Sunday Wrap-Up (Spring 2018 – Week 1)

The new anime season is upon us and this is the first installment of the Sunday Wrap-Up. This is a trial series that I am currently testing just to see how it goes. In the weekly wrap-up I will write about the episodes of anime that I watched this past week for the season, and what I thought of the episodes. There are probably going to be spoilers so do proceed at own risk, but I think that may not become an issue until later in the season. For some shows anyway. These posts probably will not be super long ones. That being said let’s jump into it.

Yes this is a Sunday Wrap-Up published on a Tuesday, but I got a little behind this weekend and could not make the Sunday deadline. I had already made the picture below and did not want to change it, so I decided just to roll with it because I would really like to keep the Sunday post date…and I already made the picture and did not want to say that.

SWU 1.1

Darling in the Franxx Episode 13

  • Starting with the show carrying over from last season, this week was a very memorable episode because it answered some questions many of us have been having. However, in my opinion it only ended up bringing up even more questions that, knowing this show, will not be answered for quite some time. Now I have to be honest, up until this week I was not a huge fan of Zero Two. I know, I know. She is best girl for a lot of people, but her overbearing personality and obsession with Hiro just kind of bothered me. This week’s episode, however, changed my opinion of her to a more positive one. Seeing her struggle really showed me what made her who she is, and why she strives towards the things that she does. Also, why Hiro is so important to her. It also answered some questions about why Hiro forgot some things regarding Mitsuru in all the flashbacks this week. I have even more questions now, but I feel confident that the show will continue to answer them as it goes in the marvelous way it has been.

Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 1

  • In the first episode of this series we have been introduced to the new Quinx squad led by the familiar looking Haise Sasaki. We also got some references to what happened at the end of the previous season, and where some familiar characters currently stand. Now there are still some familiar faces yet to make an appearance, but we did get a glimpse of them in the preview at the end of the episode. We were also introduced to the main baddie for at least the early part of the show, a ghoul known as Torso, and how important his capture is to the CCG. Other than that, we just got to see the Quinx squad, some other major players this season, and a look at who Haise Sasaki is as a person. Not a bad first episode. I am also loving the ending theme and have already listened to it probably a ridiculous amount of times since I watched the episode.

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 1

  • If there was something that brought me more joy than anything else this week it was all of the jokes about My Hero Academia being the third season of Free! since it was centered at a pool. The first episode was the “beach episodes” of sorts many of us were just waiting to happen, but thankfully it did not appear until season 3 and no in the middle of an ongoing, intense story plot like other shows have done. Other than all of the pool shenanigans not a whole lot happened in this first episode. There was a lot of recap shown through character remembering various moments from past season, and a whole, what felt like, five minutes where Aizawa just listed off the entire class and what their quirk was. Not a whole lot happened. There was a lot of filler-reminder moments. However, it was nice to see these kids who have already been very busy have a relaxing day for once. I hope that the story will pick up quickly in the next episode.

Gundam Build Divers Episode 1

  • I am still very confused about this show for a variety of reasons. 1. I still do not know if we are even in the same universe as Build Figthers. Is this important? Yes. Because if it is and I do not get a glimpse of the Meijin himself Tatsuya Yuuki I will be very upset. In other gundam shows you know what world, or timeline, you are in and that gives you some context. I just want to know if it is or not. I think they introduced this online world pretty well and watching the main characters adapt to the controls to pilot their gundam seemed pretty…realistic I guess. The girl showing up and disappearing is still really confusing, but I guess we will find out more about her later. She also kind of looks like one of the characters from Build Fighters, but I could be wrong because it would not be the first time two very similar characters appeared in different gundam shows. I do have to give the show props though because the main character is piloting one of the best gundam of all time, the 00 Gundam. I think there will probably be a lot of world building with this new online place, and a lot of characters introduce but I hope they pick an essential story and stick to it.

Persona 5 the Animation Episode 1

  • Is this show pretty? Yes. Is it interesting? Yes. Am I confused? Yes. I am not a huge fan of shows that decide to start the first episode with a brief clip of what will happen, and then jump back a couple months. Now I know what is going to happen! Sure, I do not know how we get there, but still! I also really hope that the next episode explains the powers and the creepy app that downloaded itself onto the main characters phone. Did U2 make it or something? Does anyone get that joke? Yes? No? Okay I’ll move on then. Anyway, I just hope that they explain things more about what is going on, but I am still excited nonetheless.

And that is all that I have this time. I know this is late and I only watched 5 shows but as the season goes on I swear I will stick to the Sunday post day and there will be more shows to wrap up this week. But that is all that I have for this week. Let me know what you thought of this weeks episodes in the comments!!

See you next time!!

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Wrap-Up (Spring 2018 – Week 1)

  1. Rocco B April 18, 2018 / 7:02 PM

    I like the format Ka-chan :D. Not too long and doesn’t give too much away. It reads fast and straight to the point. I’ll let you decide on how you want the image header to be. As for the shows, I haven’t really watched any of them. So your post gives a nice perspective/over view of the show. I have seen the movie to P5 (persona). I wasn’t too impressed with it. To get an idea on the whole show, it might require to have some knowledge from the game.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ka-chan April 22, 2018 / 7:17 PM

      Well thank you I really appreciate it! It’s just something that I’ve been trying here lately so I’m happy for the feedback! 🙂

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