Winter 2019 Anime

winter 2019It seems like the time we get between seasons is getting shorter and shorter, which is saying something because I am pretty sure it is always the same amount of time. Heck with the holidays it was probably longer than usual. I only bring this up because it seems like the umpteenth time the previous season has not been quite over when the new one starts up. Which is why we are here today. With the new year comes the new 2019 anime for this winter season. Going into it there was not too much I had been really looking forward to but I have chosen a few that I hope will be good to watch. I may drop some and I may add some along the way and will let you know about it in the weekly wrap up that will come out every Sunday (hopefully). I plan on limiting it to only ten weeks a season so that I can still do an overall wrap up at the end of the season without having ruined everything in a different post. That is the plan for now anyway, so I will stop rambling and let’s look at what shows I have chosen from Winter 2019.

Boogiepop wa Warawanai – Madhouse

Despite not really being a huge fan of horror anime, I decided to give this show a try. I also know that as of right now I am already a couple of episodes behind on episodes. Off to a great start here, I guess. Putting the horror aside, I am a huge fan of mystery shows and what I have heard on social media it seems like episode one shows you what will happen in a flashforward. That is something that I really enjoy watching so I cannot wait to see how Boogiepop handles it. I also really like the kind of urban legend aspect of this Shinigami that is an Angel of Death and wonder how those who really know whatever is going will handle whatever is going on. I guess we will see, and I just hope it is not super scary on anything.

– You can watch it subbed on Crunchyroll.

Dororo – MAPPA & Tezuka Productions

This is another show that I have a lot of questions about. Like probably too many questions. From what the summary says one the main characters were born without limbs, eyes, a nose, a mouth, and pretty much anything that could make him look human. Apparently, he was saved by some doctor who I can only imagine could do alchemy because the male in the images for the show seems pretty humanlike to me. All of those questions make me want to see it even more so that I can see what happens. The story of him trying to get his body back one piece at a time is very interesting (even if I question how that works) all while taking care of this little boy makes for an interesting combination. Plus, we have a mixture of a historical time period with supernatural aspects is also really interesting. This is probably one I am looking forward to the most because it seems really interesting.

– You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video

Meiji Tokyo Renka – TMS Entertainment

It is bad that I picked this one because I have not watched a good shoujo romance in a while with my seasonal anime choices? Because that really is part of the reason that I decided to watch this show this season. There seems to be a lot going on in this show with now only a harem of men but also the heroine being able ghosts, I just hope they have time to do it all. I have not jumped into a reverse harem show in a long so be prepared for the week to week stuff to be almost as if I am watching The Bachelor every week. This is probably going to be my guilty pleasure show because my bar is not set too high on this one but it piqued my interest nonetheless.

– You can watch it subbed on Crunchyroll

The Morose Mononokean Season 2 – Pierrot Plus

I did not watch the first season of this show when it first aired. I had planned to but then something happened and for some reason, I just did not end up watching it. That all changed when I heard season two was coming out this season and decided it had to be watched as soon as possible. Which ended up in me binging the first season in two days. Two days. I came to love Ashiya and Itsuki and their yokai friends so very much so quickly, and the fact that I get to see more of then again so soon is wonderful. I just wish I had my own little fuzzy to cuddle with as I watched it. There were definitely a lot of unanswered questions at the end of the first season that I hope we get answers to this season. One this I am sure of though is that Ashiya is going to get into some shenanigans and I am here for that.

– You can watch it subbed on Crunchyroll and dubbed on FunimationNow

And those are all of the new shows that I will be checking out this season on a week by week basis. In addition to those four, there is also one of my favorite shows from 2018, Run With the Wind, coming back for its second half. Thank god I missed the boys so much for the past month. Plus, I am also still watching the final season of Fairy Tail which I am just watching at this point in spurts because I am (shocker) behind.

But let me know what you guys think though. What show have you chosen to watch this season? Are we going to be watching any of the same shows? Let me know down below!

See you next time!

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Check out this page to see where the Winter 2019 Anime are streaming: Winter 2018/2019 Anime Streaming

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  1. eminareviews January 7, 2019 / 12:32 PM

    I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Boogiepop wa Warawanai. It seems kind of interesting, I’ll have to try it out for myself.

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