Links & Such

General Links:

  • For anime news as well as legal anime streaming and manga reading check out: Crunchyroll
  • Also a pretty good source for anime news: Anime News Network
    • I frequent both of these sites daily and they help keep me in the loop.
  • If you would like to know what anime shows are currently airing, head over to either AniChart or AniList. They are both helpful to look into what shows are airing in an upcoming season and to look back at previous seasons. I have discovered a few older shows by going back through previous seasons. You can also create an account to keep track of what shows you have watched, are currently watching, or are planning on watching.  Plus you can add people you know to keep track of what they are watching and read reviews or forums on thousands of anime. 
  • BECAUSE.MOE is a website that shows you legal streaming sites for anime. All you need to do is enter into the search bar what show you are looking for, and if it is available for streaming it will tell you where.

My Links:

  • If you are interested in what my daily life is kind of like or want to be entertained by fangirling or anger at certain subjects, feel free to follow me on Twitter: Kachan_AnimeYou can always find me there if my posts have been lacking lately.
  • I have a profile on AniList/AniChart where you can see the shows I am currently watching. I usually keep it as updated as possible. Feel free to friend me on there if you wish to as well: Kachan722
  • I kind of have a Google+ that I recently updated/created that you can also check out here: Ka-chan Google+ Link
  • You can also ask me random questions here: Kachan_Anime