Where I’ve Been & Where We’re Going!

Hello everyone, how have you all been! I may have been gone for…a while but the important thing is that I am BACK! However, I feel like I need to give you guys a little bit of  a rundown of what caused my sudden halt in blogging as well as my anime watching. This is a negative post, but a positive where I plan on outlining some things I have planned for the blog in the future.

I also noticed over my hiatus that I gained a few new followers so I want to use this opportunity to welcome them, as well as get them accustomed to the absolute randomness they have signed themselves up for.

Let’s get started then!!

Life has been crazy the past few months which resulted in something I can only describe as falling off of the face of the planet and coming back with the realization:



I know, a travesty. At the exact same time that my blogging stopped, the anime watching stopped as well. The reason? Well first off I seemed to be down with something constantly from December to like….March. From sinus infections, Upper Respiratory Infections, a close encounter with pneumonia, and even a hip that somehow got itself out of alignment. All these things took a toll on me and left me tired pretty much all of the time. . I’d get done with class and be so tired that all I did was sleep. My family also had various health issues which took up some time to help them deal with it. Along with a lot of school work, I hardly watched any TV, let alone anime since I can only really watch it on my laptop and since I was using it almost constantly for homework I could not watch as much as I used to. So yeah, I stopped Haikyuu after episode 5 and never started more than half of the shows that I planned on watching in the fall season as well as the winter season.

To me, it really seems like I fell asleep for five months and then woke up with the sudden realization that this entire part of my life had stopped for all that time. And I was kind of upset at myself for not managing my time better, because blogging and anime are such huge parts of my life. Not to mention I had all these blog posts planned for things like the Code Geass 10 Year Anniversary and my top 5 lists for 2016. Which is really infuriating because I actually worked on those list for the entire year and was looking forward to putting them out. 

But the past is the past and now I have all kinds of things planned. Here how things are (hopefully) going to go from now on.

  • The season previews and wrap-ups will start up once again for the Summer 2017 season. I am watching some shows from this season, I mean come on Attack on Titan Season 2 is ACTUALLY happening, but there will be no list of what I am going to watch or a wrap-up at the end. What will happen, most likely, is whatever shows I do pick up will go straight to the Anime Review list for me to do full reviews.
  • Since some of my Top 5 Lists from 2017 are actually done (I just need to finish them up) I will be putting those out soon as well. These lists will probably just end up being the top openings and endings, but I still plan on putting them out.
  • The plan is there to be at least one post a week, with the type of post changing from week to week. The first Monday of the months is becoming “Movie Monday” where I will review an anime movie. This is series open to suggestions and we are talking any kind of movie. They can be stand alone or be anime movies that may not contribute to the actually plot of a show (Bleach’s Diamond Dust Rebellion film or Naruto: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow as examples). The rest of the weeks could have anything for their posts.
  • Finally, What IS That is now open to suggested ideas. If you are watching a show and something pops up and you think “What is that” and think that maybe it would be a good thing to look into, go ahead and comment somewhere about it (either here, on Twitter, or Tumblr) and I’ll look into it for you. I like to research things so just give me something and I’ll run with it.

Okay so those are a few set in stone plans, or changes, that are coming to the blog. Nothing too big except for the new series on the blog “Movie Monday”. This is all done as a more organized way for me to do things, as well as work on putting out content on a regular basis for you guys. The post number could go up as well per week if enough ideas come in and I can write them in time, but for now we’re aiming for one post a week. The one exception will be the Top 5 openings and endings which will come out sometime this week.

Like I said, I am back guys! And am working hard to get on a constant schedule for once. This post is a little….all over the place….but I just wanted to kind of set up a base for you guys as to what has happened and what is coming next.

Also! If you have any suggestions from the Fall or Winter season that you recommend me watching, since I missed out on them, go ahead and leave those names down in the comments below! Feel free to leave recommendations for reviews, what is that, or any piece of anime news you think I should now about down in the comments as well. And for you new followers, thanks for following and I hope you like what is to come. 

See you next time!!


4 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been & Where We’re Going!

  1. Justin May 31, 2017 / 3:19 PM

    *waves hi*

    Maybe you should do a theme for your anime movie watching — like watching movies made in the 2000s (so yes, Pokemon: The Movie 2000 would count.

    Counterpoint: But it aired in Japan in 1999!

    Counter-counter point: Get over it it’s Pokemon!!! xD)

    But seriously, welcome back!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ka-chan June 2, 2017 / 2:41 PM

      Thank you! And thank you for the suggestion! I enjoyed the counter points lol


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