Starmyu Review

75765Hello everyone! It is officially the starts of the 3rd Annual Anniversary Review Week!! Yay! To kick off this week we are starting with a show that I both love and makes me laugh uncontrollably for periods on end just because of the sure ridiculousness of it. A show that, while it had it’s flaws (and trust me we’re going to talk about those) it also kept me hooked from episode to episode. It was a show that fell a little short in some places, but was still very enjoyable to me nonetheless. I laughed, I was surprised, I also got very angry.

So here is my 38th Anime Review and Day 1 of Anniversary Review Week. The review for an anime that was…interesting to say the least: Starmyu.

Starmyu also known as High School Star Musical (Koukou Hoshi Kageki), first aired in as a part of the Fall 2015 Anime season in October 2015 and aired 12 episodes before ending in December of the same year. The first season had a two episode OVA that aired in June and September of 2016. A second season started airing in April of 2017 and finished airing in June 2017, also with 12 episodes. An additional episode aired the week after the season’s end, which brings Starmyu to a total of 27 episodes. It is based off a manga of the same name that finished serialization before the anime started airing in 2015. 

The story follows five first year high school boys, Yuuta Hoshitani, Tooru Nayuki, Kaito Tsukigami, Kakeru Tengenji, and Shuu Kuga, as they try to get in to Ayanagi Academy’s well known Music Department. They are put together on a team and are put under the wing of third year student Itsuki Ootori, a member of the Music Departments famous Kaou Council. They must compete against many other teams of students vying for the few spots in the Music Department. The show has a long of music scenes, but it is not until the second season that we actual see them perform in a musical. Some songs were catchy and fit into the show, but others were way too random and the sheer silliness of them had me laughing uncontrollably (probably more than I should have). The thing that really surprised me about this show though was how some twists in the plot actually surprised me. The first season kind of just stopped without us knowing what really happened, but season two had all of this suspense and plot twists that I never saw coming. It was absolutely crazy. I was screaming at the screen about a musical that I did not even get to see the entirety of.

starmyu-high-school-star-musical-560x315Most of our time in the first season is spent with the Team Ootori boys and the teams led by other members of the Kaou Council. Yuuta has to be one of the most positive characters that I have seen in an anime. He’s always upbeat and works to help his teammates and fellow Music Department students whenever the are in trouble. But man does he suck as singing and dancing at the beginning. Many characters spend time talking about how “bad” he is but then talk about how “promising” he is in the next breath. They see that he’s motivated to work hard and perform to the best of his ability. The other Team Ootori members are also very good characters and early on we learn all of their reasons for wanting to join the Music Department. We also see some problems that they struggle with, and problems that they have to overcome. They develop friendships and rivalries that I loved see these characters change and develop.

This is also where a few of the problems that I have with this show come up. The first season spent a large amount of time introducing all the characters and a lot of the story arc was more focused on Ootori’s struggles than Team Ootori’s. Season two then shifted the focus to the students who had made it into the Music Department as they fought for spots in the old Kaou-Council’s send-off musical. We saw characters like Yuuta, Kaito, Nayuki, and Ugawa go through actual character development. While other characters like Tengenji and Shuu (my two favorties oddly enough) have some possibly plot threads appear that could cause them problems, but overall they did not have some huge event change them. I think Shuu’s huge reveal was that he was quitting all of the jobs he had, but even that was not surprising because he had talked about that various times over the course of the series. Tengenji could have had problems arise with his family and Kabuki theater career, but they did not follow that at all. I guess it is just odd to that only half of the characters we spent so much time with during the first season did not get as much focus on them during the second season like their teammates did. Kaito had some really good development in the second season when he was trying to hard to follow in his famous brother’s footsteps, and watching him overcome that was awesome. I wish we could have seen that in some way for more characters. 

Also, see this guy:


That’s Ageha! While he may look nice, he gave off a real creepy vibe real early on. It bothered me for the entirety of the show because he just…says some creepy stuff. It gave me the creeps in all honesty.

Starmyu was animated by a studio called C-Station, and when I looked into it I found that C-Station has not really done a whole lot of shows. They formed back in 2009 as a part of an organization called Bee Train, but split with them in 2012. They work mainly as a subcontractor for other animation studios, and Starmyu is one of the first shows it has done on its own. With that in mind, I was even more amazed with the animation of this show because of how well done it is. The soundtrack, while very important since it is about a high school music department, was just okay. The ending songs all made their way onto my iPod but the songs placed in the actual episode were just okay.

I love Starmyu because I did a lot of musicals in high school and was a huge part of the music program. I related a lot more to the second seasons musical struggles, but the whole thing was a fun little roller coaster to ride on. It is a fun little show, and even the ridiculous songs are good because it got me to laugh. It could have focused more on various other characters, and followed some other story lines that they hinted at being there, but the show was very enjoyable as it was. If anything it just left me wanting more of it! The only thing that really bugged me was why the high school was all male but the junior high was co-ed. Like….why? But that did not affect the story at all, it just bugged me.

In the end I award Starmyu with a B. While it has its flaws, the show is still enjoyable and always kept me coming back for more. It was easier for me to binge watch the episodes instead of going week to week, but it was worth a try nonetheless. If you’re looking for a sweet little show that’ll make you laugh, and maybe even scream at the TV! So what do you guys think? Have you seen the show? What was your opinion of it? Did you do musicals in high school? Anything else you’d like to add? Let me know down below!! I also hope that you enjoyed Day 1 of Anniversary Review Week! There will be another review up tomorrow for Day 2!!

See you next time!!

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