Winter 2019 – Week 2 & 3

I combined weeks 2 and 3 because for some reason we have been having internet issues…again. It made not only watching anime difficult but also loading pretty much every webpage took forever. So here we are with two episodes for each show this week. Well except for one show. That is right everyone, the first dropped show of 2019 has already happened. Go ahead and guess which one it is going to be before you read it. Then let me know if you were right.


Boogiepop wa Warawanai – Episode 4 & 5

Every anime needs a weird teacher and we were introduced to Boogiepop’s this episode Jin Asakai who seems super creepy at first when he starts off just randomly talking about a girl’s bud. Which becomes slightly less weird when it is revealed he can see people’s inner plants. See, a lot less weird. Anyway, Jin is a guidance counselor at a prep school focusing on fine arts and wants to help kids achieve their goals. Then he meets our later baddie in the show, Imaginator whose persona Jin takes on to “help people”. It is not made clear what exactly Jin does to people and all he said was he was bringing them “happiness”. That story carries over to the fourth episode which features Nagi Kirima’s younger stepbrother Masaki and his girlfriend Aya. We had met them previously in Jin’s episode when he saved them from three bullies from Masaki’s school. Masaki had just met Aya but they quickly connect after their interaction with Jin. They go on a few dates and grow closer and we soon find out that Aya is not telling Masaki and a whole lot about herself. Then in the second half of the episode, we find out that Masaki and Aya are two-thirds of a love triangle they are unaware of because the other boy who is in love with Masaki is just simply stalking them. Like, he is really stalking them. That poor guy then comes in contact with a synthetic human who is a member of some secret organization that is following Aya. He is then brainwashed and ends up being saved by Jin, and eventually Boogiepop. Honestly, the first half of the fifth episode was really slow and just about two kids dating and then the second half became about a stalker who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Imaginator and Jin seem to be Boogiepops latest targets and their story is going to continue on to the next episode. I am interested in seeing how this ends, and also if Jin continues to use his power to help people. Because it turns out he is really helping them out more than hurting them. I think.

Dororo – Episode 2 & 3

The body part in episode 2 was this nervous system. I think…and I can tell you from my recent experience that when your nerves come back it is similar to a burning sensation that does not go away. If he felt that all over his body, then poor Hyakkimaru. I feel you buddy. I have found that when watching this show, I really have to turn off my healthcare brain and just go with it. Hyakkimaru cannot see or hear Dororo but somehow knew to write his name down so Dororo was not calling him No-name. I think that the demons Hyakkimaru is fighting to get his body back are interesting and so far, very different from one another. Also, that they kind of know he is coming for them, and his dad has a hunch that his first son is still alive is cool. That brings the issue of the enemy know you are coming to the mix instead of just trying to find them. I fall more in love with the opening each episode and I hope we dwell more into not only what happened to Hyakkimaru until this but Dororo’s as well.

Episode three consisted mostly of flashback to see how Hyakkimaru got to where he is at the start of the show. We learn that he was raised by a man named Dr. Jukai who did some very, very awful things to some people in the past. We see that Dr. Jukai helped Hyakkimaru by giving him his artificial limbs and mask in order to compensate for the awful things that he had done in his past life. The doctor was also the man who named Hyakkimaru and was the first to figure out what must have caused him to be born the way he was. Something else is that we got to see that Hyakkimaru’s little brother seems to resent his older brother because their mother still worries about him. I can only imagine that is foreshadowing some drama that is to come. I appreciate them explaining to us just how Hyakkimaru survived being abandoned in a boat and having all the flashbacks done through a brown filter was really interesting. It also set an interesting problem because now that Hyakkimaru can feel pain, that may change how he fights since he now has the worry, or issues I guess, of hurting himself.

Meiji Tokyo Renka – DROPPED

Honestly, the thought of watching this show again made me cringe. That first episode turned me off in a way no first episode has done in a VERY long time. So, I will not be continuing this show in the weekly wrap-ups. It just did not draw me in enough and the story does not seem that interesting to me. I may go back to it or I may not. But for now, at least I do not plan on watching it again.

