Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (Second Season) Review

12782The second anime that I every reviewed was a little show from the Gundam series called Mobile Suit Gundam 00. A show that was brought into my life right after Code Geass ended, and I decided to review it on this blog because I loved it so much. But I realized that a lot of things happened in the show so I decided to break up the seasons and review them separately. I vowed that I would follow up soon with the second season’s review.

Almost three years later and I still have not done it.

But I am now! This starts the first of, hopefully not too many, follow up reviews that I will do for shows where either I did not review the second season with the first (for some reason) or because it had not yet aired when I reviewed the first season!

So here is the follow up to my 2nd Anime Review and the 1st Sequel Saturday post, the review of Mobile Suit Gundam 00’s Second Season.

*SPOILER WARNING: Since this is a review of the second season there are spoilers for the end of the first season*

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