice and proceeded to instruct us on how to throw a party without getting caught. The helpful tips were nice but I’m a little unsure if our RA is really supposed to tell us how to do that, considering we can get written up or punished for being too loud.

Monday rolled around and once again, and for the second year in a row, decided to be the most eventful day of the week. I did not have class until noon so I left for the bus at 11:20, which gave me just enough time to factor in the bus running late (which is was) and my walk to the building my class is in. I learned my lesson last year the hard way and decided to not even think about driving to class. What I didn’t factor in is that the number of people riding the bus has nearly doubled from last year. I do not know what happened but the first bus I tried to get on filled up super quickly. So full that despite me getting there before half the people showed up I did not get on that busy. This resulted in me once again running to class once the bus arrived on campus because the bus took forever to come back.


I went to class and discovered I had time between my two Monday and Wednesday classes to figure in some blogging time. Which was all well and good until Bri-chan locked herself out of our apartment and I once again had to fight the bus crowd and get on another jam packed bus in order for me to get back to the apartment in time for her to get in and grab her things to turn around and catch yet another bus to go to my second class of the day that we have together. It was exhausting. Not to mention I am a little claustrophobic and cannot handle when a large group of people are too close to me.

I thought the day was over once classed ended and I returned to my apartment for dinner and maybe a little anime and Youtube before I went to bed. But Bri-chan ended up having some other plans. So outside of watching anime, reading manga, trying to be crafty, and reading other books, one of my biggest hobbies is people watching. Why? Because it always ends up being super entertaining. So late Monday night (well like 10:30) I was standing on the balcony of my apartment with Bri-chan and Ray-chan when we spotted some guys at an apartment across the street and a little to the left of us who were attempting to climb from the first floor to the balcony of their apartment without using anything. They succeeded and Ray-chan and I clapped for them, because let’s be real I could never have done that myself and it was pretty impressive. The guy bowed and we stopped clapping and went back to just generic people watching. The guys two roommates tried to repeat what he did and kind of failed. I started talking to Ray-chan about my 8 am vhsz8crclass the next morning when she pointed out the three guys were walking towards our apartment. Being the shy introvert that I am, I went into panic mode and quickly ran inside the apartment and threw my computer and iPod into my bedroom as Ray-chan followed me and said “Ka-chan don’t worry they probably aren’t coming over here” as a knock came to our door.

Now I am really bad with strange people, and I really have no desire to let three guys I don’t really know into my apartment. I mean if I had actually known them before hand it would not have freaked me out as bad, but I had no idea who they were. Bri-chan then proceeded to let them into our apartment (Which by the way breaks Rule Number 1 in my school’s: What Not to do in Order to Keep Yourself Safe Manual). They made their way in and proceeded to go through our refrigerator and ask what we were going to make them to eat. I explained it was 10:30 and I had no intention of cooking and they then looked around our apartment before leaving. I went to bed immediately after but could hardly sleep and Bri-chan eventually left and went somewhere with those three guys.


So after eventually falling asleep I woke up for my 8:00 am class. That too left me with an oddly packed bus ride to class, but an otherwise uneventful morning. I spent Tuesday evening over at Ray-chan’s boyfriend’s apartment where I got hooked on GTA, which thankfully Ray-chan has on her Xbox back at our apartment as well. I suck at it but I still have fun playing it and that’s what matters right.


Wednesday saw the addition of my weekly Night Class where we discuss policy and other random things. Before class started my iPod not once, but twice suddenly stIMG_0672.JPGarted blaring “The Seasons Die Out One After Another” from Tokyo Ghoul: Root A at the highest volume possible and I had to dig through my backpack to turn it off. Twice. I’m not ashamed though because it’s a good song and I think the other people in my class enjoyed my little moment of embarrassment. All I learned is I can write my paper on a policy in Japan and I am super excited about that in a really nerdy way. We got out early and I went with Ray-chan on a quick run to Walmart where I discovered they had a copy of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time but only on Blu-ray and my day was officially ruined. [A follow up note: I also went to the Walmart back by my house this past weekend and they also only had it on Blu-ray]

Thursday resulted in finding out that my printer is acting up for some reason which is great because I only have hundreds of slides of notes that I need to print off. Fabulous. I also have a lab class on Thursday evening that I have to wear not only closed-toe shoes to, but also some kind of pants that cover my knee. It was about 90 Degrees that day so while I waited for the bus I almost passed out from heatstroke both waiting for the bus to class and waiting for the bus to go back to my apartment.


Thankfully I only had one class on Friday and quickly made a run for it, I mean left to head for home. I got home only to have my puppy pee on me out of pure excitement either to see me or that she would be able to watch more Handa-kun. Either way she still peed on me.


So that was my very exciting first week back at school plus a few extra days thrown in there. With blogging time scheduled into my week, with time almost every day factored in, I think I am officially out of the busy period of the semester. Well until finals roll around I guess. There is a lot of planning/post idea going on in my head right now and I cannot wait to get around to them. I have an anime review that is half finished and should be out by next week at the latest so be on the lookout for that.

That is all that I have for this time. As always, comment down below if you have something to say or add and if there is an anime out there you think I should give a try you can leave that down below as well.

See you next time!!

3 thoughts on “3rd Times the Charm: College Round Three

  1. sindyblue10 September 5, 2016 / 4:51 AM

    I really enjoyed this post ^^
    It’s interesting to see the things you get up to in college and sharing an apartment with others.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ka-chan September 5, 2016 / 6:25 PM

      Thank you 😊 I always worry when I wrote posts like this because I’m afraid it strays too far from the regular anime stuff. I appreciate you mentioning you find them interesting

      Liked by 1 person

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