What IS That?: Kaiju

ssss-gridman-anti-kaijuI vowed to myself that anytime I am watching a show, and something comes up and causes me to say “what is that?” I would research it and write a post on it. Partially to keep up my What IS That? post series to which this will be the…. fourth installment and first one in over a year. I would like to say it is because I am so knowledgeable about everything in anime but is actually that I forget to write them. Whoops. Anyway, I thought why not do one about something that originally baffled me originally in Fall 2018 as well as bring this series back for 12 Days of Anime! So today we are talking about the giant beasts that loom over a city in Fall 2018’s  SSSS.Gridman.

What IS a Kaiju?

*There may be spoilers pertaining to SSSS.Gridman so tread carefully*

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What IS That?: Karuta

img_0293Hello again everyone!! Today’s post is one that I have been wanting to write for a while, but for some reason had not gotten around to yet. I actually wrote a little bit about it back when I reviewed Chihayafuru but I had always wanted to do a separate post on it. I feel like theme of this Anniversary Month should have been “the posts I have not gotten around to yet”. Hmmm…anyway, since it was recently announced that one of my favorite anime, Chihayafuru, was getting an English dub I figured it would be a good way to celebrate it with this post. It has also been a very long time since I did a “What IS That?” post on the blog so I figured it would be a good way to bring that back as well. So today we are talking about the Japanese card game Karuta, and if the representation of it in Chihayafuru is accurate. So here is the 3rd What IS That? post: 

What IS Karuta?

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What IS that?: Ghoul

Hello again everyone!! I am back with another ‘What IS that?” post. Since Halloween is coming soon I was inspired by some other bloggers to do some “spooky” posts in celebration of this holiday. I wracked my brain for a little while after my nap this morning and finally a subject came to me. A ghoul! Those have been talked about around Halloween for centuries. Thankfully the anime Tokyo Ghoul has this exact topic in its title, so it is anime related. But how accurate is Tokyo Ghoul’s interpretation as to what a ghoul actually is. I just thought it was a kind of ghost.

So here I am with the 2nd What IS that? post:

What IS a Ghoul?

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What IS that?: Dullahan

Hi everyone!! I am back again with a very special post that will hopefully lead to a whole new series of posts. This is the first post for a new topic that I would like to discuss: What IS that? Basically what I have planned for this is a series of posts that just dwell into something interesting that I have seen in anime. For when you are watching a show and you are curious about something that is brought up and you think “What is that?” They can basically be anything that I would have to google to find out more about. I will also use this to talk about how it is involved in an anime and maybe how it is different from it is portrayed in the anime. It could basically be anything.

For the first post I decided to kick it off with something that I really had to read up on because it confuses me and I think that it is interesting. It comes from one of my favorite anime ever, Durarara!!, and it pertains to one of our main characters, Celty.

So here I am with this first post of a, hopefully, new series on the blog:

What IS a Dullahan?

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