Weekly Wrap-Up (Fall 2018 – Week 1)

It is, roughly, the first week of the Fall 2018 Season. I mean, who knows really with the way some shows will just randomly air four episodes before the previous season even ends. Today I am going over the episodes of currently airing anime that I have watched since last Sunday.

Fall 2018 Week 1.png

Double Decker! Doug and Kirill Episode 1

This show has already shone that it is not 100% a serious cop drama. Humor plays a large part in this show. At times it was almost stupidly funny and I have to admit that I laughed very hard at most of it. We spend a lot of time with Kirill and get to see what he does for a living and learn that he may or may not have a problem following orders. The episode also gives a little background to Doug and the rest of his unit and why they needed to find a new member. For the most part, I really enjoyed this show but there I one big thing that bothers me. This show sometimes is done in CGI and sometimes it is not. I think the CGI is not terrible but the way it jumps back and forth is really annoying. I am hopeful that it will get better as the show goes on, but I can only hope.

Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru Episode 1

Okay, I will admit that the Kageyama-doppelganger turned out to not look AS much like Kageyama as I originally thought. Although, I must add to that the fact that I feel like there might be some more similarities to if the opening hinted at what I think they do. Of course, I could be wrong so…who knows. Another thing I liked about this first episode is that we got a real quick glimpse at these ten guys our story is based on, even if I only remember three of their names. We got to see their personality as well as how they act as a part of the group. It was also really nice that this series is not one that spends all its episodes on trying to find all ten and instead started with Haiji finally finding Kakeru, the tenth one. All the characters seem likable and I will admit that Sakaguchi watching trivia shows is an exact copy of how I act watching Jeopardy. Very relatable. The episode also brought up several questions, and actually answered most of them before the episode. The weird flashback in the middle was random and unnecessary but that is my only real complaint. It was a good first episode and I already cannot wait until next week.

SSSS. Gridman Episode 1

Yuta was confused about everything during this episode which is fine because I was equally as confused, and I honestly do not think I ever related to an anime character more than I did during this episode. I honestly still do not completely understand what is going on. What is a Kaiju? Why does someone build them and as they do they form in the sky for only certain people to see? Who is that creepy guy? Why were we introduced to characters during this episode that did nothing except feed Yuta and skip volleyball practice? It also seems like they are already hinting at a love triangle which needs to stop right now because Trigger needs to stop putting a love triangle in every single show. Hopefully, I am wrong, but the set up seemed that way to me. Certain parts of this episode also reminded me a lot of Digimon: The Movie. When Yuta walked into his apartment it was nearly identical to Tai’s, and then Yuta got sucked into a computer which also happened in Digimon. I think my point for this episode is just that I have a lot of questions, and I get that if they were all answered in this episode then why have more? But just a little would have been nice. I do feel like there is a lot of promise here but I do not want to be too optimistic because you never know.

That is all, for now, my friends! I am going to try and keep these short and sweet. Those are the three shows that I have watched since last Sunday. I am looking to add another one or two, so if you guys have any suggestions let me know in the comments down below!

Fall 2018-Week 2

See you next time!!

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up (Fall 2018 – Week 1)

  1. magicconan14 (Aria) October 13, 2018 / 11:16 PM

    Generically, “kaiju” is the term for large monsters (such as Godzilla) which are often pitted against tokusatsu heroes and their mechs, although I’ve heard there are some movies which only star the monsters.

    Aside from Double Decker and Run with the Wind, I’ve got my eye on the slime anime, Zombieland Saga and Radiant for the moment. I still have a bunch of shows I haven’t seen the first episodes of yet, though…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ka-chan October 13, 2018 / 11:43 PM

      I really appreciate you explaining that because that makes a lot more sense that is it more of a general than specific term. I was really confused there for a while and kept meaning to look it up but had not gotten the chance to yet, so thank you!
      I am thinking about trying some of the shows you mentioned as well, but I am still not quite sure what I want to commit to yet. I just can’t decide!

      Liked by 1 person

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