Double Decker and Western Crime Shows

I have been a big fan of crime shows since I was little. The original Law & Order is played in my house religiously to this day, and we often played the game of predicting who we thought the bad guy was going to be. This continued on after the original series ended and I branched out to watch nearly every other crime show out there. All of which I grew to love in their own unique way. When I was recently in the hospital after breaking my leg, I caught the opening for Law & Order: SVU coming from one of the rooms as I was rolled up to be admitted, and I asked the woman moving me if she could move a little faster so that I could get to my room and start watching it. I bring this up because as a big crime show and anime fan, I have been searching for a long time for a really good anime that focuses on crime the way western crimes shows do. Why? I just thought it would be interesting and a fun thing to see. So far the anime crime show (no not Anime Crimes Division, that’s something else) idea is something that has not quite met the probably too high of standards that I have set for it. However, this season Double Decker! Doug & Kirill has been airing and has shown some common tropes that appear in western crime shows. Buckle up guys because today for Day 10 of 12 Days of Anime I am talking about not just anime but my other favorite form of television, crime shows.


For simplicities sake, and so we are not here all day, I decided to mainly show the similarities between Double Decker and the show Criminal Minds. I once debating starting a separate blog just about crime shows and that stemmed from the fact that I was binge watching Criminal Minds at the time. So I am comparing those two because I know the absolute most about Criminal Minds. The comedic side of Double Decker could probably more easily compared to a show like Psych but no other show out there has quite the mixture of comedy and serious drama that Double Decker has. At least not one that comes to mind at this exact moment.

Going Rogue

The concept of a character going rogue happens in Criminal Minds every couple season or so. the most recent being when the character Luke’s friend was killed, and he went AWOL to get back at the person who did it. That episode of Criminal Minds aired right around the same time as Double Decker so that was really interesting to see. These episodes show us that even the most straight-laced cop, or agent I guess in Criminal Minds case, can break the rules if they feel like what they are doing is right. In Doug’s circumstance, he was getting back at a criminal who killed a young girl who was working as an informant for him. The girl was killed for getting in the way of some hardcore criminals, and it was something that haunted Doug for years. One of the examples in Criminal Minds was when the BAU’s leader, Aaron Hotchner, had his wife and son taken by a serial killer who the team had been tracking since the season prior. Hotch’s wife ended up being killed by the serial killer and it too was something that haunted Hotch for a very long time. Both characters cut themselves off from their teams, who most likely would have been a lot more help and decided that it was something that only they could do. Every crime show has an episode or episodes like this one. It is usually a go-to way to show a backstory we never knew before or reveal that there is another side to the character that we had never experienced.

Bonding with a Child

The most recently released dubbed episode of Doug & Kirill (as of writing this) was the one where Kirill gets to know Gus, a teenage boy whose father is dying of some disease and is attempting to pick up women to show his dad he will be okay once he is no longer around. Gus ends up staying with Kirill for a hot second, and that allows us to see a kind and companionate side of Kirill that we had never seen before. Again, this is something that all crime shows do. I know there is an episode of NCIS where they need to protect a little girl who ends up staying with Gibbs (the team leader) at his house. That ends up being an episode very similar in formula to the Double Decker episode except that the girl was not trying to purchase services from a prostitute. A Criminal Minds episode that is very similar to Double Decker was one where an autistic boy, Sammy, has to help the team find his missing parents. He too had gone through a traumatic event like Gus, and both ended up playing an influential role in solving the main crime of the episode. The Criminal Minds episode also showed my favorite live-action TV bae, Dr. Spencer Reid, being very kind and compassionate to Sammy and trying to get to know him to help him in any way that he could.

There’s a Character in Danger

A few weeks ago, an episode centered around Doug being abducted after an undercover operation goes wrong. The rest of the team is thrown off without Doug being there and ultimately comes together to save him. Now, this is something that Criminal Minds loves to do. Absolutely loves it. Just a heads up, if an episode title is one of the character’s first names or is a landmark episode (100, 200, 300) that is what it is going to be about. In episode 200, one of the agents JJ is abducted and the rest of the team has to find out how to get her back. JJ’s episode has more backstory in it because the show was trying to answer a couple of questions we had. It was also much more personal with JJ than with Doug since in Doug’s abduction episode it was more of a “we just need someone from Seven-0” and it was not a personal vendetta against Doug. Both episodes were good because episodes like this serve to show how the team operates when one of their key members is no longer around. The others they work with step up, and can also show how much the team cares about one another.

Now, those are just three of the similarities that I spotted while watching Double Decker that I have also seen in western crime shows. Despite different settings, both show similar episodic plots that play into their larger narrative. I am not going to say one was better than the other because both are good in their own way. And, like I said, these are only three similarities that I saw. I may be back later to talk about more similarities that I have seen in Double Decker.

Let me know what you guys think though. Any similarities you have seen between an anime and its western counterpart? Okay, that probably happens all the time but…any that you were not expecting? Do you like crime shows? Which one is your favorite? Let me know down below!

See you tomorrow!

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4 thoughts on “Double Decker and Western Crime Shows

  1. TPAB~ January 5, 2019 / 9:16 AM

    i love law and order too. also SVU, but SVU is a special kind of depraved, imo. now, i mostly follow a lot of court room drama like Bull. xD
    for a really good episode of Criminal Minds, I personally turn to Silence of the Lambs. hahahaha.
    also, you broke your leg?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ka-chan January 6, 2019 / 5:32 PM

      I watch pretty much every crime show and court room drama as well. And yes I broke my leg back in November but thankfully I am starting to get back to normal again.


  2. Karandi December 23, 2018 / 12:34 PM

    I’m not the biggest fan of crime shows but I will admit I got into Castle (probably more because of Nathan Fillion because I loved him as an actor to be honest).

    Liked by 1 person

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