Quite the Roller Coaster: Darling in the Franxx

220px-DARLING_in_the_FRANXX2C_second_key_visualI have sat on this post for so long. Metaphorically speaking anyway, I would probably crush my laptop if I sat on my laptop. Was that joke lame? Sorry I could not help myself. Honestly, though, I really have been wanting to write a post about Darling in the Franxx for some time, especially since I was never able to do a wrap-up for it. There are things that I need to say, some you may agree with and some you may not, but I need to get it out. So, today for Day 4 of 12 Days of Anime I am going to talk about what my experience was like watching Darling in the Franxx and just how I felt about the show as a whole once it was over. There are going to be some spoilers for the ending of the show, so if you have not seen it then you may want to turn around now. You have been warned.

Now, before we get into the story portion and some other stuff about Darling in the Franxx, I need to make one thing very clear. Something that provides the reason that I probably did not end up liking this show as much as I thought I would. What is that something? I never liked Zero Two. I know, I know, for a lot of people she was the best girl of not only the show but the entire season. Maybe even of the year. But she just bothered the crap out of me. I think the reason is that I do not like overly pushy and loud people in real life and tend to not like anime characters like that either. So already I was aggravated by one of the two characters that play the most important role in the show. It was a great start. Now, towards the halfway point I actually started to like her a little bit more. Granted she calmed down a little bit, but then after her and Hiro’s main struggles got solved her character changed drastically and she was almost like an entirely different person. Almost like a side character who was playing the role of the main character. There was maybe a total of four episodes where I was like “Zero Two isn’t that bad” and then it changed again, and I just started to not like her again. I also hate love triangles in anime that feature a childhood friend character. Ichigo was not my favorite character in the show by any means, but I did end up feeling bad for her a lot. Whenever any childhood friend character seems to just be getting the short end of the stick or getting a lot of hate for no reason that really bothers me. It stems from more of a personal place but still bothers me, nonetheless.

Darling-01-16Moving past the characters, it was the story that really bothered me. It had me somewhat invested for the first half and I kept coming back to see what was going to happen next. My problems, though, started when I started having all of these questions that were not seeming to get answered anytime soon. In fact, some questions I had in the first half were not answered until one of the last episodes in the second half. If I am going to stay invested, I need to have at least some of my questions answered sooner rather than later. Like, why are the cockpits like that? Where do the rejected kids go? Some got answered, some did not. That is one of the most frustrating things to me. When I start to have too many questions and not enough answers, I get really angry. Even if they come later.

There were also a lot of issues I had with just dumb stuff I did not understand. First and foremost, if you are trying to erase Mitsuru and Kokoro’s memories of each other, why did you not take their rings off? Why allow even the risk of them seeing that each other has a matching ring and jogging some specific memory you erased improperly. Look at Hiro! They were supposed to wipe his memories, but they came back, didn’t they? Power of love or not, obviously someone does not do their job right. Or, even better, erasing people’s memories is wrong. Also! Even if the kids need to have functioning reproductive organs to pilot the franxx, could they still not have put the girls on some kind of birth control once they hit puberty? That way even if the kids got a little friendly, they still have a safeguard so someone does not end up having a baby at like…15? There are a lot of little things that just irked me and made me question the overall logic of the show.

darling-in-the-franxx-23-42My enjoyment level was a roller coaster during this show in a way that I never quite experienced before. As I said before, I enjoyed the first quarter of the show probably the most. Then it went down towards the end of the first half. It redeemed itself a little bit after that, only to just go crazy after that and lose me. The ending of this show just was not for me. I think them rebelling against Papa and the others and discovering they were aliens was…interesting but going to space was a little too much for me. A lot was revealed at the end all at one time in only a few episodes. Then Zero Two turned into a giant mech, how does that even happen? And, did all Hiro have to do was lick her blood to become like her? Sorry, I am going back to just things I do not quite understand.

Maybe that is on me though. Maybe it was just something that I never picked up on or just could not comprehend completely.  I will say though I have rewatched this show a couple of times already, especially the last couple of episodes and doing that has not really helped.

I guess, in the end, this show was just not my cup of tea. One of those mech shows that comes around every so often that I just do not like. Yeah, they are out there but they are few and far between. Not to say I hate everything about this show, I think that it has things that it does well. The coming of age story it tells and seeing the kids struggle with puberty an what comes along with it was set up very well. That part was very interesting to me, but the education and additional aspects are what ruined its positives for me.

That is all that I have for Day 4 of 12 Days of Anime! Let me know what you guys think! Have you seen Darling in the Franxx? What did you think of it? Let me know down below!

See you tomorrow!

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One thought on “Quite the Roller Coaster: Darling in the Franxx

  1. Karandi December 17, 2018 / 12:22 PM

    Franxx kind of was a disorganised mess in the end with characters that weren’t consistent in how they acted, world building that didn’t hold up under any kind of questioning, and ultimately a plot that didn’t really make sense no matter how you look at it. While there were some individual good moments, the series as a whole just didn’t hold up.

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