The Morose Mononokean Season 2 – Episode 3 & 4

Haruitsuki is such a grumpy, overprotective puppy and it is just so precious. Especially with Ashiya being so oblivious to what really is going on around him, it kind of makes sense. Itsuki said it pretty good at the end of the episode when he said Ashiya’s too carefree but maybe he is just to overcautious. The episode seemed to go by pretty fast considering not a whole lot really happened. The yokai coming to see a mundane world school in hopes of building one like it in the underworld is such a pure sentiment and was made equally as interesting once we find out there were other motives for the visit. It also has an important lesson that to a lot of us a school is an annoying part of life we just have to deal with while to others school is a luxury. Not a lot of fuzzy this episode, which is disappointing, but it was a nice slow episode that made us see just how much Itsuki is worried about the events that unfolded last week with Ashiya coincidentally running into the Justice on his way to deliver the scroll to the Executive. Oh! And the “argument” Ashiya and Itsuki got into at the very end was so funny. I am just loving these boys every week.

The fourth episode was focused on Yahiko and the absolutely adorable Kinako who was actually too precious for this world. Like for real. If she had stayed in the mundane world, she would have faded away, so she had to leave. Honestly, not a whole lot happened this episode because it was pretty much just Yahiko playing with Kinako and then them arguing about whether or not she should be exorcised. It was a good episode for Yahiko because he had to deal with losing someone he cared about, and also showed that maybe Yahiko has something to do with the doors to the underworld. He made it very clear he either just really did not want to go to the underworld or was not actually able to, and I only hope that we learn why soon. Not a lot happened but still a good episode.

Run with the Wind – Episode 13 & 14

Oh, I wanted Kakeru to punch the redheaded kid so bad. So, so, so, so bad. I am glad that he did not do it though, for his own sake, but if he did, I would not have been mad. Not one bit. There was also the flashback of him punching his coach, and while it ended up really affecting Kakeru I had to say that jerk deserved it. That could have been a more personal thing for me though. I had a really bad volleyball coach in high school who ended up being the reason I quit the sport because she kind of had the same mindset as Kakeru’s. Anyone who is a coach for a school team and thinks the whole thing is about them should not be a coach. End of story. After 13 episodes I think Kakeru finally (FINALLY) learned the power of friendships and having teammates who are actually there for you. When Kakeru told Haiji he wanted to run in the Hakone tears came to my eyes, and when Haiji told the guys and their response was pretty much “wtf have you been doing this whole time” I was crying even more. Tears of joy this time. I found it really interesting how they handled the flashback as well. The sound was kind of muffled with some white noise mixed in and the screen was similar to what you would see in an old home video. It was so good. Such a good episode.

Of course, then episode 14 had to come around and had me crying even more. For a few very different reasons. Our internet has been on the fritz for the past like…week and a half and while I attempted to watch this episode it took me two and a half hours to watch a twenty-something minute long episode. It took forever. Other than that, this episode just saw a lot more of the boy’s training while also flashing forward at the same time back and forth. I have to admit it got really confusing at times because some flashforwards were just…random stuff. Now the training camp is over, and our now slightly more tan boys are getting closer and closer to running in the Hakone. From Prince’s calendar, they have like a month or so in story before the qualifier happens os we are getting close. The most important part of this episode though was Prince finally beating the requirement and getting an official time so he and the rest of the boys (some of whom also got their official times this episode) can get in the qualifier. When he crossed the finish line (with time to spare I might add) I was so happy I could cry. Just like it was hinted that Haiji was crying too, which made me cry even more. Then there were the scenes with Yuki comforting Prince and helping him do better which also made me cry because just yesterday the two of them were plotting an escape from Haiji. This episode was pretty solid but it also just seemed kind of off for some reason. I cannot exactly tell what it was that seemed different this episode where somethings just did not seem right. It may just have been the animation at times, not the CG though, that was off but there is something else I cannot put my finger on. Oh well, I will probably think of it as soon as this goes up.

And that was my wrap-up for the last two weeks of anime watching. Just a heads up that the next weekly wrap-up is going to be two weeks as well. I will be working 10 1/2 hours days at work this coming week which includes an hour commute both ways so I will barely have any time to pee. That makes fitting anime into the schedule a little difficult so I may not have time to watch everything. Thankfully, it is only for this work week but nevertheless, to ease my anxious mind I decided to just wait another week and give myself to watch everything and give out a proper weekly wrap-up instead of a rushed one. Sound good? Good.

Let me know what you guys think you! Are we watching any of the same shows? What did you think of their episodes these past few weeks? If we are not watching the same shows, what other anime are you watching and how are they going? Let me know down below!

See you next time!

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  1. Mallow February 2, 2019 / 1:56 PM

    Dororo seems very interesting. I’m curious about boogie, but the more I read about how others feel about it, it seems very confusing. Otherwise nice post Ka-chan!! :D.

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